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Product Spotlight: V2® Batteries

Date Posted: March 17, 2014

Learn About V2® Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Electronic cigarettes need electricity to work. You can’t just suck on a flavor cartridge without first attaching it to the proper battery. The electrical components within ecig batteries deliver power to attached atomizers that heat up e-liquid to produce a smoke-like vapor. At V2®, we take pride in our wide variety of batteries. Today, let’s get to know them…

v2 ecig batteries

First, note the difference between automatic and manual batteries. Automatic batteries are the most simple-to-use, especially if you’re just starting with e cigs; your inhalation is the power switch. To produce the thickest vapor, first prime your automatic battery by taking a few short puffs, followed by one long, slow puff. You’ll be vaping in no time.

Manual batteries are equipped with a small button that must be pressed to activate the vapor production. These types of batteries heat the e-liquid before you puff, which allows you to better control how much vapor is produced. We recommend newbies try one of each type of battery to find their preference. Some people even use different types of batteries depending on what they’re doing; manual switches are nice while puffing away at work, but automatic batteries could be favorable while on-the-go…

V2 Shorty Cig: This is an excellent battery for the stealth vaper. With a flavor cartridge attached, the V2 Shorty Battery is just a little longer than a traditional cigarette. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to vape inconspicuously. Color options: Classic white with red LED, Sleek black with blue LED, Stainless Steel with blue LED, Metallic blue with white LED. This battery is available in your choice of automatic or manual.

V2 Standard Cig: The V2 Standard Battery is our most popular, with a remarkable balance between weight, length and operating time. This battery comes standard with V2 Beginners Kits* (sold online) and V2 Express Kits* (sold in stores). Color options when purchasing a la carte: Classic white with red LED, Sleek black with blue LED, Stainless Steel with blue LED, Metallic blue with white LED, & Metallic Pink with white LED. This battery is available in your choice of automatic or manual. *V2 Beginners and Express Kits include standard batteries in classic white with automatic switch.

V2 Long Cig: The longest battery we offer, the V2 Long Cig lives up to its name, surpassing the length of 100 style cigarettes by over an inch and providing extra-long battery life. Pick up one of these batteries with a manual switch and you’ll be exhaling thick clouds of vapor all day long. Color options: Classic white with red LED, Sleek black with blue LED, Stainless Steel with blue LED, Metallic blue with white LED, & Metallic Pink with white LED. This battery is available in your choice of automatic or manual.

v2 electronic cigarettesEX Batteries: The newest batteries in the V2 lineup combine sleek design with robust vapor production. A smooth metal finish on the tip gives the EX Battery a modern look. We also took the guess-work out of charging by equipping the body with LED indicator lights, which glow with each puff to show how much power remains in the battery. EX Batteries are available in five contemporary designs with matching cartridge sleeves: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlett Metallic, Royale (a casino-inspired pattern), and Bloom (for the ladies).

Which type of battery do you prefer for your ecigarettes? Tell us in the comment section…

3 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: V2® Batteries”

  1. Bill says:

    I started off with the standard automatic battery and still love the darn thing. Easy to use and lasts me quite a few hours before needing a recharge. Recently I picked up one of the new EX batteries and love that one even more! Longer battery life, looks fantastic and produces excellent vapor.

    Personally, I prefer an automatic battery. Grab it, take a puff and go. No thinking about pushing a button or anything means more relaxation! Add on a cartomizer with a drip tip and the hits are smooth, strong, full of flavor and lots of vapor. I found my perfect balance and am extremely happy!!! Thanks, V2!!!

    1. Linda Pesetsky says:

      I wish I could say same as you. I am thinking of maybe purchasing the new EX batteries as the mini automatic battery doesn’t last long enough to feel ensured it will last the day if I go out somewhere. The regular size manual works good on some, I feel the vape varies from nothing to so so with both style batteries I have purchased. I am a very light vaping person. I am happy your batteries meet your satisfaction. I just don’t know why my batteries need to be recharged even after I fully charged one, the one I was using needs a charge to find the one already charged is dead or half dead. I use the wall outlet charger, surely they are getting enough electricity. Is there a way to clean these batteries, that may just be the problem with my 2.

  2. Linda Pesetsky says:

    I now realize my post should have been directed to customer service. I did not read the rules of this board. (sorry) :-( Yet, anyone with any information regarding their batteries, or if they have had problems with purchasing cartomizers from retail establishments, (no vape liquid in cartomizer, inferior batteries, etc..) I would like to hear what your experience was like. I prefer ordering directly from VCigs 2 via the internet instead of purchasing from a retail store. The customer service is much better, also the product seems to be of a much higher quality, I don’t know if it is only me, yet seems when I buy @ retail outlet, the cartomizers, batteries, and so on are not of the same quality. Or a lesser, poor quality product, not to be found when ordering online. Could there be a bootlegger out there somewhere selling their version to these retail establishments??? Being a hairstylist, I know there is way too much bootlegging of shampoos, etc.. in retail stores. One must purchase directly from the manufacturer in order to be assured you are not getting ripped off by a bootleg version. Hopefully, that is not happening in the vape cig industry.

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