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What V2 Flavors Do You Prefer – And When?

Date Posted: July 21, 2014

Do you prefer different e-cig flavors at different times of day? Maybe you have a specific “flavor schedule;” or maybe you just alternate according to how you feel. No matter what time of day, whenever you want to puff on an e cig, you can choose how you want it to taste. Sweet.
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Some fans have found that they prefer to vape different e-liquid flavors during certain times of day; coffee in the morning, menthol before lunch, chocolate at night – you get the picture. Alternating flavors will give you even more ways to enjoy your electric cigarettes (here are at least 12); the variety can even help keep vaper’s tongue at bay.

We compiled our favorite flavors for each time of day and shared them below, along with our preferred type of e-cig cartridge from V2. Read on to see how your preferences compare to ours. Then, tell us your flavor schedule in the comment section!

e-cig in the morningMorning

Sip your morning cup of Joe as you puff on a smooth tobacco flavor; we like V2 Congress. Or, start the day with a double dose of java by enjoying your electric cigarette with a V2 Coffee cartridge attached. Not a coffee fan? Wake up your taste buds with the fresh flavor of Green Tea Menthol or V2 Peppermint. Waking up is hard enough; in the morning, we keep it simple with pre-filled flavor cartridges.


Give yourself an afternoon pick-me-up with an EX Blank containing a DIY mixture of V2 Menthol and Vanilla. This sweet, refreshing flavor combo will help you get through the rest of the day – without feeling the need to throw something across your office. EX Blanks are good for stressful afternoons, allowing you the freedom to customize your own tasty treat. If you’re on-the-go, enjoy the convenience of a V2 Disposable in V2 Red or V2 Menthol.


When the sun goes down, enjoy your e-cig with an EX Cartridge in V2 Red or puff on an EX Blank filled with your favorite e-liquid mixture. We like to wind down after a long day with a smooth vape in Sahara – any type of cartridge is good here. Our newest specialty flavor, Mint Chocolate Truffle, has also become a popular nighttime pick – it’s an excellent after-dinner treat and will even complement a cup of coffee.

Do you think certain e-cig flavors taste better at different times? What’s your flavor schedule?

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