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3-Pack - V2 Disposables

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V2 Cigs single-use disposable electronic cigarettes are the perfect choice if you are trying electronic cigarettes for the first time. With the V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarette, there is no need to recharge batteries or purchase refill cartridges. Simply use them until the vapor volume is diminished and then throw them away.

Each Disposable Electronic Cigarette provides roughly the same number of puffs as 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. (350-450 puffs /unit)

Available in robust tobacco and refreshing menthol flavors, in both 1.8% nicotine or 0.6% nicotine strengths.

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  1. Unsure at first convinced later.

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2013

    I bought these hopeful to break away from tobacco and the heath issues/costs affiliated with it. This is the third brand of disposables I have tried looking for the right one that feels and tastes like the real thing to base a decision on which kit to invest in.

    At first taste I did not like the flavor or the lack of vapor thickness with these but after puffing on them more I noticed it gets better and I took a tip from reviews on here to slightly cover the air hole it'll create a more smoky thick vapor. Also the more I tasted it the more I liked it, for me it started off tasting like a nasty cheap cigarette like Paul maul but after puffing on it more getting thicker vapor I realized it has a rich deep tobacco flavor that has the slightest hint of sweetness. I can't compare the taste to any brands at the moment but I can tell you after smoking Camel all this time it doesn't taste like them or Marlboro...

    It is true what is said in other reviews that the disposable V2 seems a bit inconsistent with vapor production but this has got me thru 2 days without a real cigarette which no other disposable has done yet. After using this and reading the reviews from others I have decided to invest in V2 and ordered the V2 Starter kit. If it is really as much better as they say it is then these then not smoking will be a breeze! I can't stop thinking about how much better I already feel and saving at least $120 a month in these tough times will be a blessing! Hopefully my kit arrives before these run out...

    On a few last notes I think they should offer a single disposable or get there products in more stores. One thing I do not look forward to is paying there shipping it is too high and not very fast...

    One last thing I noticed the vapor has a weird smell it's not odorless like it's supposed to be... I think similar to hookah tobacco but not exactly the same...

  2. Great Vapor Production

    Posted by Kev on 4th Dec 2012

    I received one of these in a recent order, and decided to give it a shot. At first, it wasn't that great; then I discovered that when I cover the air hole near the "filter" for a couple of seconds and then release, there is a shotgun effect, producing more vapor.

  3. 2 years!

    Posted by KAC in Michigan on 25th Nov 2012

    The day after Thanksgiving marked 2 years without cigarettes for me! I tried everything available to quit smoking (including accupuncture) and was never able to quit until I tried V2. I have not had one cigarette since my kit arrived.

    That said, I guess I will have to disagree with just about everyone here. V2 sent me a free disposable with my order a while back and it lasted almost 4 times longer than my rechargeables
    (most of which are extra long). The vapor and flavor were great and actually outlasted the disposable itself. I would say that the disposable is equivalent to 4 recharges on my extra long batteries and 3-4 cartridges.

  4. Love V2

    Posted by Megan on 6th Aug 2012

    I grabbed one of the disposable Blu menthols this morning at my local 711. Previously I tried the disposable V2Cig in menthol which I absolutely loved, but wanted to try Blu too before deciding which brand to go with permenantly with rechargables. Idk if I just got a dud, but the Blu I bought this morning was very disappointing...there is a lot of vapor when I exhale, but when inhaling I feel absolutely NOTHING, not to mention the fact that it tastes like air, not even the slightest hint of menthol. Blu definitely isn't the brand I'll be sticking with. The V2's are so realistic. The feeling when you inhale is just the same as a regular cigarette, the menthol flavor is strong but not too strong. The V2's are just as enjoyable as if I was smoking my long time beloved Newport Lights lol. So glad I decided to try a few different brands before deciding. V2 is def the brand I'm going with, can't wait to get my started kit and diff flavor cartridges in the mail :-)

  5. Best disposable, but not as good as V2's regular e-cig

    Posted by MK on 19th Jun 2012

    I tried several brands of disposable e-cigs before making the decision to buy a starter kit. Of those I tried, the V2 disposables had the best flavor and the most vapor. BUT . . . I found the performance to be inconsistent. Sometimes you get a pleasurable semi-thick vapor and flavor, and sometimes it's weak. With the disposable, I had to puff/suck very strongly on it about 50% of the time, which was kind of annoying, and still didn't get the vapor and intensity of flavor I desired. Also, one disposable does not last as long as claimed. Before using e-cigs, I typically smoked 20 to 25 tobacco cigarettes daily. The disposable V2s did not last me a full day. I would say it's about the equivalent of 1/2 to 3/4 of a pack of regular cigarettes. The disposables are good for someone who just wants to try an e-cig without yet investing in a kit. Now that I've bought the kit, I'm very satisfied. The rechargable e-cig is much better than the disposable! I smoke the menthol. Great vapor production and better/enhanced flavor than the disposable. Bottom line, if you like the disposable ok, then you'll definitely like the rechargable e-cig and it's replaceable cartridges. I did not expect to be this happy with my kit because I was very particular to my brand of tobacco cigarettes. But I've been vaping away for four days and do not feel deprived without my tobacco cigs! I would highly recommend V2 to anyone who wants to quit smoking or switch to an e-cig.

  6. Not 2 Packs

    Posted by Bob on 14th May 2012

    I wanted to try the disposables before I made a decision on buying a starter kit. While I am actually pleased with flavor draw, vapor and throat hit, the batteries themselves definitely don't last as long as 2 packs of traditional cigs, I would say half pack to full pack max. But in the end i still liked them enough to go for the ultimate starter kit, considering my only real problem was the battery life (now i can recharge them). Now I can't wait to write a review for the real thing.

  7. Best online to buy

    Posted by Carrie on 28th Mar 2012

    I started using these last May and haven't smoked a cigarette since. My husband quit a week before me and hasn't smoked a cigarette since either. People don't realize it's the nicotine they are addicted to. You get the nicotine without all the other poisons. You can smoke them anywhere and are no worse for you than 2 cups of coffee. If you really want to quit this is the way to go. This company will bend over backwards for you if you have a problem.

  8. Amazed!

    Posted by Robin on 17th Mar 2012

    After smoking for 30+ years and trying everything from gum to pills to patches I really never believed this would work but after reading other reviews of long-time smokers decided to try the 3-Pk Disposables and today after three weeks of going between this product and my 'real' cigarettes I decided to order the whole package because it IS possible to stop smelling like an old ashtray.

    Last year on three separate trips, it was impossible to smoke anywhere (airports, hotels, etc.), but now rather than dressing to travel down elevators and through lobbies or walking miles to find the outside smoking areas I can be treated without prejudice and enjoy my smokes without prejudice.

    Way To Go - V2.

  9. Why 3 Disposables?

    Posted by Anonymous on 11th Mar 2012

    Would try it if they offered a single disposable.

  10. I am convinced

    Posted by Katie on 5th Mar 2012

    I was not sure if I was going to be able to do this. I have hated being a smoker for over 30 years. Tried everything! I mean everything to quit. My neighbors got a kit and let me try a few 'puffs' on one of theirs. Then I bought a pack of disposables and away we go..... These are great and much better than those NJOY and a few others they are selling at the gas station. I purchased our kit tonight!!!

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Purchase the 3-pack of V2 Cigs disposable electronic cigarette and see what everyone is raving about! A good place to start for someone new to e-cigs, these disposable e-cigarettes taste great and are a less expensive option.