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V2 Cigs E-Liquid Guide

Date Posted: October 26, 2011

What is E-Liquid?

Also called  eLiquid, Juice, E-Juice, Nicotine Fluid, smoke juice, etc.  E-Liquid is the nicotine or non-nicotine solution used your electronic cigarette.  V2 Flavor cartridges are pre-filled with e-Liquid. You can open a used cartridge and add more e-liquid or purchase V2 blank cartridges and fill them yourself.

What is dripping?

Dripping in the electronic cigarette world is the process of manually adding e-liquid solution to your cartridge or cartomizer.  It’s an affordable and easy way to refill used cartridges and fill your own blank cartridges.

Why use E-liquid?

  • E-liquid is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly
  • E-liquid is less expensive than pre-filled cartridges and saves money
  • Ideal for people who have repeat problems with their cartridges losing “taste”
  • It gives you more control over product performance
  • It can give you more vapor, better taste and throat hit

How many times can I refill my V2 cartridges?

Cartridges can be refilled from 5 to as many as 20 times depending on several factors including voltage, vaping style and type of e-juice. Refill as soon as the vapor amount is reduced or the flavor starts to change. To maintain your cartridges, don’t let them dry out. Dry cartridges can burn and ruin the taste. It is not recommended to re-use a cartridge once it has a “burnt” taste.

How long will my filled cartridge last?

A well-saturated cartridge will usually last for a day or much longer, depending on how much you use it, voltage and vaping style.

What if I mix the flavors?

If you add a new flavor of V2 e-liquid to a prefilled cartridge without cleaning, the flavors will mix. Use your imagination to create your own custom flavor! Adding Menthol to a chocolate cartridge will produce a chocolate mint. Make vanilla mint by adding menthol or peppermint to a vanilla prefilled cartridge.

Can I clean my cartridges?

Some people clean their cartridges to extend their life or if they want to change flavors. There are many ways to do this including cleaning, washing and boiling them. You can also remove and replace the filler. Check Youtube for demonstrations on how to do this. V2 Cigs will soon release our own instructional videos on the subject.

How do I fill my cartridges with E-liquid?

There are many ways to add e-liquid to your cartridge. We will be highlighting just a few of them. The trick is to find the easiest and most convenient method for you.

Before you start:

Proceed with caution.  Light, medium and full strength V2 Premium E-Liquid contain nicotine, which can be absorbed through the skin and cause irritation. Wash exposed areas well with water and do not ingest liquid. Store your e-liquid away from children and pets and always close bottle securely to ensure a safety seal.

V2 Drip Tip (recommended as easiest method)

  • Remove white cartridge end cap by inserting small tool (tweezer, paperclip or toothpick work well) into small center hole and prying off
  • Attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouthpiece end of your cartridge
  • Drip e-liquid  directly into drip tip hole
  • Remove drip tip and wait for e-liquid to absorb fully for 20 minutes OR
  • Keep drip tip on and vape through the drip tip. This is good for people who refill often and like the soft rubber drip tip (simulates a soft filter feel in the mouth–for those who like to sink their teeth into their e-cig)

Drip Method #1

  • Remove any rubber safety caps from your cartridge and ensure the battery is not attached.
  • The white cap on top of your cartridge is removable. Fit something small like a paperclip end into the intake hole in the middle and gently pry the cap off.  If you see circular O-ring, pull it out.
  • Inside, you will see a center post and white filler surrounding it. Do not add liquid to the center post.
  • Fill the dropper in the V2 e-liquid cap fully.
  • Holding your cartridge at an angle, carefully drip e-liquid around the inside edge of the cartridge until filler is wet. For a new cartridge, this will take 10-18 drops.
  • You may need to do this several times, letting the filler soak up the liquid in between drops
  • Replace white cap and clean off any e-liquid around the edge
  • It is recommended to let sit for 20 minutes before use

A variation on Drip Method #1

  • Add 5-6 droplets in circular pattern to open cartridge
  • Hold the cartridge steady at a 70 degree angle and continue adding 3 drops at a time
  • Wait for e-liquid to absorb
  • Total e-liquid: about 15-20 drops

The Condom Method

Not that type of condom. Condoms are the little rubber safety caps on new cartridges–save them.

  • Squeeze 6-10 drops of e-liquid into one condom
  • Push the filled condom all the way onto the mouth-end of an empty cartridge
  • Juice will be forced into the cartridge
  • Place another empty condom onto the threaded end of the cartridge
  • To prevent juice leakage, you can do the Taryn Spin (below)

The Taryn Spin

  • Use a V2 lanyard or  some other modified equivalent
  • Place your filled and condomed cartridge inside
  • Spin
  • The centrifugal force will force liquid into the filler
  • Do not spin with the battery attached!

The Direct Drip

  • Plug cartridge thread end with a condom
  • Remove white mouthpiece end cap and any O-ring with paper clip or tweezers
  • Stand cartridge up, with open end facing up
  • Squeeze drops of e-liquid down the walls of the cartridge (15-20 drops)
  • Replace O-ring (if present) and mouthpiece end cap
  • Cover with condom and let sit for at least 20 minutes
  • Make sure threads are dry before replacing on battery

Another easy method

  • Fill condom or small plastic cap halfway with e-liquid
  • Carefully drop threaded end of cartridge into cap
  • cartridge will slowly absorb e-liquid from the bottom up

The Reverse Drip (ideal for quickly topping off)

  • Remove cartridge from battery
  • Carefully drip e-liquid into threaded cartridge hole
  • You will see liquid “disappear” into hole
  • Don’t fill too fast or liquid will spill into cartridge threads
  • Clean off any residue
  • Let sit for a few minutes before use


  • To avoid getting e-liquid into the center post, insert a toothpick into the post to cover it
  • If e-liquid gets into the center post, simply place a napkin on the screw end of the cartridge and blow out into the cartridge from the mouthpiece end
  • Blow on cartridge a few times after refilling to expel extra e-juice
  • Avoid over-filling which causes a waste and a gunky battery connector
  • Refilling your cartomizer too many times may wear out the filler, resulting in a burnt taste
  • Freshen your cartomizer by running warm water through it and let dry a full 24 hours before filling

Have you found an easy way to fill your cartridges or have tips not mentioned here? Send your favorite methods to biggestfan@v2cigs.com to add to the V2 Cigs E-Liquid Guide.

116 thoughts on “V2 Cigs E-Liquid Guide”

  1. Yocheved says:

    I take a large gauge needle and syringe, and fill up the syringe with juice. Cap off the bottom, and then slide the needle down the side of the filter. Slowly press the plunger on the syringe and watch the top of the cartridge. When the filter starts to look wet, stop! You may have to do the same on the other side if it’s not filling evenly.

    I prefill my syringe with my flavor combos, and have it handy in a drawer next to my desk. I can “shoot up” my cartridges in just a few seconds. I do several at a time, cap off the tops, and leave them in my desk so they have time to sit. It’s nice to be able to do them in quick batches. There’s practically no waste, and no spilling!

    1. antonio says:

      i use a seringe as well in pretty much the same manner you do.

      my seringe is a plastic one available online.

    2. Kelly says:

      I use a syringe as well! I like to shoot it into the cotton fill and on the sides. When I don use that method, I use the drops around the edge and then slide a paperclip down the side and push in. Repeat about 3 times for a day cart. I smoke in my office and tell people it’s the same type vapor as whats coming off their coffee cup. You want to ban my vapor – lets ban your coffee vapor. End of story.

      1. Sharon says:

        LOL… I thought this was funny. I still feel like I have to ‘hide’ my electronic cigarette when shopping in stores. Over the weekend, I went shopping at Walmart and spent a good 2+ hours in there….lol….. I never would have made it that long before without a cigarette…… well, I could have but it wouldn’t have been such a pleasureable shopping experience. Employee’s were following me around the Store!! I guess they were trying to figure out what the heck this thing was that I was sucking on….lol. It’s not well-known where I live, so people freak out at the least little thing that is ‘different’. I want to feel comfortable ‘smoking’ in public, I guess it’s so ingrained in me that ‘smoking’ is banned in public places…. so, I feel like I should be guilty of something….lol. I LOVE V2! I’ve tried other brands and they just do not compare! They just don’t! Thanks V2 for caring about people’s health and well-being. You really are saving lives…. each and every day! Great Job!

        1. Joe says:

          You are both morons. You should not be vaping where smoking is banned. You are drawing un needed attention to this product. As a matter of fact, go ahead. Lets see what happens to you when you vape on a plane. Idiots. Are you not getting enough attention at home that you need to get it in a negative way in public??? Get a life!

          1. Mel says:

            Joe, I thought the whole idea was to be able to vape where you want to. Are you telling me that you can only vape at home? Smoking is banned but I’ve never seen any place where vaping is banned. Are you a moron? No drinking at the coffee shop for you!

          2. Buck says:

            Joe is right. Many states are working to ban e-cigs for no other reason than they “look like REAL cigs”.
            Vaping in non smoking areas will only succeed in getting e-cigs banned. IMHO

          3. Rohan says:

            LOL Joe. you’re right.

          4. Drew says:

            Wow, pretty harsh…

          5. steph says:

            I wonder where you live? I smoke in restaurants all the time. Usually, there are about five to ten others doing the same. Its water kids!! How could anyone object? This has never happened to me. In fact, I was recently hospitalized for four days and the doctors and nurses all said it was fine.
            I have gone on long shopping trips, and pulled out my v2 for a quick fix.

            I am married to a well respected physician, and he doesn’t mind, in fact many people have said that the vanilla smells so good that they like it!

            I also smoked on an airplane in first class, and again no problem!

          6. ranchnumber51 says:

            I agree that we need to not draw unwanted negative attention to vaping. I feel a bit apprehensive using my PV in my car with my 12 year old and the windows half down. It still isn’t mainstream enough yet. However, there is no reason to be nasty to other forum posters! Educate, don’t disrespect them!

          7. Diane says:

            Joe….. get a life! If anyone is a moron, it’s you!!! I get plenty (which I’m sure you don’t) of attention at home and anywhere else I go. I’ve gotten Sooooooo much attention and kudos from lots of people for quitting the real cigs. I feel sorry for you, you Idiot!!!!

          8. Vickey says:

            Not very nice Joe, it is legal to some these in public. If you choose want to, that’s your business! Everyone else is not an idiot for smoking them in public, you just don’t happen to agree with it.

          9. Sherry says:

            I just vaped on Jet Blue, they announced at the beginning of the flight that it was ok. People who are offended or bothered by electronic cigarettes are drama queens and attention seekers. Until they ban or make laws against vaping you should just try behaving yourself and acting like an adult. Of course, that is if you really are one. It’s hard to tell.

          10. John says:

            Sorrry Joe, you may not be a moron(although i suspect you are from your comments) but you are certainly rude. Your comments show a level of stupidity that i would expect from someone who doesnt have a life himself. You obviously need to belittle others to give yourself a feeling of superiority. I almost feel sorry for you, you little, no life a**ho**.

          11. Andy says:

            Joe, I have taken an ecig onto a plane, and smoked it. Put it right in the little tray when going through security… no problem. However this was a while ago, and they may have a rule against it now (people don’t like seeing “smoke” on a plane). Either way, you can vape wherever you damn well please – it’s not harming anyone.

          12. Steve says:

            Some harsh words ay Joe? Look, if I worried or gave a sh## about what every Tom Dick and Harry thought, then I would be better off staying in-doors at all times.
            To you for the names you call these people….Pha-Q….

            Live free and screw the rest

          13. Debb says:

            I have to agree here. If I am in a bind I excuse myself and go to a restroom to use mine and am respectful to non smoking laws. The last thing us vapor smokers need is a reason to get ecigs banned too, though I don’t know why they would be! Discretion ladies & gents.

          14. Jan says:

            Joe, you’re an ass.

        2. Kari says:

          LOL. I do the same. I am afraid someone is going to confront me. When I go into a bar I make sure and let the waitress or bartender know that it isn’t real. I am hoping eventually more people will be doing it so more people will be familiar with it.

          1. I agree with Kari. Anytime I head to the bars or restaurants, I always make sure to ask the waitress or waiters. Typically, it’s a “I don’t mind” reaction. I’ve had some people ask their managers and I have never been turned down. Bare in mind, I do a lot of traveling and go many places and their rules are different, so I recommend at least be courteous and ask someone. It helps out in the long run. Plus not to mention, the e-cig is a good conversation piece.

      2. Eli says:

        Unfortunately that’s not true. Think about it, you’re heating a liquid (not water) to become a gas. I love my e-cig and I will argue that it’s a million times better than smoking paper and leaves; but please don’t overstate the facts. There are no long terms studies done on the effects of inhaling vaporized PG/VG or any of the myriad flavoring ingredients. However, it should be noted that some short term studies are extremely promising. This is the best I found with a quick literature search: http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/19/8/1945.short

        1. Light_em_up says:

          Actually you cannot “vape” on a commercial airliner. It is against the law. Also, some states have banned ecigs in public places, such as NJ. Before you vape in public, you should check your local smoking laws. I live in VA and vaping is allowed and doesn’t break any smoking laws.

          1. Sherry says:

            I took a Jet Blue flight in October 2012 and the flight attendant announced at the beginning of the flight that e-cigs were ok to use. I still was polite and asked the person next to me and they were ok with it. Can you give me a link to the “law”? The DOT was proposing bans on it back in 2011 but I can’t find anything that says that it is now “against the law”.

        2. Tara says:


          Actually, there have been long term studies done on the effects of inhaling vaporized PG (propylene glycol). The most famous study was in the 1970′s when scientists infused vaporized PG into an orphanage ward. The findings suggested that the children exposed to PG experienced less allergies and seasonal illnesses than the children in other wards. There have also been studies which followed performers who are consistently exposed to theatre/entertainment fog (which is also vaporized PG).

      3. CathyB says:

        Your syringe idea is absolutely genius! I have physical issues that cause me to shake and it makes refilling cartridges a bit difficult for my spastic hands. Not to mention, it would allow you to make sure the cartridge is fully saturated instead of filling it, waiting and then filling it more.
        A really fantastic idea that is going to help me a lot. Thanks so much!

        PS- you should pitch the idea directly to V2, maybe they can offer an appropriate syringe for cartridge refills and you can make a few bucks, or at least get some free products and coupons ;)

    3. d mccracken says:

      Hehe u got it thats exactly how i do it too

  2. hilbig says:

    hi will a diabetic syringe and needle work for this method? I love my V2′s but i can go through 4 to 5 carts a day and i want to get down to just 1 or 2 cuz it’s breaking my bank paying for prefilled cartos.

    1. Jacqi says:

      Diabetic syringes and/or allergy syringes and the needles are too small. E-liquids are a slightly thick juice. 3 ml syringes with a larger gauge needle work fine.

      Some ejuice sellers sell the 3 ml syringes with larger gauge needles.
      They are also available from farm & ranch supply stores; OR just search the web.

    2. justine says:

      I find the cartridges don’t last long at all and I spend a lot on them.my only disappointment

      1. nivlag says:

        Yes, I am trying dripping because of that. I hope it helps.

    3. Kerri says:

      It might work with a diabetic syringe but I just use the dropper that came with it and its fine. And you will see the difference in the money you save and with a better hit you get off of it!

  3. holbig says:

    Actually my name tag should read holbig lol

  4. Shelly says:

    I am still thinking about Joe’s comments. The fact that e-cigs can be used in places where cigarettes cannot is a selling point for V-2 cigs. I am just wondering why Joe finds it necessary to verbally attack people with demeaning names toward people that he hasn’t even met.
    Joe, you can disagree and still remain polite.
    To those he insulted (Sharon and Kelly): Don’t take it personally. I would venture to say that the majority were on your side. And for those who weren’t, it shouldn’t matter. Name calling makes my skin crawl and it is NEVER appropriate, at ANY age.

    1. joe in arkansas says:

      i agree it is appropriate to object to someone else opinion but i am always polite about it.

  5. TDawn says:

    LMAO>>> I smoke my v2′s any where I am or everywhere I go. I even had to use it at my Dr.s Offices awa the State Bldg. I use it in Walmart and actually I have sold many of v2′s bc I use it so freely that every smoker wants one. I wish I had they”re business cards and just receive 5% of every person that called or made an order bc mine would be free. Its true that you may use your v2′s anywhere @ anytime. So being restricted just because a nonsmoker doesn’t want you smoking. Just tell them its water vapor and its helping you quit the nicotine. Then they might even ask about it for their friend or spouse. You bought the v2, feel free to use it anywhere. People seem to use their private product such as inhalers or popping gum. I wish all of you the very best with your v2′s. I’ definetly sold on the product and a few I’ve helped, they too love ,em. Happiest of Holidays.

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey V2 – have you guys considered selling refill syringes?

    Sounds like there’s a market opportunity here…

  7. Lin says:

    My boss is so happy I have quit smoking cigarettes, she lets me use the V2s in the office. My house, clothes, hair and car don’t smell like an ashtray any more. My spouse, who quit a decade ago, is thrilled. Like some other folks, I try to be discreet about when and where I use them in public, particularly if there are children around. I believe use of e-cigs has been banned during flight. I definitely agree that we shouldn’t be too brazen about the use of these cigarette substitutes because I believe that will invite more and more bans on their use. Remember that the majority no longer rules. It only takes a small group to start complaining about how ‘offensive’ they find us regardless of how uninformed they are and regardless of the incalculable health benefits. It doesn’t take much. Merry Christmas. May the ACLU stay the heck out of this.

    1. Nancy says:

      My boss has been after me since 1985 to quit smoking…so my V2 cig sits on my desk and he allows me to use it as needed. I am an accountant, and this time of the year is always stressful. I am MUCH more productive this year! I’m wondering…has anyone tried to use their V2 in a non-smoking casino?

      1. Mike says:

        I go to casinos regularly. I have never been to a totally smoke-free casino, but have never been requested not to use my V2 at any non-smoking tables.

  8. Donna says:

    I just got my e-cig and chose Red flavor in hopes of getting as close as possible to my normal brand of Marlboro. The taste is about as close as I can get to the real thing but it is a little stronger than I would like. Can anything be added to the cartridge to tone down the taste just a bit?

    1. marni says:

      You may have to lower the nicotine content if the carts are to “harsh” on your throat. As far as flavor, you may notice after a while the intensity of flavors dissipate as you become more accustomed to them.

    2. steve says:

      I am a dealer in a smoke free casino in the state if ohio smoking is banned in all public buldings we have recently allowed the ecig right at the tables

  9. mark says:

    Why do you need to wait after refilling it before use? Are there dangerous side effects?

    1. Kerri says:

      I don’t wait at all, but I never let it get to be totally empty either. If its empty and dry it will burn and once you get the burnt taste you might as well throw it away.

  10. TravisV2Forever says:

    @Mark you should wait after refilling with juice to allow it time to soak in the filling. If you begin vaping before you give it time you have the possibility of getting a burnt taste and possibilly buring out the coil that heats the liquid. No harm on yourself but maybe to the cart.

  11. pat downing says:

    I like my e cig…..BUT I HAVE VERY CAREFULLY AND TEDIOUSLY FILLED MY****BATTERY**** WITH 10 DROPS OF MOCHA FLAVOR….dammmmm I don’t know what to do…It was a pretty high dollar battery….any hope here? lol

    1. susan says:

      to pat downing: lol. Sounds like something I’d do. The hope lies in the fact that it WAS a high dollar battery and it’s most likely not only ruined but perhaps even dangerous to use. This will most likely cause both your brain and your wallet to REMEMBER TO FILL THE CARTRIDGE not the battery!

      One of those yucky “live and learn” moments. Tough lesson.
      Don’t feel alone. I’ve done several “dumb” things very carefully the wrong way.

  12. Shar says:

    Hi all, I’ve been vaporing for over two months. Recently I was vaporing at the mall and was approached by a passerby. She sat next to me and started starring at me, then the questions started. “what are you smoking?” I started to explain what e cigs are and she informed me her mother is a two pack a day smoker and has never heard of e cigs. She thanked me and is going to buy her mother a starter kit. I think e cigs are a much healthier alternative than smoking and many people are interested but are not sure if would work for them. I’ve been a pack a day smoker for over 20 years and wish I heard and tried e cigs a lot sooner.I try to be courteous to others but I think if fellow smokers who are trying to quit annd see other people smoking e cigs, it might become more acceptable in the public eye. E cigs are still a new fad and the public, especially non-smokers, are uneducated about it so many will find it nerve racking.

  13. capt. jim says:

    just received my blanks I filled them with a juice I liked from another company. Had 0 problems. V2 has the best delivery system. I smoke my V2 everywhere I have had 0 problems. Thank You V2

  14. colleen says:

    I just purchased the juice and a 5 pack of cartridges. My question…I have cartridges from before I knew about the blank ones…can I use these to re-fill with juice?

    1. susan says:

      To colleen: Yes, you can use the cartridges from before, but only if you didn’t vape them down to a burnt taste. Also as I understand it, you can only get about 3 uses out of the pre-filled before they are finished. (You have most certainly gotten your answer by now I realize, but I wrote this for those just reading.)

  15. HS91082 says:

    Reading about the “juice” perked my interest considering I go through cartridges more often than I had anticipated. I just tried to get my “white end” off a cartridge with a paperclip and tweezers… it tore up the vaping hole! So anyhow I used a PUSHPIN and it popped right off. I think I’ll try the “juice” because I find a fresh cartridge to be very satisfying but throughout half the day or so it just doesn’t fill that urge, I end up vaping for 20-30 mins or holding it often so I end up swapping it out for a new one. I am 10 days free of “smoking” and it’s all because of vaping and V2!! I started with a gas station brand which was ok, did some research and found V2. I bought a kit and found it to really be the “BEST” on the market. Thank you!! My children compliment me, I don’t smell, and my husband kisses me more often!! I love it, everyone is happy again!!

    1. CathyB says:

      I bought the V2 Liquimax refillable cartridges and love them because I can actually see when my liquid is running low and they can be used 20 times according to V2. But I found a video on Youtube that shows how to clean them and make them feel brand new. I have reused a few of them 30-40 times so far so it’s definitely a money saver. If you want to see the video you can check it out here:

  16. Mewood says:

    To date; there is only one place that has banned “Vaping” on a Federal level and that is with AMTRAK. But, who is going to stop you from ducking out into the restroom for a few quick hits? I agree that we the people should be free to “Vape” wherever we want, but desecration would probably be better for us all until more people become aware of e-cigs. I “Vape” at Wal-Mart and restaurants, but I hold the e-cig in my hand in such a way as that it is mostly concealed. Why rock the boat when no one is persecuting me, yet?

  17. Lory says:

    I have just one question…is there diacetyl in your e-liquid ??? We don’t really know the different component used and what are the standards, it might be interesting to know more…

    1. marni says:

      There is no diacetyl in V2 E-liquid. V2 Cigs publishes their ingredients for everyone to see. Download them here: http://www.v2cigs.com/pages/Downloads.html

  18. Dave says:

    Hey there peeps, I have used v2 e-cigs now for over a year im 45 years old and smoke since I was about 14. At no point could I have stop smoking without them I live in the uk and get them ship over to me. I will say the postage sucks big time and have no clue why v2 charge me so much to send them as it cost the same price no matter what I buy £43.00. So I tend to buy lots at the same time now so I don’t have to place a order with them to often thank god. As for the muppert ( joe) that feels the need to tell people how , when and where they should use these e-cigs. The hole point of them is that the law states smoking is something you do by lighting it up and burning as there is no smoke without fire or flame you can not be breaking the law to use one and there for these can be used any where and at any time and trust me when I say any where as I have used them even on a plane with no problems. Yes I did say a plane I take it every where I go and use it freely and I have never had any one complaints about it to me. In fact I get loads of people asking me what they are and the people that smoke ask where they can get one. the none smokers are just as good about the hole thing to. E-cigs work and the v2′ s are what worked for me. Good luck if you give them ago your feel better for it as I know I do

  19. Lory says:

    @marni : think you for this answer that’s very interesting and instructive ;)

  20. David says:

    I recently had a stent put in. I was a closet smoker before (pack a week) is the nicotine in ecigarettes safe for those of us with stents?

  21. Disco Superfly says:

    I have tried a few different ecigs and due to having to charge and recharge too often, I always end up going back to analogs. I decided to order the Ultimate V2 kit because it has EVERYTHING and since I actually like vaping better than smoking, I don’t think I will be buying anymore cigs. Can’t wait til my new kit gets here!!

  22. Celene says:

    I bought some of the Congress flavor a while ago and found that, in my opinion, they taste very much like Winston cigarettes. I was never a fan of Winston, so I shoved them aside until I saw the e-liquid. I bought some peppermint, blew much of the liquid from the Congress cartridges and refilled with the peppermint. It turned out to be a rather nice blend. And I didn’t feel like the Congress went completely to waste.
    Also, on being able to vape anywhere… doesn’t work here in Washington state where I live. Many places still refuse to let us e-smoke, including bars, stores and public transit. I drive for the bus system, and for the life of me cannot figure out why they won’t even let us vape in the shelters… or anywhere on transit property. Of course, I believe Washington State is trying to be the first completely non-smoking state. Bah! Think I will have to start pushing V2′s a bit around here. :)

  23. AJM says:

    In response to vaping in public, most people in the USA are familiar withe e-cigs, since it is not illegal to vap in public places like regular cigs why hide them. I have vaped in doctors offices and right in front of the Doctor. Doctors are recomending e-cigs now. They have been tested and it has been determined that they are as harmless as a cup of coffee, or nicotine. Being a smoker for 35 years, and vaping for over a year now I must admit that I enjoy vaping and have no plans on quiting. My wife of 20 years has been on my case to quit smoking in the house because it obviously bothered her, now that I am vaping I can sit right next to her and vape and it doesn’t bother her at all, the same goes with my mother in law, she told me that I could vape in her house because it didn’t bother her either, that is saying a lot considering that my mother in law couldn’t even stand to come into our house when I was smoking regular cigs. We have enough nonsense laws in this country as it is, so since we are not breaking the law why hide it. If for some reason you are uncomfortable about vaping in public just put it up your sleave and vape, no one will even know it, there is no second hand smoke, nor fire. When asked I tell people it is the same as a humidifier, nothing but water vapor. I have not had any problem vaping in public. The government is not going to be able to make e-cigs illegal, they are becoming very popular and they would not be able to justify doing so with a product that is not harmful to yourself or anyone else. I don’t think they will make regular cigs illegal either, to much money involved. I can also personally say that since I started vapeing that I no longer cough and hack in the morning or during the day anymore plus it is nice to be able to breath normally again. The first month I spent coughing up the regular cigs and again after about six months, this is simply your body getting rid of the toxins of regular cigs, this is normal and to be expected. I tried to quit smoking for most of my life, the only thing that has worked is the e-cig, plus thier a lot cheaper. I am looking forward to filling my own e-cigs because the pre-filled ones do run out of flavor to soon, so topping of is appealing to me. Who knows maybee as more people start vapeing maybee the farmers will start growing things this country needs like food???

  24. jdub says:

    Wasn’t this top suppose to be about “how you fill your cartridge>” WTF people way to make it political. Anyway, I just got eliquid for the 1st time. I simply pulled the white cap off (some had an oring and some didn’t?) I then took the V2 dropper and dripped it in on the sides while spinning the cartridge. Super easy and very happy

  25. Phil says:

    Man! Some of you guys are tough! Here is my two cents. I have vaped in restaurants, bars, the theater, grocery store, and department store. I have yet to be confronted. One restaurant owner or matre’d came over to me just to ask about the PV. He had family he wanted to buy it for. It ended up a very pleasant conversation. Unlike some of the confrontations I have encountered smoking rel cigarettes, they got ugly, quick. I originally had the thought, I don’t want to ruin this for everybody, if I smoke these and offend the mis or uninformed some politician will be very quick to get some mileage out of the controversy. Then I thought, that’s enough of the shame, the quilt, the paranoia. It hasn’t offended a single person yet. And nobody has tried to shoo me anyway from their door. I imagine I will encounter some lame brain one day. They don’t run my life, I think they have a real hard time living their own.

    1. susan says:

      To Phil: I have run into ONE lame brain. She claimed that 20 minutes AFTER I took ONE toke on my V2Cig that when she came to the back of the empty bus I was on she could “smell it” and that it “gave her a headache”. I calmly suggested the possibility that the woman she had been complaining about for the entire 30 minute ride was what gave her the headache. lol So I think you’re right: that type of person is having a real hard time living their own life! Other than that I’m totally with you on “that’s enough of the shame, the guilt and the paranoia”! Having been raised when “everyone” smoked (1960′s & 70′s) I’ve about had all the guilt trips I can stand. And enough is enough.

  26. Huston says:

    Hi all.. have been vaping now for over 3 months. Have cheated a few times when out of carts. Didnt order soon enuff. I know several people that are going to be ordering because they have seen me with mine. After smoking for 32 yrs. I feel free. So far i havent had anyone tell me i cant use it. I useit in the post office all the time and the postmaster wants her kid to get one. As for the lack of studies done on inhaling PG/VG… Pg has been used in inhalers for over 50 yrs and some people use daily and more. FDA says its safe for human consumption so people need to get a grip on the issue. You eat vg/pg daily…Are you sick from it? Get more flavors out in eliquid.

  27. plp says:

    Ive used my v2 EVERYWHERE. lol including inside a hospital. Which is part of the reason I switched. I had no choice but to quit real ciggs because i had a blood clot.

    The nurses were curious so I pulled the website up and showed them. They all were tired of having to leave the hospital to smoke. So I’m sure that’s a few of them even ordered their own kits to help them quit smoking.

    I never hide my v2 when I puff on it. I even used it when my guy took me to a concert and it was a no smoking venue. It helped him make it through the entire performance without having to miss any of his favorite band. I’m even trying to get him to switch.

    Surprisingly doctors don’t mind it once you explain how it works and all of the ones ive spoken with agree that its safe and a good way to get nicotene without doing any real harm.

    Ill have to order a few things of the liquid because I do tend to go through cartridges fairly quickly. So this will certainly be my next purchase.

  28. sharon says:

    I love, love, love V2. Thanks for the tips refilling the carts with liquid. I continue to promote V2, and so far, I swayed my sister, niece, and son-in-law to switch from regular cigs to V2. They, too, are happy with V2. As for vaping in public, I don’t do it if children are present…but, adults can kiss my grits if they don’t like it. However, adults who have commented say “I don’t smell anything.” A Happy V2 customer

  29. Wendy says:

    I have been using cartridges, but going through quickly, ready to re order today.(expensive)
    Would you guys highly recommend doing the eliquid vs reg prefilled cartridges?
    And does anyone, since mentioned above, find any info on if there is any thing in the vapor harmful? I am still paranoid since they tell me water vapor, but if theres anything at all”bad:, I do not (haven’t been) smoking e cigs in front of son. Want to know if i can or not
    Thanks guys

  30. HDR says:

    I am discrete when I use my V2 e-cig. I have been using V2 for only about 3 months. My doctor likes the fact that I have changed my nicotine delivery device and no longer am inhaling tar and other harmful chemicals added by manufacturers to increase my addiction to nicotine. My doctor has also told me that he recommends the e-cig to other patients, although when I showed him my e-cig it looked like it was the first time he had ever seen one. I explained the refill process and then showed him how the battery attaches and the cartridge comes apart. I love that I no longer smell like an ash tray and have spoken to many people who are curious about e-cigarettes. As far as smoking bans, I remember saying they could never make smoking illegal in a bar, how wrong was I! As far as the vapor emitted from the e-cig, as I see it it is a partial amount of what went in; I.E. it contains some nicotine and flavorings in the vapor. It could be argued that this is second hand nicotine being introduced into the air some one else is breathing. Granted it is far less harmful (in my opinion) than the second hand smoke from a cigarette. Still I think common sense is the best course forward as opposed to a belligerent quoting of the fact that e-cig vaping is not smoking.

    As for the issue of filling cartridges I find that a syringe works the best. It is important to keep the cartridges clean and let them dry after cleaning. It is just as important to take care when refilling to the proper level. If over filled the cartridges get fouled up and dirty, less efficient and won’t last as long. The e-liquid refill allows blending flavors for a custom mix and I think any food grade liquid flavor additive is fair game for custom flavor. I smoke the Sahara flavor and am still looking to put a little more bite into the flavor. I used to smoke Drum tobacco for years and enjoy a full rich unfiltered, hand rolled taste, the Red flavor from V2 did not do anything for my taste buds.

    The fact that smoking cigarettes has become socially unacceptable and V2 e-cigs look like cigarettes confuses the public and slow gentle education should make this issue less in the future. The fact that we can choose to purchase blue, black and stainless batteries is a help and further sets the e-cig apart from the regular cigarette smokers.

  31. crispy says:

    i started using blu at new years after a near fatal neumonia infection. 30yrs old & not ready to die. the blu is available at any denver walgreens and cheaper than newports. they’v been good enough to get me started but dripping doesnt really work with them. my doctor has run tests twice so far which have proven that e-cigs have already vastly reduced my risk of hospitalization for a lung infection again. my doctor has seen me fail to quit with every gum patch or other cessation products but he’s convinced vaping will spare me an early painfull death. so i have thoroughly investigated all the top companies looking for the best of the best to save my life. i’m buying the v2 ultimate kit june 4th(payday). thanks to those of you who stuck to the topic because you’v made me confident enough to go straight to dripping. did the math and the savings will are going to go a long ways towards my fiance & i’s fianancial security which is good cuz we just closed on our 1st house. as for the politics of the everywhere in the face versus vaping the stealth way i believe that we deserve to enjoy the freedom to vape because its not smoking & not illegal. while doin some traveling i had it verified by tsa at denver international airport that e-cigs can be freely used in the airport i also verified that frontier airlines is also allowing freedom to vape in flight. if in doubt just ask wherever you are. i do it largely out of courtesy to avoid provoking the nutjobs that are opposed. my concern is that any enemies we make with any “it’s legal i’ll do what i want” offenciveness could easily become supporters of the malign movements to restict or ban e-cigs. since the FDA classified them them same as tobacco products e-cigs are now one of the greatest threats to the tobacco companies’ profit margins. if we piss ignorant uppety people off with in your face vaping we might be giving the anti e-cig bastards another pawn. that said i do enjoy the legallity of e-cigs anywhere i want i just do it discreetly.

  32. Mohan says:

    I was traveling from Nairob, Kenya to Guanzu, China and on the flight I used the v2 people were looking at me and called the Perser of that flight he very politely came to me and asked if I was smokeing on flight, I showed him the v2 he was very surprised as I had explained to him then just laughed called the captain who wanted to see the gadget looked at it asked me how it worked and told me to carry on as it did not smell or burning, I am very happy with the v2. Thanks to the v2 team.

  33. Richard says:


  34. Jay says:

    First off, thank you to the few people who left mature helpful comments with tips/advice on how to fill a v2 cartridge. The other comments I’m reading… besides having nothing to do with the actual topic of this post, are just pathetic and seriously ridiculous.

    How old are we now that the need to come on here to complain about something totally unrelated to this post – then start to fight with each other over something you should talk to your state elective about.

    If those people put just 5% of that energy into actually taking action within your state and not play comment wars… imagine what could be accomplished.

    From what I am reading, I could assume that those same people feel they should be able to walk around a retail store or mall drinking beer openly just because their over the legal age and it’s a legal. It wouldn’t surprise me if there already was a forum/topic with people complaining about drinking in public just for the attention.

    Thanks again to the people who stayed on topic and shared advice on filling or re-filling a cartridge as me personally never done and looking into it since the refilled cartridges are getting pricey lol.

    I will leave off saying to everyone… Enjoy each day as it comes, enjoy life regardless of what cards your dealt and just be happy to be alive. So many people take life for granted until you get hit with something big and realizing everything you complained about in the past wasn’t even worth getting angry over.

    Take care

  35. Rob says:

    I enjoy V2 ecigs at the movies, but I sit at the back and
    cover the tip glow, blowing vapor upward. No one has ever said a thing since you cant smell the vapor and its dark in the back. I don’t vape in places that would attract unwanted attention. If asked not to vape in a public place like a diner I would do so and I have. We don’t need new laws passed for
    something as harmless to others as chewing gum.

  36. Drew says:

    Well, this thread sure de-railed..sigh…
    YES refilling is THE way to go, NO it is not difficult, and YES you probably will be mad at yourself for not having started refilling sooner. (I know I was)

    So…I use mine ANYWHERE I am…all the time…but I try to do so with some discretion when common sense warrants it…
    For example:
    I would NOT blow vapor rings, (although amusing),
    or exhale big clouds of vapor while in a: doctors office, airplane, subway, etc…
    Rubbing it in the non-smokers faces is what I believe is driving these intellectually baseless bans in the first place.
    Look, it may have taken the anti-smoking folks decades to get smoking banned, but they have damn sure done just that, haven’t they?
    I have been told by many people that these all-out bans are really being driven out of nothing more than petty spite… that we smokers have found a new way around their “RULES”.
    All I am trying to say is that I don’t want yet another damn war with these people, what could possibly be gained form it?… More and more battles waged against my liberties and freedoms…with my own tax dollars to boot!
    I say, go ahead and use your e-cig wherever you wish…just with a little class, maturity, and courtesy.

    And if someone should happen to say to you…”Hey, are you smoking in here?”…you just look them straight in the eye and say…”Only when I am on fire…”
    (alright…sorry, I just couldn’t help myself)
    Cheers :)

    1. tom says:

      its not the non smokers every non smoker I know always says good for you why would they care..its thegoverment not selling as many packs of smokes.and kids in school smoking them..and oh yes the drugs being smoked out of them..ie hash oil

  37. Betsy says:

    I just got my v2 and really llike it. However when I refilled the cartridge with my favorite eliquid it didn’t work. No hit, no vapor though the battery was working. Anybody else have this problem? I have blu cigs and refill those all the time with no problem

    1. susan says:

      to Betsy:
      I had exactly the same thing happen to me. No hit, no vapor, checked the battery and it was fine.

      I waited a few minutes and tried again. No go. Repeated that a few more times and suddenly it worked!

      Could have had something to do with it not being “ready” as I know the instructions say to let it sit. (Even though I let it sit for 30 minutes!) Or maybe it was I just hadn’t got that initial “pop” sound you get when starting a new cart. I also unscrewed the battery a TINY bit, just slightly and that may have given enough airflow.

      Hoping you found out later that it worked. :) Happy vaping!

  38. Kaye says:

    Can the liquid be used with other brands of cartridges?

  39. crazyinariz says:

    Just to let y’all know, electronic cigarettes are treated just like analog cigarettes at University of Phoenix Stadium. As a sub contractor at the stadium i was informed (told?) that the electronic cigarette issue was brought up at a meeting and they decided that because they’looked like cigarettes and produced vapor that looked like cigarette smoke i would have to stand outside (in 100+ weather mind you) to vape. I’ve since stated 2 lists on my foursquare account, electonic cigarette friendly and electronic cigarette unfriendly, where i list the places i visit and vape.

    Btw, as of today, 8/19/12 i’m 1 month and 1 day w/out an analog cigarette.

  40. Scott says:


    :) Sorry for the yelling, but I struggled with this until lighting (no pun intended) on an easy method. Take a medium or large metal binder clip, remove one of the handles by squeezing it inwards. When removed, each end of these has a perfect L shape that can be inserted into the cartridge hole. Now, rather than sticking something in and prying up and an angle, you call the cartridge out directly, rotating the binder clip handle as needed to make it an even removal. ‘Viola…done!

    1. Scott says:

      Darn text eitor. That is you “pull the cartridge out directly”…not call it. You can try calling it, but I’m thinking it won’t respond.

  41. Cyndi says:

    People are so funny. I am constantly amazed how much time people spend online writing mean things to and about others.

    Oh well….I guess some things never change.

    So….on subject….when my cartridges start getting low I put them in a zip lock baggie in my fridge. Then when I start to get low on filled cartridges I sit down and fill the condoms, the ones without the nipple, about 3/4 of the way. I then take my empty cartridges and slide them into the condom, white side down.

    I let em sit, until I remember to go back. Sometimes 1/2 hour, sometimes 2 hours.

    I take them out of the condoms wipe em off and blow through them until any excess liquid stops coming out of the threaded side. I wipe off the threads, put condoms back on both ends and stick them in another zip lock baggie in the fridge.

    To refill a dozen cartridges, not counting the letting them sit part, takes oh….about….5 minutes. Sometimes I’ll do a couple dozen at a time. To do that many add about…..3 more minutes cause you’ve already got the liquid out, the paper towel….etc…..

    I usually fill a dozen or more at a time so I don’t have to do it very often.

    I actually do a demonstration about 1/2 way through my longer YouTube comparison video. You can see it via my link on http://www.torturedteez.com

    Another great tip……occasionally wipe of the threads of your batteries, chargers and cartridges with rubbing alcohol. You’ll be amazed how much gunk comes off and it makes for a better working product.

    Vape On!!!!!

  42. Cyndi says:

    Oh….and on the subject of vaping in public. I go by the situation. If it seems inappropriate, or is going to draw bad attention, I don’t do it.

    If I feel I’m in a situation where it could actually draw some good attention and draw people to the product, I do it.

    I actually like vaping in smoking sections (when it’s not too hot or cold lol) because it gives me a chance to tell others about V2.

    Who is going to be more interested than smokers????

    When it comes to being reasonable about it, like smoking while shopping I will usually slide into a bathroom stall, I usually need to get rid of some coffee anyhow, take a few pulls and shop on.

    This also works great in an airport, or even a plane. I travel a lot and lay-overs used to be traumatic. In order to smoke you have to go outside (usually) then back through security etc….I just step into a stall. No problem. Got my fix, no-one’s the wiser, and….no negative attention.

    Just use your common sense, and judge the pro’s and con’s for each life situation you find yourself in and wondering….to vape or not to vape?

    And….quit saying mean things to people, what’s the point? It just makes you look less than intelligent.

    Best wishes out there!

  43. Rich says:

    I make sure to vap where ever I can that will draw attetion or piss someone off. Just because it’s pay back for taking away a God given right. No wonder this country is in the mess it’s in, a bunch of brain dead sheepople like Joe, every one of you moron’s willing to let man take away your God given rights will get what you deserve.

  44. Jack says:

    You folks that say you should not vape where smoking is prohibited or it will result in e-cigs being banned — OK, you have already “self-banned” yourself. What’s the worse that’s gonna happen? You end having to go to only to the smoking section? You are ALREADY THERE in your own mind.

  45. Kevin says:

    We are all morons, we started smoking. So seriously, this is why i got black batteries and people think i was holding only a pen. It sits on my work desk too and no ones notice.

  46. john says:

    you guys should not call it “water vapor”. It’s a false statement and will be taken to be intentionally misleading by most folks that do the research. Not saying anyone’s trying to deceive people, but it will be perceived that way, and folks will automatically assume some nefarious conspiracy is the reason for the deception.

    I tell people it’s “hollywood smoke”. It’s an accurate description, and simple enough for most people to process (and if they can’t process that, explain that it’s the stuff that comes out of the fog machine at a concert or a haunted house). The vast majority of people associate that with being safer than cigarettes. One guy said that if it’s “California emissions safe” then it couldn’t be bad for you (which is a false assumption, but that’s his problem and not mine).

  47. Albie says:

    I just want to start off that V2 truley is the best E-CIG out there! I’ve tryed a few out and nothing compares. Also I have tryed quiting cigerattes for sometime now and thanks to V2 I have been 34 days w/0 smoking real cigerattes and it really feels great!

    However . . . .

    One thing that concerns me is how so many states, people in power, & just plain assholes are trying to ban the use of E-cigs and alot of there reasoning is from people shoveing it in others faces. Everyone, we should always respect others and make sure the ppl around us dont mind us “vaping” before puffing away. 9 out of 10 times that I ask to use my E Cig is always a sure thing and the person or person’s ask about it and I (more then willingly) educate them in the whole electric cig situation and almost all those people have no problem with it. If only we ALL do this then there shouldnt be anyone against “vaping”.

    So please everyone, just be mindful of where you are & just respectful to the people around you and noone should bother us!

  48. Derek says:

    In my opinion, it is a common courtesy to ask permission if it is alright to vape in any establishment, and if permission is granted to ask the people who are around you if they would mind if you use your e-cig. Almost always questions arise from the people around us about the e-cig. Be mindful that the e-cig is a “new” product and not many know too much about so being an embassador for the e-cig is important. This product has changed mine and countless other lives of people who were slaves of the “smoked” tobacco cig. Sharing the imformation we have with others about the e-cig is paramount to the eventual, widespread acceptance to vape where ever we need to.

  49. Patrick says:

    john, if you’re trying to inform people about the nature of the product, you’re no better if your explanation amounts to telling people it’s “hollywood smoke”. How does that ensure anybody that their product is safe? Instead, how about let’s insist on the actual scientific facts, that the smoke is a liquid medium of liquid and propylene glycol, which according to wikipedia-

    “Propylene glycol is considered Generally Recognized As Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is used as an humectant (E1520), solvent, and preservative in food and for tobacco products, as well as being the major ingredient in the liquid used in electronic cigarettes.”

    “The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low”

    “Inhalation of the propylene glycol vapors appears to present no significant hazard in ordinary applications”

  50. DaveB says:

    As far as vaping in public places, always ask first just to be on the safeside. There is no reason to get kicked out of a place that will not allow you to even vape. Why should we be treated any better then someone who still smokes? They have to wait until they leave and so can you.

    Go to the restroom, sit on the toilet, take a med toke and inhale it. Hold it in your lungs 10 to 15 seconds and exhale. NO Vape will come out. Try it.

  51. Dragonfly says:

    I just ordered the BETA V2 LiquiMax Blanks and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I decided on trying them due to the fact that I’m tired of waiting for the regular/used cartridges to absorb the fluid. Not only do I hate waiting I am not satisfied with the end result. This is only MY opinion. I will post after trying them or if someone else has tried them please post about your experience! Thanks

    1. Jerry says:

      Try the refillable blanks

  52. James Oliver says:

    @Patrick and @John
    as someone who writes and blogs about ecigs almost full time i keep an eye on new terms trending for e-cigs that people are using… as the entire space is still new in the grand scheme of things many items from e-cigs (electric, electronic, smokeless, vapor, water vapor) and just E-
    are all very commonly used – while i agree there is some danger in using terms like water vapor (to a significant degree it still is accurate as a general term, but i agree that to pro-vaping side of the line, really doesnt need any more ammo for those who would love to stomp out the entire e-cig from existence later this spring….) sorry to say though i think given the pretty irreversible nature of the web, and the desperation of those opposition – who have countless times already grasped to contradictory or nonsensical (but somehow moderately attached to ‘real’ science – ie. cite poor past studies or draw ridiculous conclusions without looking at other studies they pick and choose which are and which arent considered valid for consideration…

    i still have my doubts they can pull off a movement this far along with this many people – Americans – including a good selection of celebs who i expect in some cases would make some noise on the topic (it helps, and anything that can help is needed)… also some MDs – if you havent read dr. M Seigel’s tobaccoanalysis blogspot com blog – is fantastic… and there are people from every walk of life, including politicians and many more and with numbers totaling something like 5million + usa VAPOR CIGARETTE / SMOKELESS CIGARETTE as alternatives to ecig electronic cigarette, i think both of these two are very good synonyms both are accurate and sound good in my opinion…

    @Patrick – i agree with the issue you raise of ‘hollywood smoke’ ive heard people call it disco smoke too – and though certainly it has in common with fog machines that pg is used – its all too dangerous to make one way comparisons as was evident with the trick of logic in the still quoted ‘antifreeze’ crap… just because pg (or IPG … industrial pg) is in some kinds of antifreeze, it doesnt mean antifreeze is in pg/e liquid…

    its like saying the school bus is yellow, therefore all things that are yellow are busses – a cliche of silly screwy logic

    but it sure doesnt seem to stop to anti-vaping tools or those manipulation through them stop using whatever tacky means and anything else they can possibly dredge up no matter how questionable or hypothetical the assertion they will be swinging… it makes me frustrated as i wish (being in canada i already live in country that sold out before the thing ever had a chance to start – most people here still never heard of ecigs frankly and i find it pathetic and sad…) those in support and in higher positions of strategic ability within the vaping community and vendors and everyone involved – i hope some of you guys are preparing our tacky and shameless weapons as we / you need to come back swinging with ANY THING possible to prevent a tragedy. even if it means stooping as low as required the price is worth it….

  53. jo says:

    please, V2 company, add some VG to your mix…..

  54. scott says:

    Let’s all do our part to keep vaping legal and as unregulated as possible. We need to be courteous and mindful of others, and not flaunt the fact that we aren’t smoking, and act like we don’t know any better when it comes to breaking out our e-cigs in places where smoking isn’t allowed. Just because it isn’t smoke, and WE know it’s vapor does not mean it’s okay to shove it in other people’s faces. We all started using these products to get off cigarettes-it isn’t a toy to show off with. Just be careful. The whole attitude that some people have about being able to break out their e cig in a Wal-Mart and puff away is going to ruin this for all of us if we aren’t careful. Come on…let’s be smart about this. Regulations are upon us already-do we really have to have laws to tell us not to do things we already know we shouldn’t be doing by virtue of simple common sense?

  55. Ford Prefect says:

    I usually will just simply ask before using. I reside in Missoui and have found the majority of establishments, be them retail stores, restaurants, or lounges have no objections to the use of e-cigs.

    However, at present, to the best of my knowledge, there are currently no laws governing the use of the product. I’m afraid however, given the government’s current anti-smoking policies, it’s only going to be a matter of time.

    F. Prefect

  56. Katrina says:

    I think when we smoke our e-cigarette in public we are educating people because each time we usually have to explain what we are doing. How can we educate the harmless effects of vaping if no one ever learns what vaping is? I think it is more in favor of the acceptance of vaping rather than the possibility of e-cigs getting banned. The thing is, it does not matter how often we smoke our vapes in public. If they get banned, they get banned and there is not a whole lot we can do except mourn. Vaping is so ingenious, designed not only for our better health, but for the removal of offensive smoke and mess to others. Education is key, and we should stick together and not insult each other. Lack of support each other and bad attitudes will get it banned. What is that saying? You attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar.

  57. michael says:

    i seem to be missing the point of this cause smoking just sounds so much easier and cheaper unless ive read this wrong but it seems that for 150. usd i get some batteries and about 8 sigs worth of smoking lol or for 75 usd i buy a carton and get 10 packs of sigs with 20 sigs per pack with this i have liquid / batteries ? am i just not seeing a value to this or is that the point there is none ?

  58. Jim says:

    I work at a major electronics retailer – fixing computers, no less – and nobody has said a word to me about me using my V2 in the store. In fact, they seem to like me a lot more now that I’m not sneaking out for five minute breaks and coming back reeking of smoke.

    As a courtesy, I don’t vape near customers’ computers, simply because it IS water after all, and we want to minimize liability on all fronts! In the break room and even on the sales floor of all places, nobody bats an eyelash.

    I live and work in Pennsylvania, which has very stringent indoor smoking laws. Only legitimate bars restricting access to those 18+ (think hookah bars) and some (but not all) tobacconists are exempt…I do worry about the future of legislation regarding e-cigs, though, but for now I’m content to just sit back and vape and continue responding to negative comments with “would you prefer I go back to a pack a day?” :)

  59. Lesa says:

    Not that I really care to appease those who don’t care to educate themselves or those who just want to complain no matter what there is or isn’t there to be complained about, but I do think one “tactic” for easing e-cigs into the mainstream is to not refer to them as being “smoked” or even refer to them as “cigarettes”. Sure, they are evolved from a “smoked cigarette”, but we, the “vapers” have the power to help vaping evolve into whatever we want it to be. I would love for manufacturers to get entirely away from the traditional white with tan “butt” and orange or red “flame” as many have done. Maybe even play around with some different shapes if possible. Those who are considerate enough to ask others nearby, please ask if they mind if you “vape” rather than smoke your e-cig. Of course they probably won’t know what the heck you’re talking about at first but it will hopefully open them up to learning about it rather than assuming its some evil trick smokers are up to to try and get away with smoking where it’s not allowed.

  60. J says:

    I quit 15 months ago. I had lung cancer and still had problems quitting so I decided to try e-cigs . I smoked for over 40 years and had tried everything. I am ecstatic that the e-cig works. I should get a commission for the number of people I have recommended it to. All 4 of my doctors are very happy I stopped and say the e-cig is OK to use. That’s all I need to know.

  61. Kerri says:

    I ask 1st, then Vape. I vape in Walmart, restaurants, McDonalds and walking down the street. I’m always asked about it and I try to educate people about it. Some ask me for the Website name and of course I ablige. I love my V2 my son got me, I have 2 months totally smoke free :) I use the E-Liquid with the LiquidMax cartridges. As long as you don’t let it dry up I keep refilling them. I usually have 3 going at once. Then every 7 days I rinse them out under hot water and let them dry for 24hrs and reuse over and over.

  62. sue bowers says:

    My husband and I went to Universal studios 11/6/2010 and while waiting in line I. Took out my e-cigg. And was Told I COULD NOT USE IT. I explained to the nasty employee, what it was and that they had NO SIGNS. Saying I could not use it. I WAS WARNED THAT IF THEY SAW IT AGAIN I WOULD BE KICKED OUT OF THE PARK…. THE BEST PART IS THEY HAVE SMOKING AREAS…I WAS REALLY QUIT UPSET, AND MAD HOW THEY HANDLED THE WHOLE THING…

  63. Macaron says:

    I’d seriously prefer to use liquids than cartridges.
    Any idea how I could go about importing these liquids to a country which bans E cigarettes and liquids? There must be a way. I spent $30 on a 30ml bottle of E Liqua juice this month compared to an average of $300 on cigarettes. It’s healthier than normal cigarettes, saves me so much money, leaves no odors etc. Now you guys guess which government in the world would choose to ban this instead of real cigarettes. What a fuckin joke.

  64. Sharon Barcone says:

    The first refill method mentioned regards the V2 Drip Tip.
    It doesn’t say to leave or remove the 0-ring either for filling or to leave it on for vaping. Tried it both ways and neither seems to work well for vaping. Help!

  65. Lisa says:

    Actually, vaping in public places in banded in NJ. Ugh.

  66. Lisa says:

    IS banded rather.

  67. Steve says:

    You should be able to vap in public . I do and have in stores the doctors office all kinds of public places but the truth of it is your still blowing nicotine in the air it might not be the stinky smoke but the nicotine is still there . Just a thought for you .

  68. Steve says:

    Michael it’s a lot cheaper once you get started I save at least 120 bucks a month and if I changed to the liquid ones it would be a lot more plus the benefits of not smelling like smoke all day is a plus after you have vapped for awhile the smell and taste of a real cig is terrible so if your intent is to quit its a lot easier the only thing that’s a pain is having to purchase online would be nice to just be able to go to the store .

  69. Craiga says:

    Legislation is now being forced to finalize a decision and put laws into affect regarding gaping in public. And many communities are quickly banning it, in public based only on the affects of real
    Cigarette smoke’s negative results and not on any gov committees research into the subject…… So I believe we need to show them the truth before they just quickly decide to not waste time on the subject and just bundle it with current cigarette laws. I put up wireless tower s for a living….no one wants them in their backyard…..So I just tell, people, at the Town Hall meetings
    to look down their streets on the way home and look at the messy telephone poles and wires…that they don’t even notice anymore… So….no bad oder and safe gov reports….a couple of years…no one gives a f@#k!!!….Here’s to good health and ignorant people!

    1. Gabe1972 says:

      I have never really had a problem with needing to smoke, or in this case, vape, while shopping or at a restaurant or something similar. Not smoking for a few hours is no big deal for me. I’ve been a smoker for years and I can completely understand the stigma associated with smoking, and by association, vaping. If they do change the laws nationwide so no one can vape in any place that they can’t smoke, it’s not really going to bother me, and I actually support it.

      The aspect of kids seeing people freely vaping in stores and restaurants and whatnot is not a good thing, as you know that kids emulate adults, especially when it’s something they are told they are “not allowed” to do. The more they can’t, the more they want to.

      Yes, vaping is healthier than smoking, but I still don’t want to encourage kids to do either, and them seeing people doing it is going to do just that. So again, I have no problem with them changing the nationwide laws to not allow people to vape in places that they are not allowed to smoke and I support the changing of the laws.

  70. rubin says:

    The whole reason they were even allowed to ban smoking was because of the health related issues from “second hand smoke” not second hand nicotine, its the smoke they claim is harmful. This was the main issue. Guess what? E cigs do not produce smoke. PERIOD…..
    People LOVE to boss others around these days it seems to be the popular thing to do. When that happens to me whether it be about vaping or any other comment strangers make to me (that is out of line) I look them right in the eye, smile, and politely tell them to mind their OWN business. I dont get mad, I am friendly towards them after I make the comment but that is my stand and I stick to it, respectfully.

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