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No If’s, Ashes, or Butts – E Cigs and the Environment

10.15.2013 | V2 How To

If you’re considering making the switch to ecigarettes, you’ll be glad to know that there are many environmental benefits! Because an e cig operates with reusable cartridges, lithium ion batteries and vapor technology, there is no ash to worry about and no butt to dispose of. When you consider that cigarette butts make up nearly […]

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Relax! Grab an E-Cig

10.3.2013 | V2 How To

Stress can occur at any time. Bad traffic, busy days at work and other personal issues affect us in ways we aren’t even aware of. If you’re a smoker, a nicotine craving can be a huge source of stress, especially if you’re in a situation in which you are unable to smoke. An excellent way […]

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lotsa batts

Different Types of E-cigs

10.1.2013 | V2 How To

There are so many different types of e cigarettes on the market today that sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the choices. From one-piece disposables to three-piece “tanks,” the variety can be overwhelming. Which one is the best for your lifestyle? Three-Piece E-cigs come in three basic types of design: three-piece, two-piece, and one-piece. The […]

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smoke rings

What’s Your Nicotine Preference?

09.27.2013 | V2 How To

With the ever growing popularity of the electric cigarette comes the question; should you choose to vape with or without nicotine? You have options regarding the nicotine strength you’d like to get with your e-cig. If you’re craving a powerful throat hit, thick vapor and a dose of nicotine, we’ve got several strengths for you […]

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How to Store Your Ecigs

09.25.2013 | V2 How To

Ecigs are small and compact, making them ideally portable; however, many people don’t store them safely or properly. Improper storage can lead to not only a decrease in the life of the unit, but also irreparable damage. Once the damage has occurred, it may cause the ecigarette to lose its effectiveness or not work at […]

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Keep Your V2 Cigs Batteries Charged!

09.23.2013 | V2 How To

People love their V2 Cigs e cigs and carry them around day and night. This can put a lot of stress on a battery and many people want to know how they can make their battery last longer. A newly charged battery from V2 Cigs can last between 160 -300 puffs or more, but time […]

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What’s in Your E-Liquid?

09.17.2013 | V2 How To

Have you ever wondered just what is in that tasty e-liquid you’re vaporizing? Here at V2 Cigs, we take pride in offering some of the highest-quality e-liquids available. You can even download a list of the ingredients in your specific batch of liquid! Electric cigarettes produce a smoke-like vapor, and if they contain nicotine, a […]

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Use Your Manners! A Lesson on E-Cig Etiquette

08.9.2013 | V2 How To

The reputation of the electronic cigarette is still not completely formed in the public’s eye. With the e cigarette being fairly new to the smoking world, this is an opportunity to educate your friends and family on the benefits and positive aspects of electric cigarettes. Once people understand the many advantages of vaping over traditional […]

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what to choose

Manual or Automatic Batteries? The Choice is Yours!

08.6.2013 | V2 How To

How do you like your V2 Cigs? When selecting vapor products, there are two types of e cig batteries to choose from – manual and automatic. But what is the difference, really? Most electronic cigarettes operate in the same way: a battery heats up flavored E-liquid and transforms the liquid into a smoke-like vapor. In […]

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disaster strikes

Disasters Happen. Be Prepared With E-Cigs & Useful Gadgets!

08.1.2013 | V2 How To

Natural disasters have been devastating the world since life on earth began. Tornados, tidal waves, hurricanes, earthquakes and blizzards have left people without power for days, weeks and even months. The unpredictability of these disasters prompts smart folks to remain prepared for potential power outages and any other aftermath. Power outages combined with stress could […]

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Flavor Cartridges 101

09.12.2012 | V2 How To

At V2 Cigs, our main priority is making your electronic cigarette experience both satisfying and enjoyable. For many of you, this means getting the best performance possible out of your V2 Cigs flavor cartridges. Many of you have contacted us by phone or chat, asking us how you can get the very best hit of […]

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V2 Cigs at Walmart?

07.30.2012 | E-Cig News| V2 How To

As electronic cigarettes soar in popularity, they are becoming increasingly visible. What used to be primarily an ecommerce business is gradually making its way onto the shelves of local supermarkets and convenience stores. Even as regulatory bodies create roadblocks, the e-cig industry continues its steady growth. It’s a screaming affirmation of the product’s unprecedented ability […]

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Power outage V2 Cigs

Emergency Preparedness – 5 Ways to Keep Your E-Cig Powered When the Lights Go Out

07.20.2012 | E-Cig News| V2 How To

No matter where you live, the unpredictability of nature and unforeseen events can cause power outages that can put you in the dark ages. For anyone who lives near the East coast, summer marks the beginning of hurricane season. Winter threatens Northern states with blizzards and tornadoes pop up in the central states. There’s a […]

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Top 5 Places to Take your E-Cig this Independence Day

06.28.2012 | E-Cig News| V2 How To

It’s our nation’s birthday! What are you doing to celebrate? The fourth of July is the perfect time to kick back and spend time with your family and loved-ones. Whether you’re attending a professional fireworks display or lighting sparklers in your own backyard, your V2 Cig makes the perfect party accessory. Still not sure what […]

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Top Places to Take Your E-Cig This Memorial Day Weekend

05.23.2012 | E-Cig News| V2 How To

Memorial Day:  Time to load up your car and head out on the road to celebrate the dawn of another balmy summer. For the average nonsmoker, the choices of spots to visit are truly endless. Darn them. With all of the legislation being enacted all over the nation that prohibits smoking in public places, options […]

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The Hypocrisy of Senator Dick Durbin’s Stance on Tobacco

05.14.2012 | V2 How To

Just when it seemed legislative nit-picking and hypocrisy in the tobacco arena had reached a pinnacle, Dick Durbin, an Illinois Senator and Assistant Majority Leader, has managed to push the ridiculousness even further. Dissatisfied with Big Tobacco’s response to the banning of flavored cigarettes, Senator Durbin has proposed an addition to the Family Smoking Prevention […]

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Celebrity E-Cig Vapers are Popping up Everywhere

04.5.2012 | V2 How To

Electronic cigarettes are popping up everywhere! From celebrity sightings, to talk shows, to primetime sitcoms. One of the stars of the upcoming movie American Reunion, Natasha Lyonne, spoke about hers on a recent appearance on OWN’s Rosie O’Donnell Show. When questioned by the talk show host, she admitted that a health scare caused her to […]

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10 Things You Will Notice After Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

03.26.2012 | V2 How To

Every now and then there is an invention that defines a generation. First, there was the internet. Then there was the cell phone. The electronic cigarette is one of the best new products currently on the market despite having ignited a firestorm of controversy. Electronic cigarettes have one clear purpose: they were created so smokers would […]

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