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Top Five New Year’s Traditions

12.27.2013 | Announcements| Uncategorized

Some people welcome the new year with a bang; others enjoy celebrations in moderation, and some people follow certain traditions each year. Read on to enjoy a list of some of the most popular New Year’s traditions… 1. Grapes: This tradition originated in Spain. The ritual involves eating twelve grapes at midnight, in hopes of […]

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Top Five Things to Do in December

12.11.2013 | Uncategorized| V2 How To

Deck the halls and charge your ecigs – December is already in full swing! It’s time for friends, family and all-around holiday cheer. Do you have any exciting plans this month? Even if you’re staying home, you may find some of the following ideas inspiring… 1. Throw a Party! It’s never too early to celebrate! […]

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7 Halloween Costumes to Knock Your Socks Off

10.23.2013 | Uncategorized

If your feet smell, don’t let your socks come off as you see these seven Halloween costume ideas! Grab an e-cig and start planning your outfit before it’s too late… When you’re done, check out our new Pumpkin Spice flavor cartridges! It may just be the best Halloween ever… 1. It’s not Black. It’s not […]

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All about Coffee

10.9.2013 | Latest E-Cig News| Uncategorized

Mmmmmm… Coffee… It’s easy to enjoy the rich and aromatic flavor of coffee in your cup, as well as in your ecig; but, did you ever wonder where this delectable bean comes from, or what else you could do with it? Let’s discuss the history of coffee and its various uses. History and Properties of […]

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smoke rings

What’s Your Nicotine Preference?

09.27.2013 | Uncategorized| V2 How To

With the ever growing popularity of the electric cigarette comes the question; should you choose to vape with or without nicotine? You have options regarding the nicotine strength you’d like to get with your e-cig. If you’re craving a powerful throat hit, thick vapor and a dose of nicotine, we’ve got several strengths for you […]

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What’s in Your E-Liquid?

09.17.2013 | Uncategorized| V2 How To

Have you ever wondered just what is in that tasty e-liquid you’re vaporizing? Here at V2 Cigs, we take pride in offering some of the highest-quality e-liquids available. You can even download a list of the ingredients in your specific batch of liquid! Electric cigarettes produce a smoke-like vapor, and if they contain nicotine, a […]

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Will E Cigarettes Ever Find a Home?

09.12.2013 | Latest E-Cig News| Uncategorized

Where do you like to enjoy electronic cigarettes? Are there any locations where your ecigs are not so welcome? As it turns out, that answer depends on many things. Some locations and establishments have rules regarding the use of electronic cigarettes, while other places may not be very stringent at all. Depending on where you […]

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Would you like your E-Cig Online, or In-Store?

09.9.2013 | Latest E-Cig News| Uncategorized

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes to the marketplace, online sales have dominated over sales in store. But now things are changing and we’re giving you more purchasing options, making it easier than ever to pick up some of your favorite V2 products. You may have noticed V2 Cigs at your local Hess or another […]

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v2 logo

Developments in the E-Cigarette Industry

08.28.2013 | Latest E-Cig News| Uncategorized

The e-cigarette is relatively new to the US market, having been sold commercially for less than ten years. Quickly growing in popularity, the e-cigarette is emerging as a trendy new convenience. But will the “trendiness” wear away, causing ecigs to become mainstream products? Economists predict continued growth in sales of electronic cigarettes and accessories, as […]

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woman blows vapor

E Cigarettes Take Over!

08.20.2013 | Uncategorized

In recent years, e cigarettes have been quietly captivating the tobacco market. These new gadgets are only somewhat regulated, and certain places are more lenient than others. While some cities and states have made moves to ban them, most legislators are realizing the many benefits of electric cigarettes. With so many people making the switch […]

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v2 e-cig

Use Your Manners! A Lesson on E-Cig Etiquette

08.9.2013 | Uncategorized| V2 How To

The reputation of the electronic cigarette is still not completely formed in the public’s eye. With the e cigarette being fairly new to the smoking world, this is an opportunity to educate your friends and family on the benefits and positive aspects of electric cigarettes. Once people understand the many advantages of vaping over traditional […]

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v2 july 4 nyc

Check out These 5 Great Places to Visit on Independence Day!

07.1.2013 | Uncategorized

What do you have planned for this 4th of July? We scoured the web, looking for the top five places to celebrate the birth of our nation. No matter which part of the country you call home, found a hot spot where you can get together with your friends and neighbors for a patriotic, good […]

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