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Catherine B

July 19, 2012 — I am 34 and smoked for 18 years. I never tried to quit because I would panic just thinking about it. This panicking just made me light up! I felt terrible about smoking. I didn't like the smell, the coughing, the inconvenience. I wanted to quit for my husband, my mother, my health. I used to get so upset thinking about needing to quit it would make me cry! What a terrible position to be in! My friend told me about ecigs for years. He told me over and over I would like it and it would work for me. I never believed him but finally decided I had to try. I go to Doctors offices for my job and have a lot of relationships with office staff. I would cringe every time someone hugged me because I knew my clothes smelled no matter how much perfume I put on or how many mints I downed. I new I HAD to try. I did a lot of research and decided to go with V2. If you are going to do it you need to really do it - top of the line. I bought the Ultimate Kit. For the first few weeks I smoked regular cigarettes and V2. One day I ran out of cigarettes. I decided to give it a try, could I go 24 hours without a cigarette? I was amazed when 24 hours passed and I felt fine. No cravings, no mood swings, no desire to eat everything in sight. Four and a half weeks later I can tell you I am still FINE. I feel great, actually. If you told me 5 weeks ago I was about to NEVER SMOKE AGAIN I would not have believed you. What a blessing this has been! I took a drag of a friend's cigarette a few weeks ago and YUCK. Give me my V2, please. I will never smoke again and that makes me feel AWESOME! V2, if I could hug you I would!

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