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e cigs are vegetarian

Taking the “Omni” out of Omnivore – an Ecig Fan’s Guide to Feeding the Finicky

09.11.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle

Food. It used to be so simple. If you invited ten people over for a BBQ, ten people would show up at your house, expecting to be fed some kind of meat, a few starchy side dishes and maybe a sheet cake for dessert. Try hosting a BBQ in 2014 and you’ll end up with […]

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flavor you can see

Flavor You Can See?

08.22.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| Product Spotlight

How much of what you taste depends on what you see? The answer might surprise you. Sight is second only to smell, in terms of how our senses affect taste. Foods with greater nutritional value tend to be vibrantly colored. Leafy vegetables with darker hues have a lot more to offer than their pale counterparts. […]

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enjoy summer electronic cigarettes

32 Ways to Enjoy the Last 32 Days of Summer

08.15.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

September 22nd marks the official beginning of autumn; starting August 20, you’ll have exactly 32 days left to enjoy early evening sunlight and summer’s relaxed environment. How will you take advantage of these last precious days before fall? Here’s a list of things you can do to fully enjoy the fading days of summer… 1. […]

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listening with your ecigs

Communicating Effectively; Listen First, Talk Last

08.12.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle

“No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe People don’t listen; they simply wait for their turn to speak. It’s a frustrating fact – and we all do it. Most of us expect our messages to be understood exactly how we see them […]

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types of vaporizers

E-cigs Aren’t the Only Types of Vaporizers

08.7.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle

By definition, any device that converts a substance to vapor is a vaporizer. There is widespread belief that a vaporizer is either a supersized electronic cigarette or – more commonly – a gadget used to consume substances that are less than legal in most states. Actually, there are multiple types of vaporizing devices utilized for […]

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v2 cigs blog hangovers

Hangovers & How to Deal with Them

08.4.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

How many hangovers have you endured in your lifetime? If you’re like most people, you’ve had to suffer through at least a few miserable times as a result of a few “just one more” decisions.. You may have had the best night ever, puffing on your e cigarette and drinking until the sun came up. […]

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pina colada ecigarettes

Four Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Piña Colada (besides in your ecigarettes)

07.30.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

If you like piña coladas and the taste of ecigarettes, then you’ll love this blog post… Last week, we released the newest seasonal flavor from V2 – Piña Colada (have you tried it yet?). Since then, we’ve been finding ways to enjoy the flavor in more than our ecigarettes. Piña colada doesn’t have to be […]

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e cigarette flavor garnish

How to Blend the Perfect (Frozen) Boozy Beverage

07.28.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

When the sun is blazing and you’re blistering hot, a refreshing frozen beverage may be just what you need to complement your e cigarette. As you enjoy some hard-earned time off, puffing on your e cigarette and lounging around on a lazy summer afternoon, why not sip on a frozen cocktail? Mix it yourself for […]

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v2 social electric cigarette

How-To Break the Ice in Any Situation

07.24.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

Sometimes, the most meaningful conversations and memorable life lessons are results of strangers crossing paths. Whether you’re starting a new job, attending a party or being held hostage by a broken elevator, it’s good to have a few tools that will help you effectively communicate and connect with anyone who comes your way. Even if […]

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rise and vape your e-cig

What V2 Flavors Do You Prefer – And When?

07.21.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

Do you prefer different e-cig flavors at different times of day? Maybe you have a specific “flavor schedule;” or maybe you just alternate according to how you feel. No matter what time of day, whenever you want to puff on an e cig, you can choose how you want it to taste. Sweet. Some fans […]

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electronic cigarettes summer vacation

Three Summer Destinations; Countless Ways to Enjoy Them

07.16.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle

Everyone needs some time away. How will you spend yours? Summertime comes around and most of the nation goes into vacation mode, scrambling to make travel plans for the entire family. But have you ever taken a special getaway for your own pleasure? If not, try to plan one. (Seriously, get that time off request […]

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v2 ecigarettes vape 4 free

How-To Vape 4 Free: Transitioning from VIP to V4F

07.15.2014 | Announcements| Blog| V2 How To

Were you a VIP customer before April 3, 2014? If so, this is just for you… Late at night on April 3, 2014, the V2 customer loyalty programs known as Smoke 4 Free and VIP became obsolete; Vape 4 Free took over. Now, the rewards are bigger and better than ever before, allowing you to […]

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ecigs & hot dogs are awesome

July is National Hot Dog Month; Three Gourmet Wieners You Can’t Resist

07.9.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

The month of July represents summer at its finest. The smell of dinner being grilled, the sound of fireworks at night, the taste of a cold beer, the satisfaction of puffing on your favorite ecigs; these are all things we love about July (and sometimes year-round). But we also love hot dogs – and it […]

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fda e cig regulations

E Cig Industry Update – FDA Extends Public Comment Period to August 8

07.7.2014 | Announcements| Blog| Latest E-Cig News

Just over two months ago, the FDA released proposed regulations that would extend its authority over tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes; introducing regulations to the e cig industry for the first time ever. After taking over three years to generate and publish their proposed deeming regulations, the FDA gave the public a mere 75 […]

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vape 4 free v2 ecigarettes

How-To Vape 4 Free: The Tier System

07.4.2014 | Announcements| Blog| V2 How To

Have you activated your Vape 4 Free account yet? Thousands of customers like you have already experienced the benefits of Vape 4 Free, earning points and redeeming them for free electronic cigarette products from V2. If you haven’t started earning your own V4F points, click here to learn how you can begin. Then, click here […]

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v4f guy

How-To Vape 4 Free: Redeeming Points

07.1.2014 | Blog| V2 How To

In case you haven’t heard already, Vape 4 Free is our new customer loyalty program; a truly rewarding points-based system that compensates you for being the awesome customer that you’ve always been. Thousands of V2 fans have already begun racking up V4F points to redeem for their favorite V2 e cigarette products – are you […]

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grilling e-cig

Grill Your Summertime Feast

06.27.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| Product Spotlight

It’s a balmy summer evening; you’re sitting outside, enjoying an ice-cold beer and your e-cig, wondering what’s for dinner. A delicious aroma wafts through the air and you know the neighbor is grilling something again… All of a sudden, your own barbeque looks sad and abandoned – why are you thinking about ordering takeout for […]

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world cup drinks 2

Beverages to Fill Your Cup during the Soccer Matches

06.23.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle

Fill your Cup with beverages from around the world; complement each tasty concoction with a different V2 Flavor in your e-cig. The soccer matches this year may be hosted by Brazil, but the celebrations are everywhere – even in the USA. Since “futbol” time usually means drinking time, let’s take a look at six well-known […]

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