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Archive for March, 2012


V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jane’s Story

03.30.2012 | Fan of The Week

Hi, V2! I am pretty sure that I am your biggest fan, if not your oldest.  I have almost 45 years of tar and nicotine under my belt, and I enjoyed smoking.  Notice that in past tense. Wow.  Enjoyed…  I am still in awe. My husband and I spend a lot of time on the […]

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weight loss

Study Finds Nicotine Can Reduce Weight-Gain from High-Fat Diet, Belly Fat

03.28.2012 | Latest E-Cig News| Latest Smoking News

A new study published March 6 in the Journal of Endocrinology concludes that nicotine is effective in preventing high-fat diet-induced weight gain and abdominal fat accumulation.  The study was led by Michael Mangubat of the Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Sciences-UCLA School of Medicine. Mangubat and the […]

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10 Things You Will Notice After Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

03.26.2012 | V2 How To

Every now and then there is an invention that defines a generation. First, there was the internet. Then there was the cell phone. The electronic cigarette is one of the best new products currently on the market despite having ignited a firestorm of controversy. Electronic cigarettes have one clear purpose: they were created so smokers would […]

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(photo credit: Curran Kelleher)

E-Cigarettes: The Future of Smoking in Canada?

03.23.2012 | Latest Smoking News

Quebec smokers stand to share a C$27 billion payout resulting from the largest civil lawsuit in Canadian History. The suit was filed against Canada’s three biggest tobacco companies; Imperial Tobacco Canada, JTI-Macdonald Corp and Rothmans Benson & Hedges. Filed by current and former smokers; the law suit alleges misconduct with regards to the companies’ negligence […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Eva's Story

03.22.2012 | Fan of The Week

I started smoking when I was 13 years old…way back in the day…with some friends at school. None of them really liked it but as luck would have it…I was the only one who stuck with it. I am now 53 years old and was smoking at least a pack a day. That’s 40 years […]

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World Vaping Day

V2 Cigs Celebrates World Vaping Day

03.22.2012 | Announcements

Cigarette smokers are invited to participate in the very first World Vaping Day; today, March 22nd. Celebrating the world of electronic cigarettes, World Vaping Day encourages smokers to make the switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The organization behind this global event is “The World Vaping Day Project Group”. This group is comprised of: - […]

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cancer center

Doctor Speaks Out in Favor of E-Cigs

03.21.2012 | Latest Smoking News| V2 How To

Dr. Brad Rodu, the head of the Tobacco Harm Reduction effort at the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Centre, says in an interview with WKU Public Radio’s Kevin Willis, that it’s time for the public health community to rethink how it looks at the smoking debate in the country. He said that total […]

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Are E-Cigs Safe? A Cigarette Comparison

03.20.2012 | Latest Smoking News| V2 How To

Cigarette smoke Tons of speculation and misinformation has been thrown around on the safety of electronic cigarettes. Before we get into the details of the contents of electronic cigarette vapor, let’s take a closer look at the conventional tobacco cigarette. Cigarettes contain 599 additives approved by the US government for use in manufacture. While these […]

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Don't Miss the St. Patrick's Day Storewide Sale!

03.15.2012 | Announcements

  Don’t miss the V2 Cigs Storewide St. Patrick’s Day Sale! Saturday, March 17th, stock up on all of your favorite V2 Cigs merchandise with 15% off all V2 Starter Kits, Vapor Cartridges, Platinum E-Liquid, V2 Disposables, Accessories and Clearance items. Along with big savings, every order placed during the sale will receive a free limited […]

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Take The Leap on International No Smoking Day

03.14.2012 | Latest Smoking News

Dating back to Ash Wednesday in 1984, ‘No Smoking Day’ has since grown in status and impact. It is now observed on the second Wednesday in March. Since its inception, No Smoking day has aimed to support those who want to quit; research shows that around three in every four smokers would like to quit. […]

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Tobacco Ice Cream? 10 Mind Blowing Things You Can Do With Leftover Cigarettes and Tobacco

03.12.2012 | V2 How To

While we know you love the electronic cigarette for its life changing qualities, we can’t help but wonder what you can do with do those neglected cigarette packs. We searched far and wide to find the most mind blowing examples of tobacco “recycling” to share with our readers.   #10. Are you missing the manly […]

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Utah Senate Bans Smoking E-Cigs in Indoor Public Places

03.9.2012 | V2 How To

The Utah Senate approved a ban March 8 on smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes in indoor public places. But, HB245 exempts hookah bars and e-cigarette shops from the ban for five years, when the exemption will sunset, and the legislature may revisit whether to extend it at that time. The Senate voted 24-3 to approve the […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Lisa's Story

03.7.2012 | Fan of The Week

For years I have wanted to quit smoking.  Always, always a vanity issue.  I didn’t want to gain weight.  After the birth of both my children I tried everything from Chantix to the patch.  Always went back to smoking. One night my husband came home with a card with some electronic cigarette on it and said “here, […]

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Get your Green Bling this St. Patrick’s Day at V2 Cigs

03.5.2012 | Announcements

Back in the 1700’s, St. Patrick’s Day revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns and fairy creatures who would pinch you if you weren’t wearing green. This tradition lives on today, but V2 Cigs has come to your rescue with a limited edition manual V2 shorty battery in metallic green with white LED. […]

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No Vaping

Call to action: Vermont Considers Bill Banning E-Cig Purchases over the Internet

03.2.2012 | V2 How To

Electronic cigarettes are facing another legal challenge at the state level. This time the Vermont legislature is considering a bill that would ban the purchase, sales and delivery of e-cigarettes via the internet, phone and mail order, with penalties for each violation of up to 5 years imprisonment, a $5,000 criminal fine and a $5,000 […]

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Tobacco Companies Win Against FDA Graphics Mandate in Federal Court

03.1.2012 | Latest Smoking News

A federal judge Feb. 29 ruled against the Food and Drug Administration’s mandate requiring tobacco companies to place graphic images on their products warning of the dangers of smoking. Federal judge Richard Leon said in his 19-page ruling that the requirements we a violation of free speech. “The graphic images here were neither designed to […]

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