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Try Each Electronic Cigarette Vapor Flavor With V2 Flavor Sampler

V2 10-Flavor Sampler

  • V2 10-Flavor Sampler - Cartridges
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Want to try each V2 Cigs Vapor Flavor? Our Flavor Sampler contains 10 Flavor Cartridges in each of our popular e-cig flavors; V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, and V2 Cola.

V2 Flavor Samplers are available in five nicotine strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine.

See the Flavor Descriptions Page for more details on each flavor.

V2 Flavor Cartridges are the fuel for your V2 electronic cigarette. Each cartridge provides roughly the same number of puffs as a pack of tobacco cigarettes, so you are purchasing the equivalent of ten packs of cigarettes for a very affordable price. Unlike many e-cigarette brands, each V2 electronic cigarette Flavor Cartridge contains a disposable atomizer, so you never have to use the same atomizer twice. This provides a more sanitary vaping experience that requires no special cleaning. Just screw on and go!

V2 Flavor Cartridges are compatible with all KR808-D1 threaded Electronic Cigarettes.

V2 Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges: General Usage Information

The cartridge contains our proprietary solution of nicotine (or non-nicotine), water, food flavorings and propylene glycol (an FDA approved inhalant and food additive). See our downloads page for a complete list of ingredients.

Each V2 Flavor Cartridge contains a built in atomizer, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required. Every V2 flavor cartridge is filled with enough of our proprietary vapor liquid to produce between 150 - 250 puffs (dependent upon deepness of puffs). Each cartridge provides roughly the same number of puffs as a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes. To use your V2 electronic cigarette, simply screw a flavor cartridge on to the end of a V2 e-cigarette battery and puff on it like you would with a normal cigarette. If you are using a V2 Automatic Battery, when you draw air through the V2, the heating element will automatically activate and produce inhalable vapor containing your chosen strength of nicotine and selected flavoring compounds. With our Manual Batteries, simply hold down the small rubber button on the body of the e-cigarette to activate atomization.

You'll know when a cartridge is used up when the vapor becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Cartridges are disposable and can be discarded at this time. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one — it's that simple! Store your V2 Flavor Cartridges in a cool dry place. Cartridges should stay fresh for at least six months from purchase.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Most flavors are surprisingly good

    Posted by K Man on 2nd Feb 2014

    I bought this because it was on sale... I generally just like tobacco flavored cartridges. I keep buying from V2 because they have such great prices and customer service, but I don't really like any of their tobacco flavors. I wish they would come out with more or different tobacco flavors.

    I was surprised how much I liked the coffee and vanilla. I'll be buying the vanilla from now on because it mixes really well...

  2. Taste and see

    Posted by Taylor on 26th Jan 2014

    This is a great way to find out what favors work for you and what favors don't. For me it saved a lot of cash in what would have been mistakes. I thought I'd love cherry or cola. Not so much. I thought the tobacco flavors wouldn't be worth much. Sahara turns out to be my favorite. I was wondering about mint tea and coffee. Both turn out to be keepers. I just wish there were a similar way to check out the limited editions. I took a flier on Chocolate which is only ok. I'll take one on grape...Cinnamon? I'd love a sample...

  3. Great for Testing out Flavors

    Posted by ShawnZeiger on 7th Oct 2013

    I've always just smoked methols for years because that was really the only thing available to me. I didn't like the taste of regular cigarettes, so menthols are what I smoked. When I switched to ecigs, my world of flavors opened up. There were so many to choose from that I didn't know what to try first. The E Cig Flavor Sampler not only allowed me to try out all their different flavors, but the different methol and regular flavors as well. It turned out that I actually enjoyed one of the regular tobacco flavors as well as the fruit and other flavors.

  4. My New Favorite!

    Posted by Janessa on 4th Sep 2013

    The V2 Cigs flavor cartridge sampler pack is my new favorite! I was hesitant to try a new flavor, and didn't want to commit to buying a whole package without knowing if I would like it. So, this was the perfect solution! So far, my faves are vanilla and peppermint.

  5. Great way to test flavors

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2013

    I'm glad that I ordered this sampler kit with my beginners kit. It made finding what I like much less difficult.
    Now for my flavor rundown.

    Because I've always been a menthol smoker and never liked non menthol, I can say that my view on the Red, Sahara and Congress will not be useful to many. Honestly, just the smell of those cartridges made me cringe. I did make and effort to try them and quickly realized with each that it was silly of me to do so. I'm sure people could tell you in detail about their differences but I couldn't stomach them long enough to attempt it. I put them aside for a friend to try.

    Menthol: My favorite. It has a kick of sweet mint after each hit that isn't too over bearing or candy like. Note: I just switched over from another ecig. I no longer found the menthol flavor as enjoyable as I first did as all it managed to do was burn. I purposely wanted something with more of a sweet mint hit to it so this was perfect.

    Mint Tea: Interesting flavor but reminded me of scented lotion or body spray. I felt like I was standing next to someone that over sprayed themselves.

    Peppermint: Too sweet and perfume like compared to the menthol. It wasn't very treat like.

    Cherry: I enjoyed the first few hits and then started to feel that the artificial flavor was too powerful. However, I've never been a big fan of cherry flavored candy/drinks. So you might enjoy this flavor if you do like those types of things. It did make me interested in other fruit flavors that may be or might become available though.

    Vanilla: Very light flavor that was a bit like an air freshener. I enjoy a hit or two from this but I wouldn't use it for a full sit down.

    Chocolate: Tastes like chocolate flavored lip balm. Depending on my mood, that description can be either good or bad. I kind of enjoyed this one. I may or may not randomly add this to one of my orders in the future.

    Coffee: I used this a handful of times and I felt different each time I used it. A few times I felt it tasted like old burnt coffee. Other times I felt it was just right. Sometimes I felt it wasn't strong enough. Sometimes it tasted like coffee flavored candy. More than not I enjoy this flavor as it keeps me guessing. I've decided this is my second favorite in the sampler pack and probably the only other one I'll bother to order frequently again.

    All in all I have a bunch of cartridges I won't use but saved money by not having to buy the flavors I thought I might be interested in individually.

  6. Applause for this cart pack!

    Posted by Matt on 10th Aug 2013

    This is a must add to your cart when you purchase your first V2 starter kit! When I ordered mine they knocked three bucks off the price, so I ordered it and I'm very glad that I did!

    I just got my first order on 8/1/13, so today I have gotten around to trying all of the flavors and can now write this review.

    V2 Cigs is the fourth E-Cig brand that I have tried, and I now know that I should have started out with V2 now that I have experienced the superior quality of V2's carts and the other products that came with my first order. The throat hit and smoke volume that V2 delivers is far and away the best of the four brands I have tried, and V2 is the one I am going to stick with!

    I have read many of the other reviews about this sampler pack and I do respect everyone's opinions and found them to be very helpful. Most of the reviews give their opinion of each flavor in the pack, so I am going to swim along with them and offer up mine here:

    (I ordered the 1.8 strength)

    Red: ***** !(stars) Very full and robust, and perfect for when you want to feel like you are almost smoking a real cig again.

    Congress: ***** ! Lighter than Red but still full flavored and robust. This will be one that I will definitely order more of.

    Sahara: ***** ! Unique and different from American cigs. Fits the description that V2 gives of it to the letter. I'll be ordering more of these as well.

    Menthol: ***** ! Not too strong, but strong enough to satisfy the craving that I get for menthol. I ordered more of these with my first order and will be ordering them again!

    Peppermint: ***** ! Very sweet with a hint of menthol. Very refreshing after a meal. I also ordered more of these with my first order and will be ordering them again!

    Vanilla: ***** ! Mellow and pleasant, perfect companion for a relaxing reading break, or just kicking back. My sampler came with a 1.2 strength cart, but I ordered a pack of 1.8's with my order so it's nice to know what they are both like.

    Coffee: ***** ! Perfect for that first hit of the day and really does go great with that first cup of coffee! I also ordered more of these with my first order and will be ordering them again!

    Chocolate: ***** ! Thoroughly and completely enjoyable and delicious! Yes... I already ordered more and will again!

    Cherry: ***** ! Sweet, flavorful and will satisfy your sweet tooth when it hits you! I'll be ordering more of these for sure!

    Mint Tea: **** For this one I got more mint out of it and missed the tea part. I may or may not order more. I have some of my sampler cart left so I can try it again on a clean palate to decide.

    Well there it is. I hope you decide to order this perfect addition to your first V2 starter kit!

  7. Starting Out? Gotta get the Sampler Pack!

    Posted by Rockrancher on 29th Jul 2013

    I just started the electronic thang. I enjoyed the Sampler pack because I could get a taste of most everything V2 offers.

    The other reviews didn't tell me much except that we all sure have different taste buds. Here's my opinion to add to the confusion.

    Red, Congress & Sahara - All were too strong for me. I never smoked cigarettes for that wonderful tobacco taste. Isn't that what cigars are for? All I wanted was that smoke inhaled feeling and my nicotine. If I'm gonna take up vaping I want something that doesn't remind me of being crammed in with 50 other smokers in one of those plexiglass smoking booths at the airport. If this was all that was offered I guess it would be Red then Sahara. Congress made me think about totally quitting... again.

    Menthol - Too strong like a Vick's lozenge superglued to my tonsils.

    Mint Tea - Not thnaks. I'm from Texas and we like our tea sweet or unsweetened. It's not tea if it's flavored, it's watered down Kool-Aid.

    Peppermint - Menthol mild... tastes like Wrigley's Spearmint gum after you've been chewing it for about 10 minutes. I liked this one but couldn't do two in a row. Nice change of pace though.

    Coffee - It's coffee all right... just not good coffee. Reminded me of my ex-wife's coffee-making abilities. One of the reasons she's not around anymore. I had to brush my teeth after this one.

    Cherry - Couldn't finish it. I felt like I was stuck in one of those scented candle stores. I've had that nightmare too many times to relive it in the daylight as well.

    Vanilla - Mild vanilla taste and if using in the car can double as an air freshener! Runner-up favorite.

    Chocolate - My favorite. A very mild chocolate taste with just a hint of crayon. Reminded me of when you open a Swiss Miss instant hot chocolate pack and accidentally inhale some of the powder. I can handle this one all day no problem.

    That's it. I really thought most of the flavors were too strong and I was already using the weaker 1.2 strength. I know many of you have stated that after extensive use you get used to those harsher flavors. Well, if I eat beets every day I'd probably get used to them too... but why would I do that?

  8. This should be automatically included in all starter kits- A MUST HAVE!!!

    Posted by Im A V2 Girl on 5th Jul 2013

    I think this (or one similar) sampler pack should be included in most starter kits so new customers can try all the flavors to begin with and quickly find their favorites. Otherwise customers are left with the debate of should I pay for a 5 pack just to try it? What if I don't like it? Will I have wasted $10 to try something I hate? What do I do with the remaining 4 carts- too small for door stops!

    I'm so glad I got the sampler pack with my starter kit. In my humble opinion, here's my take on the flavors:

    Red- great flavor for the regular cigarette smoker- if you like Marlboro, Winston, Virginia Slims, etc. you might like this. It's my favorite of all the more "traditional" cigarette flavors.

    Sahara- it was ok- no strong opinion either way. I wouldn't purchase it for me, because I've developed other favorites, but if this was all that was available to me I would not complain at all.

    Congress- see review above for Sahara

    Menthol- really good- I've tried probably 10-12 other e-cig menthol flavors and while another brand's menthol is my absolute favorite (sorry V2), this menthol is such a close second I don't really miss the other one.

    Peppermint- of all the minty flavors this is my favorite. Love, love, love it!!! This flavor reminds me when I was small and used to go through the drive thru at the bank (small Georgia town) with my Mom and they would give little kids this miniature box of Chic-lets gum (2 pieces per box) in spearmint flavor. To me this peppermint flavor is DEAD ON for the Chic-lets gum of yesteryear (does that tell my age?)

    Minty Tea- it was ok but I'm not a good judge of this one because I hate tea. This does have a tea flavor with a hint of mint taste as an after thought. It's ok, just not for me.

    Coffee- again, I'm not a coffee drinker unless I "doctor" it up with sugar and flavored creamers until it tastes very little like coffee. The coffee flavor wasn't bad and it actually got a lot better when I alternated hits of the coffee and vanilla. It was actually quite nice.

    Vanilla- I was not a fan after the first hit, but after using all the other flavors a while I came back to the Vanilla and tried it again and used it until it was almost gone and I became a fan. It's in my top 5 of favorites for sure.

    Chocolate- LET ME DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN NOW! I Have found heaven on earth for certain. I love the chocolate and have quickly developed an addiction (just kidding). It reminds me of the Nestle Quick powder I put in my milk as a kid to make it chocolate milk. Really good flavor and it has converted this die hard menthol girl to a chocolate lover! Hands down #1 fave! I know this may be a little weird- but I like chocolate mint flavor so I like to alternate hits from the chocolate and peppermint - really nice.

    Cherry- I probably shouldn't say anything here because being a southern belle I was taught if I couldn't say anything nice, say nothing at all. Let's just say this is a flavor I have not learned to appreciate yet. To me, it reminded me of some of the really strong cough syrups I had to take as a child. To be fair- I've only had 2 hits- I could not tolerate it any further- maybe those first few hits really knock your boots off and then it tones down to a nice flavor. Anyway, not my fave but maybe it will be yours.

    If you're on the fence and can't decide if you should try the sampler or not, I promise you can't go wrong. Matter of fact, you'll probably finish it with some new favorites on your list. Get the pack already! I'm glad I did.

  9. Flavor Sampler my ratings!!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jun 2013

    I've been smoking mainly Marlboro lights for 6yrs, quit smoking now thanks to v2 cigs.
    based on 10 points system (1.8 strengths)

    Mint tea 9
    Coffee 9
    Reds 8
    Menthol 8
    Cherry 7
    Chocolate 5 Taste like leather(not that i eat leather lol) unbearable after first few puffs
    Sahara 6 bit strong for me
    Peppermint 4 no no
    Vanilla 4 my least fav. not sweet. similar to plastic
    Congress 5

  10. First order staple

    Posted by Crystal on 4th Jun 2013

    Definitely recommend getting this in order to figure out your favorites. There was a hiccup in the packaging and I only received 9 of the 10 carts, but v2 customer service was helpful in taking care of it.

    I understand the flavors can vary from batch to batch, so here's my assessment of what I received, plus personal taste.

    Red - Was too sweet for me. It had hints of how a Nestea tastes.
    Sahara - Was smooth, not too sweet, and had a mild throat hit.
    Congress - Was bolder than the Sahara and had a stronger throat hit.
    Mint Tea - I'm not sure what I think of this one yet. The mint hit me first and was a very cooling effect mint. The tea flavor was more of an after taste and is what I'm not sure I liked.
    Peppermint - was a nice clean mint flavor and wasn't overpowering.
    Cherry - No. It was like vaping a cherry flavored Chapstick.
    Chocolate - Tastes like how cocoa powder smells and sometimes reminded me of Yoohoo a little.
    Vanilla - Is a subtle vanilla flavor and not too sweet. It was nice and smooth.
    Coffee - Reminded me of Starbucks ice cream and was very yummy.

    My top 4 flavors are: Sahara, Peppermint, Coffee, and Vanilla (chocolate came close, on the fence)

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Try each of V2's electronic cigarette vapor flavors with the V2 Flavor Sampler. It contains cartridges in each of our e-cig flavors. Try V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla and V2 Cola! It is the best way to find your favorite e-cigarette vapor flavors!