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It’s New! Check out the V2 Cigs Clearance Section for the Best Deals!

Date Posted: July 28, 2011

V2 Cigs Clearance Section

Are you looking for the best deal in e-cigs? V2 Cigs has introduced a new Clearance Section slashing prices up to 53%! 

Take advantage of reduced prices on inventory Overstocks, Clearance and the occasional slightly defect lot that doesn’t make it past our maximum allowable 5% quality control ratio.

This month’s Overstock specials include:

V2 Menthol 0mg -Just $7.95 save $5!
V2 Red 0mg -Just $7.95 save $5!
V2 Red Lanyards -Just $7.25 save $2.70!

We are clearing out the old cherry to make room for the new V2 Cherry (soon to be released) Take advantage of our Clearance Sale!

V2 Cherry 0mg -Just $6.95 save $6!
V2 Cherry 6mg -Just $6.95 save $6!
V2 Cherry 12mg -Just $6.95 save $6!

Congress is on sale too! Get them quick, because once they expire, we take them off the shelves.

V2 Congress 0mg -Just $5.95 save $7!
V2 Congress 6mg -Just $5.95 save $7!

This lot of Coffee 6mg was removed from inventory due to a 10% defect rate. What constitutes a defect? In this lot, the center post inside 10% of the carts may require adjustment. If you have the know-how, this is the bargain for you!

V2 Coffee 6mg -Just $4.95 Save $8!
Updates will be added frequently to the Clearance section, so check in often for new deals and even daily specials.

Each item lists the exact reason in detail for being in clearance. Usually the reason is overstock, within 60-days of expiration, or the merchandise has a minor defect.

As a General Rule:

  • If a batch of V2 Flavor Cartridges is within 60-days of expiration we will placed in the clearance area.
  • If we made too many of a given item we will place it in the clearance area (Overstock)
  • If a batch is in excess of 5%  defects, they will never be allowed in normal inventory….. they will be immediately placed in the clearance areas (as long as the tested defect rate is under 20%).

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