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CW3 Nate Palmer

June 20, 2012 — I began smoking heavily at age 14. I switched from regular cigarettes to menthol and smoked a pack a day for 19 years. While deployed to Afghanistan, I noticed that a group of technicians were smoking the V2 cigartettes because their jobs were demanding, they could no longer take enough smoke breaks in the day, and smoking inside has been banned for some time in federal buildings. Once I returned from 12 months of having to stand outside and not be as productive as I could be, I switched to the V2 cigarettes. I marked my 20th anniversary of smoking by quitting and moving to the V2 Ultimate Starter kit. I have been on the V2 cigs for 8 months now and have loved every minute of it. I am able to accomplish the most challenging of tasks at work and never have to come back in from outside smelling like an ash tray. I have slipped up a few times while chatting with fellow smokers, but have never gone back to smoking cigarettes as my habit of choice. I am now a full fledged "vaporer".

Recently, I spent the evening at my sisters wedding where the whole other side of the family smokes. I drank with them, danced with them, chatted with them, and never smoked a cigarette and it is all thanks to V2 Cigs.

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