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Archive for February, 2012


V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Pat's Story

02.29.2012 | Fan of The Week

I am 63 years old and have smoked cigarettes since I was 13. I have tried many times to quit smoking, but it would only last for a short while. I would get so easily irritated I would blow up at the least little thing. My husband would finally tell me to please go buy […]

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Hawaii tax ecigs

Hawaii Senate Committee Votes Down Tobacco Tax on E-Cigarettes

02.28.2012 | V2 How To

Protests led by electronic cigarette supporters earlier this month helped defeat a provision in a bill in the Hawaii legislature that would have applied a 70 percent tobacco tax on e-cigs. More than 1,000 people and companies protested the provision and it failed to pass. The bill did pass with a restriction of e-cig sales […]

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Utah Senate Banning E-Cigs in Public Places

02.27.2012 | V2 How To

UPDATE 2/27/12: The state senate committee voted unanimously  in favor of HB 245 S3 today, which would add the use of electronic cigarettes to the definition of smoking and would ban their use in all public places.  The bill now moves to the Senate floor for a vote. “If we want to eliminate hookas and e-cigarettes in […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Gordon's Story

02.21.2012 | Fan of The Week

I am 45yrs old and have smoked 2 pks of cigs a day for 30 years. I have tried to quit smoking only once, not a good three days of my life. The reason that I only tried once is the fact that I loved smoking. Loved the flavor, the smell, everything about it. I […]

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V2 Cigs Speaks Out About the Dangers of Modified E-Cigs

02.17.2012 | Latest Smoking News

In recent news, an electronic cigarette battery tragically exploded in a Florida man’s mouth resulting in severe injuries. Tom Holloway, 57, of Niceville, Fl., was smoking the e-cigarette Monday night in his study when his wife heard an explosion. According to WEAR ABC 3 News, who published a transcript of the 911 call from Mrs. […]

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We Have a Winner! V2 Cigs Valentine's Day Photo Contest

02.16.2012 | Announcements

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we challenged you to send in your photos to enter to win a V2 Cigs Couples Kit plus two limited edition mini carry cases. We love the entries we received and want to share them with you! V2 Cigs is proud to share in your success as America’s leading tobacco alternative. We are […]

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V2 Cigs Ranked #1 in Electronic Cigarette Popularity

02.14.2012 | Announcements

Back in July, 2011, we were thrilled to share a company milestone of becoming America’s most popular electronic cigarette website. Six months later, we are celebrating that milestone again, as we maintain our lead as the most popular electronic cigarette site on the web! With the help of our supporters – you – we continue […]

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Win a V2 Cigs Couples Kit this Valentine's Day!

02.13.2012 | Announcements

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, V2 Cigs is giving away a free Couples Kit PLUS 2 limited edition mini carry cases to one lucky winner! We want to see you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your favorite V2 Cigs merchandise. Using your imagination, send us a Valentine’s Day themed photo. We want to see you and your […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Lori's Story

02.9.2012 | Fan of The Week

Hello my name is Lori Brown . I have been a smoker since the age of 12 . Smoking the worst cigs on the planet: Kool’s. My sister being a Respiratory Therapist also her son ( my nephew ) who loves me dearly has been trying to get me to quit for years . I’ve […]

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Story Update: Boise, Idaho Introduces New Legislation for E-Cigarettes

02.2.2012 | V2 How To

Back in October 2011, we reported that the city of Boise, Idaho was placing new restriction on its existing smoking ban. The city was proposing to broaden the ban to include workplaces, tobacco shops and business with separate smoking sections such as bowling alley. E-Cigarettes, however, had been specifically excluded from the ban and the […]

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Don't Miss the V2 Cigs Valentine's Day Sale!

02.1.2012 | Announcements

Show someone you love them this Valentine’s day (yourself included) with the V2 Cigs Valentine’s Day sale. Take 20% off all V2 Starter Kits, Batteries, Accessories, Clearance items and the newly released V2 Disposable. What is the best way to save a bundle? -Purchase a Starter Kit already on sale! The Economy, Traveler Kit and […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jason's Story

02.1.2012 | Fan of The Week

Hello fellow vapers and soon to be vapers! My name is Jason Hilton (no relation!) and here is why I’m V2′s Fan of the Week. I remember as a preteen always being around adult smokers whenever I was around my father and his family. I thought they looked so cool blowing smoke out of their […]

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