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News Updates: E-Cigarette Poll & Summit in the UK

11.13.2013 | E-Cig News

BBC Polls Shoppers in London Recently, BBC polled approximately 1000 random people in a London shopping center, asking their opinions on vaping in public and e-cigarettes in general. The results were impressive, concluding that the majority of participants were not opposed to the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. The interviewer, Graham Satchell was […]

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What’s Wrong with Your Tongue?

10.31.2013 | E-Cig News

“I think my tongue is broken.” Since beginning your journey with electronic cigarettes, have you ever felt like your tongue was “broken”? As a vaper, you may notice that your taste buds act a little funky from time to time. All of a sudden, that robust tobacco flavor you really love doesn’t taste very good […]

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Traveling with Electronic Cigarettes? Read This…

10.25.2013 | E-Cig News

So what’s with all this controversy about flying with ecigs? The real concern isn’t with the gadgets themselves; it’s with how they are perceived. Imagine you don’t know what an electronic cigarette is, and you’re taking your firstborn across the country on an airplane. You see a plume of something that looks like smoke coming […]

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The Real History of Electronic Cigarettes

10.17.2013 | E-Cig News

Contrary to the popular claim that Hon Lik invented the first electronic cigarette in the year 2000, it was really Joseph Robinson in the year 1927 who introduced the first patented “Electric Vaporizer”. New products are generally developed over many years; a process involving several people and a lot of paperwork. E cigs are no […]

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EU Negotiations Spare E-Cigs

10.10.2013 | E-Cig News

Electronic cigarettes are gaining traction in the European Union. On Tuesday, the 8th of October, members of the European Parliament met in order to vote on new regulations for tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. The rapporteur of the meeting was Linda McAvan, a member of Parliament. In her first statement during the negotiations, she addressed […]

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All about Coffee

10.9.2013 | E-Cig News| Lifestyle

Mmmmmm… Coffee… It’s easy to enjoy the rich and aromatic flavor of coffee in your cup, as well as in your ecig; but, did you ever wonder where this delectable bean comes from, or what else you could do with it? Let’s discuss the history of coffee and its various uses. History and Properties of […]

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What’s so Bad about E Cigs?

10.7.2013 | E-Cig News

Electronic cigarettes are quickly gaining ground amongst smokers and within the general tobacco industry. Anti-smoking advocates are leading campaigns of negativity against ecigarettes, but the empirical facts ring true as more and more people proudly enjoy them. It’s no secret that there has been some bad press, but with a little digging and some trust […]

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Four Fun Things to Do on World Vaping Day

09.19.2013 | Announcements| E-Cig News

Happy World Vaping Day! Today is the second annual holiday just for vapers. It’s a day to celebrate each and every success related to electronic cigarettes, from your personal accomplishments to the huge growth of the industry. Do you have any special plans for this special holiday? We want you to have the best day […]

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Will E Cigarettes Ever Find a Home?

09.12.2013 | E-Cig News

Where do you like to enjoy electronic cigarettes? Are there any locations where your ecigs are not so welcome? As it turns out, that answer depends on many things. Some locations and establishments have rules regarding the use of electronic cigarettes, while other places may not be very stringent at all. Depending on where you […]

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Goodbye Contraband, Hello Vapor

09.11.2013 | E-Cig News

Disposable, plastic electric cigarettes are now available to correctional facilities wishing to offer their inmates this hopeful alternative to tobacco cigarettes and other contraband. So far, the new gadgets have been quite helpful for both inmates and correctional officers. According to one CO, “The majority of the inmates are tobacco dependent, but no tobacco is […]

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Would you like your E-Cig Online, or In-Store?

09.9.2013 | E-Cig News

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes to the marketplace, online sales have dominated over sales in store. But now things are changing and we’re giving you more purchasing options, making it easier than ever to pick up some of your favorite V2 products. You may have noticed V2 Cigs at your local Hess or another […]

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Empirical Evidence Supports E-Cigs

09.4.2013 | E-Cig News

Why don’t we skip the science for now and listen to the people? Empirical evidence may provide the e cig industry with some much-needed validation. We’re amidst the era of digital communication – consumers all over the world express themselves through the Internet, sharing details from their lives and commenting on others’. To analyze this […]

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Developments in the E-Cigarette Industry

08.28.2013 | E-Cig News

The e-cigarette is relatively new to the US market, having been sold commercially for less than ten years. Quickly growing in popularity, the e-cigarette is emerging as a trendy new convenience. But will the “trendiness” wear away, causing ecigs to become mainstream products? Economists predict continued growth in sales of electronic cigarettes and accessories, as […]

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Ecig Causes Scandal in the UK

08.21.2013 | Announcements| E-Cig News

There’s a bit of ambivalence in the United Kingdom, regarding electronic cigarettes… Should public service professionals be allowed to take a vape break instead of a smoke break? The controversy surrounding vaping in public places continues, as law enforcement officers in the UK get the go-ahead to enjoy their ecigs on duty, while out of […]

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E Cigarettes Take Over!

08.20.2013 | E-Cig News

In recent years, e cigarettes have been quietly captivating the tobacco market. These new gadgets are only somewhat regulated, and certain places are more lenient than others. While some cities and states have made moves to ban them, most legislators are realizing the many benefits of electric cigarettes. With so many people making the switch […]

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The Bloomberg Ban – Electronic Cigarettes Not Welcome in NYC

08.13.2013 | E-Cig News

The regulation of electronic cigarettes has become one of the most controversial topics in the news. With proposed bans in conflict with locations that have accepted the new gadgets, it’s no wonder there is such chaos. Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg is jumping on the banning bandwagon and has asked NYC’s City Council […]

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Hennepin County Outlaws E-Cigs on County Property

07.31.2013 | E-Cig News

Hennepin County is the latest in a string of areas which have successfully outlawed the use of electronic cigarettes on public property. Home to St. Paul, Minnesota, Hennepin County expanded current tobacco laws to include e-cigs in the county’s ban on smoking. The decision came as a surprise to county employees, who received an email […]

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“Thank you for not Vaping”, says the Long Island Rail Road

07.25.2013 | E-Cig News

The power struggle over electronic cigarettes continues, as the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) bans the popular vapor gadgets.  After receiving an inquisitive letter from the LIRR Commuter’s Council, the Rail Road’s legal department took a look at their statutes in order to clarify whether or not e-cigs should be forbidden. The official rule states: “Section […]

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