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7 Halloween Costumes to Knock Your Socks Off

Date Posted: October 23, 2013

shutterstock_78662497If your feet smell, don’t let your socks come off as you see these seven Halloween costume ideas! Grab an e-cig and start planning your outfit before it’s too late… When you’re done, check out our new Pumpkin Spice flavor cartridges! It may just be the best Halloween ever…

1. It’s not Black. It’s not White… It’s Grey! Get it on wearing 50 Shades of Grey. Go to the paint store for swatches and mix together all the grey you can find! Show off some extra sexy with your ecigs.

2. Dominate with Duck Dynasty Camo and Facial Hair… Don’t forget your Tupperware cup full of sweet tea!

h2 duck d
3. Save the World… Like a Boss. Be a Super Hero this year. Get a couple of friends to join you and go catch bad guys.

super hero costumes
4. Go-go Gadget E-Cig! Kick some butt like a detective. Grab a trench coat, fedora, magnifying glass and your favorite e-cig.

detective costume
5. Join the Walking Dead… Zombies are SO undead. Break out the makeup and old clothes, and then rub dirt all over yourself. Go out and scare some people.

zombie costumes
6. Parties, Friends and Fashion… Take it back to the 20’s and be your own Great Gatsby. This is the perfect costume for the fashion conscious. Add mystery with one of your long black e-cigs…

gatsby era costumes
7. “Sport” a Costume… Sweat (or don’t sweat) like an athlete! You’ve got lots of options with this one – be a break dancer, do some aerobics, deck yourself in soccer garb, or just throw on a jersey!

sporty costumes

Did you find an idea you liked? Let us know how you dressed up this Halloween on our Facebook page. Then go check out our V2 Halloween Kit for a special treat!

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