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V2 is designed with you in mind. V2 is the leading e-cigarette brand, delivering genuine satisfaction with authentic flavors and unparalleled performance.
Vapor Couture Collection Vapor Couture is the original e-cigarette for women, inspiring an entire line of fashionable accessories.
Zig-ZagTM Vaporizers Zig-ZagTM vaporizers are a modern take on an iconic brand, with a style as individual as yours.
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Sandy Fulcher

June 18, 2012 — After 30 years, I have been successfully not smoking, I have now been vaping for 1 1/2 years and I started vaping 18mg now i"m @ 6mg and LOVE IT! I will continue 4 ever! It is satisfying and I REALLY enjoy it! Thanks SO MUCH!

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