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Tina Simmons

April 12, 2012 — My sister, who is also my best friend in the entire world, had smoked for the last 35+ years. She was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in her lungs). The doctor said that she would never get better and would be on oxygen for the rest of her life. She had tried everything to quit; prescription medicines, over the counter medications - patches, gum, herbs, you name it she tried it but always went back to smoking at least 1 pack a day of menthol cigarettes. I bought her this awesome e-cig as a last resort never expecting it to work but praise the lord she has not smoked a cigarette ever since she tried V2’s e-cig and now can’t even stand the smell of cigarettes. She encourages everyone she knows to try it and even told her doctor and respiratory therapist about her awesome results. Her latest lab results confirm that her lung function has improved greatly and she has been able to reduce the amount of oxygen she has to have. Yahoo! She has vowed to never pick up another cigarette again and we feel we owe it to the great taste of the V2 menthol flavor. We will be long time customers and refer all of our family and friends to your site. Thank you for your great product. We feel in our hearts that it has literally saved my sister’s life. We lost our mother to lung cancer and I couldn't bear losing my sister too. I thank God for V2 Cigs.

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