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July 31, 2012 — Hello V2 team! I feel like your product saved my life and I feel like your potential future customers may appreciate this story.

I have been addicted to several types of drugs since I was 15 (about 8 years or so) and have always had an addictive personality. The illegal drugs got out of control so in an attempt to kick the habit I started using gas station spice (a herbal blend sprayed with a synthetic thc compound). My life began to spiral downward and I became paranoid, restless, and very sick. Shortly after this I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and I was going to be a father. I started using chewing tobacco and trying, yet again, to wean myself off of the hard drugs and onto something else. The nicotine became something safer for me but I was tearing up my gums and potentially giving myself mouth cancer. I found out about vapor from a friend and did a google search for the best option and of course V2 cigs was ranked #1 on a few sites so I gave it a try. I have been sober since the day the UPS man brought my V2 starter pack (a little less than a year). I feel the joy of smoking and the same nicotine feeling I got from the past but feel safe doing so. My son is here now and when I look at him I thank you all so much for providing a product that saved my life because I fear if I did not find an alternative I might not be here writing to you now. My friend in the army has a similar problem and I am sending him a V2 starter pack in the mail to hopefully help him as well. Forever a customer!

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