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V2 is designed with you in mind. V2 is the leading e-cigarette brand, delivering genuine satisfaction with authentic flavors and unparalleled performance.
Vapor Couture Collection Vapor Couture is the original e-cigarette for women, inspiring an entire line of fashionable accessories.
V2 PRO V2 PRO is the world’s most advanced line of vaporizers, representing the ultimate in form and function.
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New to the World of Electronic Cigarettes?

Our single-use e-cigs are a great fit for you.

V2 Disposables

Redesigned to be lighter and last longer than the competition, the V2 Disposable measures 105 mm and is one of the most powerful single-use e-cigs on the market.

What You Get

  • Approximately 400 puffs (which is equal to about two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.)
  • Available in V2 Red (tobacco) or Menthol flavors.
  • Comes in 1.8% nicotine.

Available in Tobacco or Menthol flavors, these disposable e-cigs come in 1.8% nicotine strength. These e-cigarettes are ready for use right out of the package and can be simply disposed of once they are finished. Order in bulk and keep them on hand for family and friends to try.

These powerful disposable e-cigs feature a soft tip that closely mimics the feel of an actual tobacco cigarette’s filter, making them look and feel just like the real thing!

The Zig-Zag Disposable Combines

Classic Enjoyment with Modern Innovation.

The only single-use electronic cigarette on the market to carry the Zig-Zag™ name, the Zig Zag Disposable combines classic enjoyment with modern innovation.

What You Get

  • 200P Model or 400P Model: The 200P model measures just 92.5 mm and provides roughly 200 puffs about the same number of puffs as one pack of traditional cigarettes and the 400P model measures 105 mm produces roughly 400 puffs — about the same number of puffs as two packs of traditional cigarettes.
  • Traditional (Tobacco) Flavor or Menthol Flavor
  • 1.8% Nicotine or 2.4% Nicotine
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