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E-cigarette Adapters, V2 Car Adapter

Car Adapter-2 amp

  • Auto Adapter - 2amp - Adapter
  • Auto Adapter - 2amp - Adapter
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Charge your V2 on the go, and use your V2 Power-Cig and Notebook-Cig in your car! This adapter plugs into a standard 12-volt power outlet found in most cars, trucks, and boats. Simply plug your V2 USB Smart charger (inside every Starter Kit) into the V2 Car Adapter and you're ready for mobile charging!

The V2 Car Adapter outputs 5 volt DC at 2 amp. This is the maximum recommended output for use with all V2 Cigs Products.

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Product Reviews

  1. Life Saver ....

    Posted by John Z. on 19th Aug 2013

    I spend a lot of time my car and I always carry my e-cig with me. I’m hardly every home to charge it, so I purchased the car adaptor and absolutely love it. My car is pretty much my home, so when I don’t have the chance to plug it in anywhere else, I just use the car adaptor. It’s the best investment I’ve made.

  2. awesome

    Posted by Giancarlo on 20th Dec 2012


  3. Puts The Power There For The Power Cig !!!!

    Posted by Rick A. , New Berlin, NY on 9th Oct 2012

    Use it in my truck all of the time for the Power Cig and it works great. I have had no problems.

  4. Update.

    Posted by Peter on 29th Oct 2011

    I bought a USB car adaptor from Best Buy. Had a dual USB port, one port being 1 amp and the other was a 2 amp. What a difference. After hooking it up to the 2 amp port it worked great, same vap as having it hooked up to my PC or laptop. Still using the old adaptor to charge my manual and auto while driving with no problems. Hope that helps.

  5. not enough power

    Posted by Tony on 27th Oct 2011

    I'm having the same problem as peter. After doing some research, I believe I might need a 5volt 2amp auto adapter (this one is 5v 1amp) to get the full effect. Works fine to charge it....

  6. No vap in car

    Posted by Peter on 22nd Oct 2011

    My car adaptor doesn't seem to put out enough power to get decent vapor out of my notebook passthrough. I've tried it in differnt vehicles and used my pc passthrough as well on it with same results. Maybe I have a bad one? Has anyone else had any problems with this? Both my passthroughs work great on a pc USB, tons of vapor on the PC USB's.

  7. Odd review By James

    Posted by Jeff on 17th Oct 2011

    I don't understand James how you gave this a 3 star review due to an error on your part by not purchasing an item? The adapter works perfectly fine for you I'm sure. Works fine for me! :)

  8. Pretty much a must have

    Posted by James Kraft on 31st May 2010

    I should have just bought the ultimate kit. Turns out I came back to buy most of the accessories.

The V2 Car Adapter allows you to charge your electronic cigarette on the move! It is designed to fit all three of our V2 e-cig batteries. You can also use the V2 Power-Cig and the V2 Notebook-Cig in your car!