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V2 Cigs-E-Liquid

V2 Cigs Releases Platinum E-liquid

10.27.2011 | Announcements| Latest Smoking News

The much anticipated arrival of V2 Platinum E-liquid is here. Four of our most popular flavors are available during this initial release In Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium(12mg) and Full(18mg)  strengths , including: V2 Red Sahara Menthol Peppermint

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V2 Cigs E-Liquid Guide

10.26.2011 | V2 How To

What is E-Liquid? Also called  eLiquid, Juice, E-Juice, Nicotine Fluid, smoke juice, etc.  E-Liquid is the nicotine or non-nicotine solution used your electronic cigarette.  V2 Flavor cartridges are pre-filled with e-Liquid. You can open a used cartridge and add more e-liquid or purchase V2 blank cartridges and fill them yourself

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V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

20% off Storewide! The V2 Cigs Halloween Sale

10.21.2011 | Announcements

V2 Cigs is celebrating Halloween with a ghostly 1-Day Sale. Stock up on V2 treats with 20% off Storewide including V2 kits, flavor cartridges and accessories. Save even more with 20% off Clearance items! The V2 Cigs Halloween Sale* is 1-Day only. October 31st. Sale ends midnight EST. *Sale excludes V2 Premium E-liquid pre-orders

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New E-Cig Study Produces Groundbreaking Results

10.20.2011 | Latest Smoking News

As if the debate over electronic cigarettes wasn’t controversial enough, new research suggest e-cigs could help smokers who are unwilling to quit to remain abstinent or reduce consumption significantly, as discovered by a team of Italian researchers

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Tanya's Story

10.19.2011 | Fan of The Week

I had been smoking cloves for 9 years, and managed to quit when I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, the father of my child at that point decided to take up smoking the exact same cigarettes.  I tried to not take up the habit but as my baby grew and I stopped breastfeeding, the hormones that made […]

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aaphp v2 cigs

The American Association of Public Health Physicians Recommends E-Cigarettes for Tobacco Harm Reduction

10.18.2011 | Latest Smoking News

In February 2010, while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was attempting to have e-cigarettes classified as drug-delivery devices, the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) issued 2 petitions

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Skull Smoke V2 Cigs

A Gruesome Reality: Smoking Radioactive Polonium

10.13.2011 | Latest Smoking News

Tobacco company executives have known for decades that cigarettes contain significant levels of polonium 210, a radioactive and potentially carcinogenic substance, but kept the findings secret from the public.

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jeff's Story

10.11.2011 | Fan of The Week

A few weeks back, when I first received my V2 traveler kit, I was very impressed. The first few days I was still using regular tobacco cigarettes to the tune of about 5-10 per day. That was damn good in my opinion since I was a 1 ½ pack a day smoker!

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FDA Releases Infographic Tracking Changes in Tobacco Regulation

10.10.2011 | Latest Smoking News

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in an effort to protect the public’s health and ultimately reduce the burden of illness and death caused by tobacco use has recently implemented some of the most significant changes to cigarettes warnings in  25 years.

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Winning and Losing. Update on E-Cig Bans in Idaho, California and Georgia

10.6.2011 | Latest Smoking News

While the city of Boise, Idaho already has smoking bans in place, a proposed ordinance, if passed, could add new restrictions to state laws that already ban smoking in public areas like restaurants, elevators and bars.  

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