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What’s in Your Blank? How to Label your EX Blanks…

Date Posted: May 8, 2014

v2 electronic cigarette blanksThis is how things may go when you first experiment with DIY e-liquid in your ecigarettes: You place the order online and your vape-mail arrives quickly, full of flavored e-liquids and shiny new EX Blanks (plus a fresh EX Battery, because you deserve it). Anticipation grows as you carefully unpack the box and then spend time creating brand-new electronic cigarette flavors, mixing them and trying to keep things organized. You end up with three EX Blanks filled with delightfully flavored e-liquids, all perfectly mixed for your unique palate. Let’s call your three new flavors A, B, & C.

whatsinyourblankWith flavors mixed and blanks filled, you sit back to enjoy a special session with your electric cigarette, starting with flavor A. After so much anticipation, you MUST enjoy a few puffs of each new, tasty creation – immediately.

As you relish the flavors of your dreams, you decide to have a longer session with flavor B; so you go to pick it up. But, suddenly, you stop: which blank is filled with flavor B? You realize that you overlooked something: how will you know which flavor is in which blank?

You need a labeling system and you need it now. And you’ve come to the right place to find it. Here are some tried-and-true methods for labeling your electronic cigarette blanks; so you always know what you’re vaping.

The Clear Tape & Marker Method: All you need is a permanent marker and some see-through tape. Write the flavor (or a code name) directly on the tape and wrap it around your blank so the last flap of tape overlaps your writing, keeping it safe from smudges.

photo 5The Sticker Method: We’ve read about people using all kinds of stickers to label their e-cig blanks; they (discreetly) take them from the office, get nail art kits with no intentions of doing any nail art, and even use those little round multi-colored stickers known to mark prices at yard sales. All of these sticker methods work well, as long as you’re not a picker – people who like to pick at things should see the Nail Polish Method.

The Label Maker Method: Lots of people already have a label maker for tasks unrelated to ecigarettes – just make your labels small and stick ‘em on your blanks! Cover with clear tape so the ink doesn’t get smudged over time.

The Nail Polish Method: This method has no limits. Nail polish comes in every color imaginable. You can even get a matte top coat to avoid the super-glossy look, textured polishes, and/or extra thin brushes for detailed work.

Pro Tips:

– Label each bottle of e-liquid using the same method you used for the blank – you’ll have a consistent ID system running smoothly, in no time!
v2 electronic cigarette blank labels
– Mixing flavors? Use one color or type of label per flavor – label each bottle of e-liquid with its own type, then label your blank with both so you know the exact mixture.

– Write down recipes for your favorite flavor combinations so you can easily replicate them when it’s time for a refill.

*Credit must be given where it’s due: Many thanks to V2 Forum members for sharing so many helpful tips about labeling e-cigs!

How do you label your blanks?

One thought on “What’s in Your Blank? How to Label your EX Blanks…”

  1. Evan D. says:

    I was just about to begin a discussion on this subject! All of the above methods are great, but I take it a step further and would like to share.

    Being that the Ex-blanks are advertised to last for twenty refills (depending on individual vaping style), I use a small piece of masking tape around the base of the blank, each one labeled with a roman numeral.

    Using a post-it close by with bullet-points of the corresponding blanks, I simply use hash marks to denote how many times I have filled each blank.

    This way, I can have a current status of the remaining “life” left in a blank before the element dies.

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