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5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

01.20.2014 | V2 How To

Well, here we are. The holidays are over, it’s freezing outside and there’s not a day off in sight. All you want to do is drink eggnog and eat turkey – but instead, it’s back to work. And it’s cold. Welcome to the dead of winter. Luckily, we have some tips on how to make […]

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v2 promo 1-20

Save 10% on ALL V2 Cigs Disposables & Accessories

01.19.2014 | V2 Promotions

When you shop V2 Cigs on Jan 20-21, you’ll get 10% off all V2 Accessories and Disposables. Have you been eyeing our new Disposable Sampler, featuring Zig-Zag™ e-cigs? Dying for a V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case? Now’s your chance to pick up those products you’ve been wanting; for 10% off, this online shopping trip will […]

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If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it

01.17.2014 | V2 How To

There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth. Anti-smoking advocates will argue that all ecigs are made the same; but if you know the truth, you know that they’re not. Because of a lack of federal regulation, manufacturers are solely responsible for providing reliable e cig products. Without this regulation, […]

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chicago e-cig ban

City of Chicago to Ban Ecigs – Is Your City Next?

01.15.2014 | E-Cig News

The battle continues… Today, the Chicago City Council voted to ban the use of ecigs in bars, restaurants, and indoor public places. The approved ordinance will treat e cigs like tobacco cigarettes, banning them from most public locations. After a lengthy debate, the motion passed with 45 “Ayes” and 4 “Nays”; pretty surprising, considering that […]

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v2 treasure

Find Lost Treasure in the V2 Clearance Section

01.14.2014 | Product Spotlight

There was once a time when you could only purchase music at places called record stores; iTunes wasn’t around quite yet… They sold movies and music-related merchandise, too. More popular CDs were sold up front under a big display. But, if you wanted to find the good stuff, you went to the bargain box. That’s […]

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v2 cigs electronic cigarette sale, v2 platinum eliquid, ex blanks

Shop the V2 Expanded Clearance Sale for Limited Time Savings

01.13.2014 | V2 Promotions

Score 20% savings on many of your favorite items when you shop the V2 Expanded Clearance Sale. Simply visit the V2 Clearance Section from Jan 13 – 17 to take advantage of discounts on select products not normally available on clearance. Order a 50ML bottle of our V2 Platinum E-Liquid with a pack of EX […]

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Keep it Clean – Your E-Cigs Will Thank You

01.9.2014 | V2 How To

Cleanliness – we all know it’s important. Brush your teeth, take a shower, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears. It’s obvious that we need to keep ourselves clean. But, did you know that you should also clean your ecigarettes? As time passes and you continue to enjoy e-cigs, your electronic cigarette batteries will […]

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2014: The Year of the E Cigarette

01.8.2014 | Announcements| E-Cig News

This New Year brings new changes – and new challenges – to the e cigarette industry. Many believe that e-cigs are the one of the most innovative new product categories of the past decade, alongside Mp3 players, smartphones, and computer tablets. Pretty impressive, right? Whenever a new product is introduced to the market, it usually […]

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The Easy Thing is Also The Right Thing – When it comes to Ecigarettes

01.7.2014 | V2 How To

Someone once said, “When given a choice, the right thing and the hard thing are usually the same thing.” This statement rings true for many life situations. But when it comes to ecigarettes, things are pretty easy; and switching to V2 is far from being the “wrong” thing… When in doubt, sometimes it’s better to […]

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v2 cigs starter kit, electronic cigarette starter kits

Celebrate the New Year with the V2 New Year’s Kit

01.6.2014 | Product Spotlight

Kick start 2014 with the V2 New Year’s Kit! This seasonal starter kit arrives in a festive, New Year’s themed sleeve and provides everything you need to hit the ground running this year. The V2 New Year’s Kit includes two V2 Classic Batteries in your choice of color, length and power switch; two 5-packs of […]

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Three Ways to Dive into V2

01.2.2014 | V2 How To

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve got the whole day ahead of you, with the freedom to do whatever you want as soon as you cross off every item on your “to do” list. All you have to do is mow the lawn, stop by the hardware store, pick up a few groceries, wash the car, and […]

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Top Five New Year’s Traditions

12.27.2013 | Announcements

Some people welcome the new year with a bang; others enjoy celebrations in moderation, and some people follow certain traditions each year. Read on to enjoy a list of some of the most popular New Year’s traditions… 1. Grapes: This tradition originated in Spain. The ritual involves eating twelve grapes at midnight, in hopes of […]

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v2 cigs, electronic cigarette, best ecig, ecigarette

V2 Cigs: Born in Miami

12.26.2013 | Lifestyle

At V2 Cigs, we realize that most of our customers will be experiencing freezing temperatures from one of the most brutal winters on record. Even though we’re headquartered down here in Miami, we’re not going to rub our warm, comfortable temperatures in your face. We’re not going to show a picture of our office overlooking […]

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Happy Holidays from V2 Cigs!

12.24.2013 | Announcements

The year is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet! You’ve still got time to enjoy the last stretch of this holiday season… Are you hanging out with family? Relaxing with friends? Loving on your pet in front of the TV? Whatever you’re doing, we hope you enjoy it! While you’re (hopefully!) relishing […]

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Raise Your Glasses! Six Cocktails to Pair with Your E Cigs

12.19.2013 | V2 How To

The only thing better than seeing distant family members during the holidays is seeing those family members after they’ve had a few cocktails. Make those occasions even more interesting by pairing your favorite beverages with your favorite e cigs. Eggnog and V2 Cinnamon: You’ve just experienced 2 months of holiday bombardment through commercials, house lights, […]

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Why the V2 Holiday Kit is Simply the Best Gift You Can Give

12.17.2013 | Product Spotlight

The V2 Holiday Kit really is the best gift you can give. We’re not just saying that because we work for V2 Cigs, maker of the best e cigs in the world. We’re saying that because it’s true. Right now, you’re probably experiencing holiday panic after sleeping through Black Friday and deleting all 789 of […]

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Don’t Debate; Educate! Four Common Objections to E-Cigs & How to Dispel Them

12.16.2013 | V2 How To

They say ignorance is bliss, but that’s not always the case. With the heavily controversial e cigarette industry continuously gaining broad exposure, it’s good to know how to hold your own in a conversation with someone who has a different opinion. Read on to learn about why some people object to e-cigs and how to […]

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Ecigs & Menthol – What’s the Deal?

12.13.2013 | Product Spotlight

Menthol is a flavor we have all come to know and love. Candy canes during the holidays, after-dinner mints, flavored toothpaste and soothing cough drops have become important parts of our lives! Fancy a tasty mojito? Make sure you’ve got fresh mint! Read on to learn more about the chemistry, history and uses for menthol. […]

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