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California Attorney General Bullies E-Cig Companies; Bans Flavors

05.30.2012 | Latest E-Cig News

The newest enemy of the electronic cigarette industry is California Deputy Attorney General, Jeanne Finberg. Ms. Finberg has taken it upon herself to act on legislation which exists only in her own mind. This audacious appointed official has twisted California Health and Safety Code 119405 to further her own agenda. Namely, the eradication of flavored […]

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Wells Fargo Determines Electronic Cigarettes a Promising Industry

05.29.2012 | Latest E-Cig News

According to a survey by the Wells Fargo Securities Tobacco Talk, electronic cigarettes just might stand a fighting chance in the tobacco industry. Retailers and wholesalers alike are thoroughly impressed with the e-cig product and even more with their revenues. While the business waits for regulation from the Food and Drug Administration, sales have skyrocketed […]

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Set the E-Cig Guinness World Record with V2 Cigs on Venice Beach

05.24.2012 | Announcements| Latest E-Cig News

You’re invited to set a world record with the crew at V2 Cigs! If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to take part, head down to Venice Beach on Friday, June 8th at 3pm.   We’re gathering at Windward Plaza to set the record for the most people in one place, simultaneously puffing […]

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V2 Cigs 20% off Memorial Day Sale!

05.24.2012 | Announcements

Memorial Day is this weekend. Guess what that means?  Bargain shopping time! You can either stock up on t-shirts and jeans that you really don’t need or you can go to the V2 Cigs website for the V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale! The sale is 20% off everything from midnight to midnight on Memorial Day, […]

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Top Places to Take Your E-Cig This Memorial Day Weekend

05.23.2012 | Latest E-Cig News| V2 How To

Memorial Day:  Time to load up your car and head out on the road to celebrate the dawn of another balmy summer. For the average nonsmoker, the choices of spots to visit are truly endless. Darn them. With all of the legislation being enacted all over the nation that prohibits smoking in public places, options […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Marie’s Story

05.23.2012 | Fan of The Week

Forty five years ago when I started smoking, it was the “in” thing to do. Afterall, doctors, family and movie stars smoked, so how bad could it be?  Never thought in a million years it would be such a horrible addiction. As the years went on, I smoked and smoked at least 2 packs or […]

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Miami Dade County Proposes Ban on Menthol; Flavored Tobacco

05.17.2012 | Latest E-Cig News| Latest Smoking News

Miami Dade County has jumped on the anti-flavored tobacco bandwagon. The ordinance proposed to county commissioners would prohibit the sale of any flavored tobacco product (including cigars and chewing tobacco) and impose a fine of $500 on anyone in violation of the new law. While this proposal is the first of its kind for the […]

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The Hypocrisy of Senator Dick Durbin’s Stance on Tobacco

05.14.2012 | V2 How To

Just when it seemed legislative nit-picking and hypocrisy in the tobacco arena had reached a pinnacle, Dick Durbin, an Illinois Senator and Assistant Majority Leader, has managed to push the ridiculousness even further. Dissatisfied with Big Tobacco’s response to the banning of flavored cigarettes, Senator Durbin has proposed an addition to the Family Smoking Prevention […]

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V2 Cigs Biggest Fan

V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Tim’s Story

05.11.2012 | Fan of The Week

V2, I want to tell you why I’m your biggest fan…who happens to be the youngest you may have had. I have suffered because of smoking. Starting out when I was 18, (I’m 26 now), I actually started as a bet saying I would be able to quit. I was so against smoking growing up […]

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V2 Cigs Introduces $5 Flat Rate Shipping; Free for Orders Over $200

05.9.2012 | Announcements

Big changes continue at V2 Cigs! Customer feedback is a driving force at the electronic cigarette company; you spoke and V2 listened. Starting now, V2 Cigs is introducing $5 Flat Rate Shipping for all orders placed within the United States. Whether you order 10 or 100 products, standard mail shipping is always just $5 regardless […]

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Think Pink This Mother’s Day with V2 Cigs

05.9.2012 | Announcements

It’s not too late to give Mom a life-long gift this Mother’s Day. V2 Cigs has three options to make gift giving easy. Give Mom her very own limited edition Pink Mother’s Day Starter Kit. This special kit is hand-picked just for Mom in a color and flavor she is sure to love! These special […]

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Electronic Cigarette Supporters Speak Out in Indianapolis

05.3.2012 | Latest E-Cig News| Latest Smoking News

 Following the state-wide smoking ban put into place earlier this year by Indiana State Governor Mitch Daniels; Indianapolis introduced its own smoking ban, which was extended to all bars and bowling alleys on the 19th of April, 2012.  Indianapolis found itself at the center of debate after the city proposed to pass a more stringent […]

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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Angie’s Story

05.3.2012 | Fan of The Week

My name is Angie.  I was 11 years old the first time I tried a cigarette.  My father, who was easily a 2 packs a day smoker, smoked Camel non filters or as most call, Camel “bare asses”.  I was playing in the front yard while he washed his truck and I watched as he […]

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