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v2 sale e-cigarettes

Save 35% on V2® Starter Kits & 25% Storewide – Two Days Only

03.25.2014 | V2 Promotions

This Wednesday and Thursday (March 26 – 27), when you shop online at V2®, you’ll save 25% storewide and get 35% off any starter kit. With a sale like this, you can get all the V2® products you’ve been wanting, for a fraction of the regular cost. 35% Off Starter Kits With this discount, a […]

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clove e-cig flavor

Announcing Zig-Zag™ E-Liquid; 6 New Flavors from V2®

03.24.2014 | Announcements| New Product Releases| Product Spotlight

Looking for even more e-liquid flavors to enjoy? After receiving countless requests (and doing a lot of hard work), we’ve expanded our collection of V2® E-Liquids to include six new Zig-Zag™ flavors. Now, you can enjoy your e-cig with the following new flavors: Traditional (tobacco flavor), Menthol, Clove, Mango, Island Breeze and Dragonberry. All Zig-Zag […]

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spring cleaning e cigarette

8 Gadgets to Help You Survive Spring Cleaning

03.20.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

Electronic cigarettes aren’t the only nifty gadgets; modern technology has provided a device for almost everything. With spring upon us, let’s look at eight innovative gadgets that help make housework a little less… awful. Pick up some of these cool contraptions to jump-start your spring cleaning. When you get home (after enjoying a session with […]

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e cigs not for minors

NACS, State Senators & V2® Agree – E cigs Aren’t for Kids

03.18.2014 | Announcements| Blog| Latest E-Cig News

Recent news shows progress in the struggle to keep e cigs out of the hands of minors. Last week, NACS issued statements encouraging convenience store owners to employ strict age-verification policies for ecigarettes, just like they do for tobacco products. On February 26th, five US senators proposed the Protecting Children From Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act […]

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v2 ecig batteries

Product Spotlight: V2® Batteries

03.17.2014 | Blog| Product Spotlight

Learn About V2® Electronic Cigarette Batteries Electronic cigarettes need electricity to work. You can’t just suck on a flavor cartridge without first attaching it to the proper battery. The electrical components within ecig batteries deliver power to attached atomizers that heat up e-liquid to produce a smoke-like vapor. At V2®, we take pride in our […]

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v2 cigs sale

Two Days Only: V2® Expanded Sale & St. Paddy’s Day Pride Contest

03.16.2014 | V2 Promotions

Want a chance to win $250 in V2 Online Credit? Enter the “V2 Show Us Your St. Paddy’s Day Pride Instagram Contest” and you’ll qualify to win a $250 V2 online store credit. Just “follow” V2 Cigs on Instagram, and post a photo of yourself wearing your most festive green and gold St. Patrick’s Day […]

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v2 ecigs

Mix it Up with an Assorted Pack of Flavor Cartridges from V2®

03.14.2014 | Blog| Product Spotlight

Choose up to four different flavors and strengths for your assorted pack of V2 Flavor Cartridges. Why stick to just one flavor in your e cig? Some days you may feel like puffing on coffee and some days you may prefer menthol. You might even switch up nicotine strengths. That’s why we’ve made V2 Flavor […]

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v2 ecigs st patricks day

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

03.13.2014 | Blog| Lifestyle| V2 How To

This Monday, March 17th, is St. Patrick’s Day – traditionally, it’s an Irish holiday meant to celebrate Saint Patrick’s success in driving the “snakes” out of Ireland. But over the years, St. Patrick’s Day has become a global celebration of everything Irish, from beer and whiskey to shamrocks and leprechauns. For most people, it’s a […]

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v2 ecig in the car

Five Ways to Take Advantage of an Extra Hour

03.10.2014 | Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about what you would do if there were 25 hours in a day? It seems that there’s never enough time to do more than the bare minimum: work, eat, shower, sleep, and then repeat – with several ecig breaks in between, of course! Unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii or another […]

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wake up with an electronic cigarette

Six Ways to Get the Sleep Out of Your Eyes

03.7.2014 | Lifestyle| V2 How To

Leave tiredness where it belongs – in bed. Daylight Savings Time is right around the corner. This Sunday, March 9th, we’ll have to “spring forward” and set our clocks ahead by one hour, losing sixty minutes of cherished slumber. Since we can’t control the clock, let’s focus on controlling ourselves. You can overcome the fatigue […]

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eu regulates ecigarettes

Tobacco Products Directive Regulates Ecigarettes in the EU

03.6.2014 | Latest E-Cig News

While we’re in the US, patiently waiting for the FDA to release their pending regulations on ecigarettes, the EU is moving full speed ahead. On February 26, 2014, the European Parliament formally ratified the revised Tobacco Products Directive, which governs the manufacture, presentation, advertisement and sale of tobacco products (now including e-cigs) in the European […]

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v2 e cigarette flavors

Product Spotlight – Cola & Grape Now Available in 2.4% Nicotine

03.4.2014 | Announcements| New Product Releases| Product Spotlight

Calling all 2.4% fans! You asked, and we answered. Finally, you can order ANY flavor of V2 Platinum E-Liquid or Flavor Cartridges in 2.4% nicotine. Make your ecig happy and stock up on some new flavors… Want to enjoy your e cigarette with some cola flavored E-Liquid in 2.4% nicotine? No problem – V2 Cigs® […]

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v2 cigs sale

Get 15% off Already Discounted V2 Cigs® Products

03.2.2014 | V2 Promotions

Score Additional 15% Savings on the Expanded V2 Sale Page – March 3-4 Time for another sale! For just two days, you can save an extra 15% on any products from the V2 Sale page, including V2 Platinum E-Liquid in 0% nicotine, the Metal Carry Case XL, and V2 Disposables. These single-use electronic cigarettes from […]

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gadgets and ecigs

6 Cool Gadgets that are Almost as Awesome as Ecigs

02.27.2014 | Lifestyle

If you’re reading this, you probably already think ecigs are pretty awesome… So today, let’s explore some other interesting gadgets and gizmos. Last month, during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, hundreds of new technology products were revealed to attendees. Portable speakers, external battery packs, 4K televisions, smart watches and activity trackers […]

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v2 cigs big sale

Save 30% Storewide at V2 Cigs® – Two Days Only

02.26.2014 | V2 Promotions

Shop V2 Cigs® on February 27-28 and Get 30% Off Your Entire Purchase Visit V2Cigs.com on February 27-28, and you’ll find some awesome savings. Every item in the store is 30% off*! Stock up on your favorite V2 products or try something new – or, do both! But where should you start? Try an EX […]

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e cig industry influencers

Who’s Who in the E Cigarette Industry

02.20.2014 | Latest E-Cig News

The electronic cigarette industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down. Since e-cigs entered the American market in 2007, several influential individuals and organizations have emerged with the shared goal of educating both policymakers and consumers. Common objectives include achieving public acceptance and promoting responsible regulations (like age restrictions […]

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v2 ecigarettes ex blanks

What Nicotine Strength Should You Choose?

02.18.2014 | V2 How To

When you’re first making the switch to e cigs, the abundant options can be overwhelming; batteries, flavor cartridges, e-liquids and nicotine strengths are all available in several varieties. It’s like going into a liquor store for the first time… With so many choices, what’s a person to do? One of the most common questions we […]

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v2 e cigs new beginnings

Ways to Enjoy the Journey of Life – Destination: Unknown

02.17.2014 | V2 How To

Although it’s mid-February, it still feels as though 2014 has just begun… What do you have planned for yourself this year? We want you to be able to look back when the year is over and be proud of what you’ve done. Here are some ways you can push yourself in the coming months, as […]

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