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Heigl Spotted again with electronic cigarette

Katherine Heigl Spotted Again with Her Electronic Cigarette. Is it a V2?

02.7.2011 | V2 How To

Actress Katherine Heigl was spotted puffing on a stainless steel electronic cigarette while shopping with her family in the trendy Soho neighborhood of New York (Feb. 6th). Could it be the new stainless V2 Cig?

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Johnny Depp Smoking Electronic Cigarette on Train with Angelina Jolie

Celebrity E-Cig Sightings

01.25.2011 | V2 How To

Since former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California vetoed the California Electronic Cigarette Bill, more and more of your favorite celebrities are publicly vaping electronic cigarettes. A number of our readers have asked us, “what celebrities are smoking e-cigs?”. You asked for it, we brought it, see below…

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Another Celebrity E-Cig Sighting

01.20.2011 | V2 How To

Checkout the beautiful Katherine Heigl with the not so beautiful, but extremely funny David Letterman smoking an electronic cigarette on the Late Show. See the video clip below…

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Evidence suggests e-cigs safer than cigarettes

01.19.2011 | E-Cig News| V2 How To

One of our favorite electronic cigarette information contributors is Yale educated Dr. Michael Siegel. He currently works in research for the Boston University School of Public Health and recently wrote the following (also published in the Journal of Public Health Policy)…

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History of the Electronic Cigarette

The History of the Electronic Cigarette

01.18.2011 | V2 How To

The electronic cigarette has come a long way since it’s initial inception in China in early 2003.  It started small and emerged into a huge global market place and now has users all over the world. If you have not heard of it yet, the electronic cigarette is a tar free, odorless, carbon monoxide free, […]

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Don’t lose your ecig!

01.17.2011 | V2 How To

Have you ever walked around in circles looking for your keys? With this nifty lanyard you will never have this problem with your electronic cigarette. Your eCig will always be right where you need it, when you need it. Available in Red, Black, or Blue, colors, the V2 Cigs lanyard is designed to work with […]

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