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2014: The Year of the E Cigarette

Date Posted: January 8, 2014

This New Year brings new changes – and new challenges – to the e cigarette industry. Many believe that e-cigs are the one of the most innovative new shutterstock_168656645product categories of the past decade, alongside Mp3 players, smartphones, and computer tablets. Pretty impressive, right?

Whenever a new product is introduced to the market, it usually takes quite a while to achieve stability within its industry. Change is inevitable. The next 365 days will be a roller coaster for everyone involved in the ecig industry; including consumers. Here’s where some of the most popular topics stood at the end of 2013:

• The FDA hasn’t passed any official laws or regulations for e cigarettes. At least, not yet – they are supposed to release new regulations in the coming months…

• There are currently over 400 companies making ecig products.

• E cigarettes are currently not regulated in any specific way by the federal government.

• Most establishments allow e cigarette use indoors.

• Canada only allows the sale of e cigarettes without nicotine.

• Certain airports have banned the use of e cigarettes. Others allow them only in designated areas while many have no restrictions – read our blog about it here.

By this time next year, the above bullet points will probably be totally obsolete. Hopefully, things will swing towards the benefit of the ecig industry! With so much change anticipated, what can you expect from V2 Cigs in 2014?

The answer is quality – and innovation.

Quality has been the foundation of V2 Cigs since entering this business almost 4 years ago. Customer satisfaction has been the key to becoming the number one online e cigarette brand. Our reputation for premium ecigs, better flavor and stronger vapor production will only improve with new products like the EX Battery and upcoming EX Cartridge.

e cig industry 2014
You may anticipate a great deal of change from the ecigarette industry in the coming year, but when it comes to V2 Cigs – you’ll always know what to expect.

One thought on “2014: The Year of the E Cigarette”

  1. Catalina Enciso says:

    I love V2 cigs, they are amazing.

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