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What’s Your Nicotine Preference?

Date Posted: September 27, 2013

With the ever growing popularity of the electric cigarette comes the question; should you choose to vape with or without nicotine? You have options regarding the nicotine strength you’d like to get with your e-cig. If you’re craving a powerful throat hit, thick vapor and a dose of nicotine, we’ve got several strengths for you to choose from. If you simply enjoy the vaping experience and don’t want nicotine, fear not! V2 Cigs offers flavor cartridges and e-liquids without nicotine.

Properties of Nicotine
Nicotine is primarily classified as a stimulant, when administered in smaller doses. However, nicotine can also be a depressant when used in higher dosages. Inhaling in slow deep breaths causes a higher dosage of nicotine to be present in the bloodstream. Along with the deep breathing, some people may encounter a calming effect.

An electric cigarette cartridge with nicotine provides you with the effects of the stimulant, but without having to inhale smoke from tobacco products. Nicotine itself is an oily, alkaloid liquid made up of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen molecules.
tobacco plantNicotine can be naturally produced by plants or artificially manufactured, but most often comes from a tobacco plant called Nicotiana. It only makes up around five percent of the plant, so several plants must be harvested to produce a small amount of nicotine.

Benefits & Side-Effects

Some of the side-effects of nicotine are well-known. Nicotine affects your central nervous system quickly after inhalation because it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. By encouraging the production of epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, nicotine stimulates the central nervous system. This increased amount of adrenaline in your blood stream is what causes you to feel that “buzz” effect.

There are some risks associated with nicotine; however, they’re not entirely bad. For example, nicotine can help diminish anxiety and increase levels of dopamine (a chemical that causes pleasure sensations in the brain). It is also known to help people focus and concentrate and is even helpful in the reduction of pain.

Pick a Strength

V2 Cigs offers e-liquids and flavor cartridges with five varying levels of nicotine: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, or 0%. The higher the concentration of nicotine, the stronger the throat hit will be.

Visit V2Cigs.com to find the nicotine content and flavor variety that is best for you.

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