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Electronic Cigarettes Won’t Find a Home at Walmart

Date Posted: February 2, 2011

Walmart Supercenter Bans Electronic Cigarettes

Recently came across this article and it’s things like this that really disappoint us. Walmart  has recently decided to stop carrying electronic cigarettes. They aren’t sure where the politics behind ecigs are going to lead, so they backed out for now. So many potential lives may have  changed if they would simply stick to their original decision to carry the product! Let Walmart know how you feel… http://walmartstores.com/contactus/feedback.aspx. See the article below…

For thousands of Americans, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs as they are sometimes called) have been a “miracle”.  But not everyone is a fan of electronic cigarettes and lawmakers in New York are hurriedly attempting to ban the sale of them in the state. Hearing the anti-electronic cigarette news from state lawmakers across the country, retail giant Walmart has backed away from the sale of the controversial items.

“They offered a smokeless solutions kit but now it’s gone,” says Rachel Johnson. Rachel has using electronic cigarettes for two years and she claims she has never felt better. “I don’t know what the problem is, it’s harmless and there have been no studies showing otherwise. I think the congress in New York just don’t understand it. If it’s new, it’s bad according to them.”

Walmart was rumored to carry electronic cigarettes and store them in the smoking section behind one of the checkout aisles. It’s the same place traditional smokes are kept and sale of the devices would be to those over the age of 18.

“I was excited over it. I thought, ‘Man, if Walmart is behind it, then there’s no stopping it. Millions will be saved.’” says Johnson. “But they’re cowards. I guess they’ll go back to selling NASCAR pants and huge bags of cheese snacks.”

13 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes Won’t Find a Home at Walmart”

  1. Ron T says:

    What? But most e-cigs are made in China! I thought Walle-world loved China.

    Then again sticking to their guns was never the marts strong suit. remember when they used to sell only American made products.

  2. Tammy says:

    The problem is that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco…therefore there are no taxes to be had from the sale of ecigs. Does anyone know what the tax is on cigarettes in New York? The last I heard the combined state and city taxes in New York City, were $6.46 PER PACK! That’s over $60.00 per carton just in taxes. The government stands to lose a lot of revenue if too many smokers trade in the cancer sticks for Ecigs. It all comes down to money.

    1. Dan says:

      Right On Tammy!!!

      It’s time we the people bring class action lawsuits against big tobaccoo, big Pharma, FDA and all of the low life political money grubbing B*st**ds running the States and US Goverment. There all in it together and none of them care about the health of US citizens, just the bottom dollar!!!

  3. Carla says:

    The Feds are complete hypocrits! They tell you to stop smoking because of health care costs, but you can bet your bottom dollar (and they do) that they would prefer people to continue smoking because they rake in billions of dollars each year in taxes. They are in bed with big pharma and electronic cigarettes are causing them fits because they want to sell their stop smoking gums and pills. That’s their version of the drug business! Wal-Marts in bed with both the Feds and big pharma, and if anyone had any doubts, this definitely proves it.

  4. steve says:

    Our government, on every level, local state and federal, is corrupt and ineffective. completely out of touch with reality(and realty),we all better pay attention and vote and email them before it’s too late…

  5. Common Sense says:

    Walmart probably stopped selling the ecigs because their real cigarette sales declined. Walmart only cares about the bottom line also. If they cared about our health, it’s a no brainer to carry the ecigs. But then again, if they cared about our health, they would stop selling alcohol, donuts, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. shirts.

  6. ron says:

    big business in bed with goverment and big business …. again. people loose…again.

  7. Bridgette says:

    Wal-Mart HAS the E-Cigs Again!! I work for the one in Statesville, North Carolina and I’ve SEEN Them behind the Cigarette Counter in a Display Case! They have 5% nicotine /1% nicotine and both Regular and Menthol Flavor Refills. I’ve also seen them carrying different package kinds. One Ecig with 3 refills for only $13, One Ecig with 5 refills and battery charger for $28, 5 filter refills for $13, and separate battery charger for $13. I guess that isn’t SO Bad since cigarettes can be costly. I’m just glad I don’t smoke myself but I hope some of you can Benefit from this Information! Have a Good Day and GOOD LUCK!

  8. Are they still not selling them this year? I though I saw them at the counter not so long ago

  9. Vapegrl says:

    I’ve also noticed that electronic cigarettes have been removed from the CVS website. Haven’t had a chance to see if they’re still being sold in local stores, since they carried a brand I wouldn’t use anyway. Regardless of the brand, I think all e-smokers would agree that the presence of e-cigarettes in retail stores is a good thing. I hope that they won’t begin to disappear from shelves.

  10. Craig says:

    Actually, my local Wal Mart DOES sell E-Cigarettes. I’m forced to go there for a backup unit until replacement parts arrive. And I’d never order from V2. I can get the same 808 for half the price, and it won’t take 2 months to ship! Amateurs.

  11. Fingers says:

    Don’t forget about the interests of manufacturers of smoking cessation products. I’m sure they are lobbying hard against e-cigs being used as an alternative because it cuts into their profits also.

  12. electronic cigarettes says:

    E-Cigs cannot be as bad for you as the genuine thing.

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