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Four Reasons Why Shopping Online is Awesome

Date Posted: February 6, 2014

Shopping without pants on can be awesome; but, it’s probably not the greatest idea to go into a store wearing just your knickers. That’s where the Internet can get really useful… As the number-one online retailer of ecigarettes, V2 Cigs understands the beauty of being able to shop in your underwear (if that’s your thing). If it’s not your thing, don’t worry – V2 Cigs products are also available in stores throughout the country.

You love the instant gratification of finding V2 Cigs at your local retailer, but sometimes you want the expanded selection that you can only get online…

1. You’re at home:

v2 cigs online ecigarettes
There’s no place like home, sweet home. You know that when you venture out, there may be crazy people, unbearable traffic and spotty weather… Instead of braving the outside world to do your shopping, you can shop the entire V2 Cigs lineup at home – you’ll be able to relax and spend as much time as you need to make the perfect purchase (without the hassle of external distractions).

2. Clothing is optional:

buy v2 ecigarettes online
Like we mentioned before, shopping from the comfort of your own home – without pants on – can be awesome. So can shopping in your pajamas, sweat pants or bathrobe. It’s just nice to be in your comfort zone while searching for the perfect electronic cigarette flavor or accessory. Plus, no one will make fun of your tattered pajamas decorated with hamburgers and hot dogs. The V2 website is there to help you; not judge you.

3. Time is on your side:

order ecigarettes online at home
Have you ever felt like the customer in line behind you was rushing you? Do you have trouble quickly deciding what you want to buy? Do you forget to ask some of your questions before leaving the store? When you’re shopping online, those potential problems don’t exist. You can take all the time you need to explore every single electronic cigarette option available. There’s no rush…

4. Resources rock:

buy v2 ecigarettes online
Do you prefer to know as much as you can about something before making a purchase? Our retailers are a good source of information, but sometimes you’d rather do your own research. We get it. That’s why we’ve got such a variety of online resources; so our customers can get all the information they need. From the V2 Forum to Facebook to a detailed FAQ section, you’ll be able to quench your thirst for knowledge with every click…

We obviously advocate shopping online, but for those times when you’re out of the house and looking for e-cigs, just whip out your smartphone and visit our online store locator to find V2 products in a convenience store near you. We’re here to bring you the finest quality ecigarettes; whether you’re in your underwear or fully dressed.

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