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Charge Your E-cigarette With The V2 Charger Kit

V2 Charger Kit

  • V2 Charger Kit - Adapter
  • V2 Smart Charger w/Cord - Adapter
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Never run out of charging options with the V2 Charger Kit. Now with the V2 Smart Charger included, the V2 Charger Kit will enable you to charge from any USB or wall outlet. The V2 Smart Charger has a sophisticated internal chip and charges your battery twice as fast! A built-in feature is incorporated to prevent overcharging.

  • 1 V2 Smart USB Charger with cord
  • 1 V2 Wall Adaptor

Wall adapters are available in USA, UK, and EU models.

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  1. I love the V2

    Posted by SHAHIN on 22nd Oct 2013

    "I never thought that I would but, I have with V2! I know longer have to go outside to smoke and I don't smell like an ash tray. I love the V2. I used to smoke a pack a day....I am on the same filter that I started on 3 days ago with v2 and I feel great. Thank you V2!!

  2. Cord died today

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2013

    I think I did better than some though - mine lasted about 18 months.

  3. No cord issues.

    Posted by Bob on 18th Mar 2013

    I haven't had any cord issues and have used V2's for about a year now. The charger only $10 and if they sold the cord separate I'm sure it wouldn't be less than $10 anyway. To me just order another charger if your cord is bad. Or order the USB charger and stick it in.

  4. Great for those of us that are red/green colorblind!!!!!!!!

    Posted by BobbyBilly on 7th Dec 2012

    Most chargers use a red light to indicate they are charging and a green light to indicate when they have finished charging. The porblem is that 1 in 10 males is colorblind to some degree and for those of us who suffer from red/green colorblindness most charrgers are impossible for us to differentiate between the 2 colors. What makes this charger so wonderful for me since I'm colorblind is that when it's finished charging the light turns to blue which even I can easily see. After a lifetime of being frustrated with chargers using the red and green lights I love that V2 has a charger that is easy for even us colorblind folks to use. Thank you V2 and PLEASE do not ever change this. It's a minor detail to most people, but to those of us who are colorblind it's really important and allows us to not have to ask others if our batteries are charged yet. The only reason I've knocked off one star is because cable is so short. I think I will check on eBay and see if I can find a USB extension cable that's 3 or 4 feet long. In the meantime though I have ordered a 2nd charger to keep as a backup just in case my first one dies and they change the lights to no longer be friendly to colorblind people.


    Posted by Dave on 27th May 2012

    Charger works great, usb cords go bad after a few months. USB cords not sold separately. Still gotta love the v2.

  6. as has been said...

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2012

    cord goes bad! please sell the USB component separately!

  7. Add my voice to the chorus

    Posted by borborygmic on 5th Apr 2012

    ...of people clamoring for a USB adapter with no cord. And sell it separate from the wall charger. Outside of that, V2 cigs are the best I've tried against four other brands.

  8. I agree just sell the cable

    Posted by b-rian on 18th Mar 2012

    I think that the cable idea is terrible to begin with unless its going to be a longer cable. I like the style where you just screw the battery into a usb adapter with no cable and plug that into the usb port. Just sticks straight out from the wall instead of hanging there cuz the cable is too short. But if you are going to go with the cable idea make it longer and sell it seperate.

  9. Just sell the cord

    Posted by KB on 3rd Mar 2012

    After 3 months the cord is broken so why can't we just buy the cord. Cigs are great but cord is cheap.


    Posted by James Dean on 28th Feb 2012

    I would have given 5 stars if you only sold the cord, because its the only item that goes bad after a little while. Love your cigs!

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The V2 Charger Kit contains the new Smart Charger along with the V2 Wall Adapter. This will allow you to charge your electronic cigarette from any USB or wall outlet. The V2 e-cig Smart Charger charges twice as fast with safety features to keep your e-cigarette from overcharging.