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Get to Know the New V2 Disposable

Date Posted: June 12, 2013

See what’s new in our V2 Disposables section!

v2 menthol disposablesWe’re happy to announce that our popular single-use, disposable e-cigs now come in two of your favorite flavors: V2 Red and V2 Menthol. We redesigned our V2 Disposables to make them lighter and more powerful than our previous models. Using cutting-edge materials, the V2 Disposable features a softer mouthpiece, which mimics the feel of an actual tobacco cigarette more closely than any other single-use e-cig on the market. Available in packs of five or ten, the V2 Disposable comes in 1.8% nicotine strength. V2 Disposables provide approximately 400 puffs; roughly the same number of puffs as two packs of traditional cigarettes.

Zig-Zag_200_Puff_Disposable_E_Cig_10-Pack_Traditional_V2_Cigs__90779_zoomIn addition to the new V2 Disposables, we’re happy to introduce you to the amazing flavors of Zig-Zag™ Disposables! These powerful, single-use e-cigs are available in 1.8% and a robust 2.4% nicotine strength. Choose from hearty Traditional (tobacco flavor) or refreshing Menthol flavors. Zig-Zag Disposables come in packs of five or ten and your choice of puff count. Dig in with the 400 puff count (roughly the same number of puffs two packs of cigarettes) or start slow with the 200 puff (about the same number of puffs as one pack of tobacco cigarettes). You won’t want to miss the total satisfaction of Zig-Zag Disposables

2 thoughts on “Get to Know the New V2 Disposable”

  1. Belinda Fortner says:

    Purchased V2 disposable 400 puff electronic cig possibly puffed 20 times now end just flashes red any suggestions

    1. V2 says:

      Hi Belinda, it sounds like the battery may be dead. Did you order your disposable from our Website or purchase it from a retailer?

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