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The Mini Electronic Cigarette, V2 Shorty Cig

V2 Shorty Cig (67 mm)

  • V2 Shorty Cig - Pictured in Deep Metallic Blue - Battery
  • V2 Shorty Cig - Pictured in Black - Battery
  • V2 Shorty Cig - Pictured in White - Battery
  • V2 Shorty Cig - Pictured in Stainless Steel - Battery
  • Automatic v. Manual Switch - Battery
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Battery Type: 1 Battery in choice of Automatic or Manual
Usage on Full Battery: 160 Puffs (Approximate)
Voltage: 4.2 volts
Battery Rating: 150 mAh
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Length: 67 mm /2.63” (100 mm/3.93” with Cartridge)
Diameter: 9.25 mm/0.37”
Vapor Power: 4-Stars

The V2 Shorty electronic cigarette is designed for its handy look and style. With cartridge attached, the V2 Shorty Battery is just a little longer than a traditional cigarette and the shortest battery we offer. The V2 shorty is 67 mm/2.63 in in length or 100 mm/3.93 in with the cartridge attached. This is a great battery to own, however be aware that the smaller size also means less time between recharges. It will produce around 160 puffs between recharges as opposed to the 200-240 puffs produced by its standard length cousin.

Available color choices:

  • Classic white with red LED
  • Sleek black with blue LED
  • Stainless Steel with blue LED
  • Metallic blue with white LED

If you do not specify, your LED color will be randomly selected.

Should I choose the Automatic Battery or the Manual Battery?

The V2 Automatic Battery is the easiest to use if you are new to electronic cigarettes. All you do is puff to activate the atomization process. They are better for hands-free operation, but require “priming” to achieve the thickest vapor volume. To do this, take a few short puffs before a long slow puff to get the e-liquid to the optimal temperature. Automatic Batteries will usually get around 25% more puffs between recharging, but with less vapor thickness than Manual Batteries.

The V2 Manual Battery has a small rubber button which you must press to activate the atomization process. They are preferred by many experienced users because they offer a greater lever of control and produce thicker vapor with less puffs than the Automatic Battery. We recommend trying one of each to determine which battery style is right for you.

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Product Reviews

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  1. So good just bought another

    Posted by Kendall on 13th Apr 2014

    I absolutely love these! Perfect size, weight & long battery life. Just re-ordered the same battery in black with a blue LED too! I prefer the automatic, but I may give the manual a try next.

  2. Works as described

    Posted by Chris on 6th Mar 2014

    I like the size of this battery. It feels more natural than the longer ones. I use this in the car and at work. The battery doesn't last long as described,which is fine for me because I can just put it on a charge in between my breaks. I use the power cig at home which is also another great buy.

  3. Best purchase EVER!!!

    Posted by Tanisha on 27th Sep 2013

    V2 did the trick!!! After trying the disposables, I went out and bought a V2 rechargeable at a service station. It cost $14.86(with tax), and came with 1 Menthol cart, a Standard battery, and the V2 Express charger. I immediately ordered the V2 flavor carts(20 pack). I decided on the flavors peppermint, cherry, coffee, and vanilla. I personally love all of them, but so far my favorite is coffee. A few days later I ordered the V2 Shorty cig(black auto), I like it way better than my standard do to size. I LOVE MY V2!!! I now have my sense of taste and smell back, and I feel tons better and more energetic. I have recommended V2 to my friends and family, and will continue to do so. It’s a GREAT product!!! I follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the V2 news and great deals. :)

  4. Good but doesn't last as long as larger batteries

    Posted by Chad on 23rd Aug 2013

    Comparing this to the regular length (same cartridge, both batteries on fresh charge), this doesn't draw as well. Plus, it does not last as long. Very annoying to be looking forward to a good draw and getting 40% of a draw because the battery hasn't had a full charge in the last 6 hours. I only occasionally vape, less than 100 puffs a day. This will serve only as a back up battery for me.

  5. Short Automatic

    Posted by Adam on 5th Aug 2013

    Like the other reviews have stated, the Shorty Auto looks the closest to a regular cigarette (if you get the white color with red LED) which is great for vaping in public. The length is also perfect, as the regular size is just a bit too long in my opinion.

    If you are using the EX or LiquiMax Blanks, I would recommend getting the Manual battery so you can prime the cartridge before taking a hit. I use my Shorty Auto with the regular carts only; and have the Long Manual battery and USB pass-through for vaping at home.

    As with all other V2 products, these are the best on the market when factoring the free shipping and prices.

  6. V2 Shorty Cig

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2013

    It is great for the size, it lasts all day with heavy vaping.

  7. Love the shorty

    Posted by Aaron on 13th Jul 2013

    Originally got 2 standard (1 automatic and 1 manual). These are great but ordered the shorty automatic stainless and this is my fav! Easily lasts through my work day (perfect for stealth vaping) and then I switch to my standard manual at home.

  8. Awesome product

    Posted by Sean on 4th Apr 2013

    I recently purchased the Shorty Cig, (Stainless Steel) after doing plenty of research about e-cigs. I came to the conclusion that V2 was the way to go however of the three options for battery length, I had another choice.

    The shorty cig is the way to go for those who are worried about the length. After using it pretty heavily for the few days I've had it, I haven't noticed a shorter battery life.

    The best thing about the shorty is the length in comparison to a regular cigarette. This feels the most like a real "analog" in your hands, not like some of the longer options on the market.

    If you don't have a chance to charge during the day not to worry, battery life will far outlast your boss at work or that long commute back.

    All in all I couldn't be happier with the choice to opt for the Shorty Cig.

  9. Quality

    Posted by Wes on 15th Mar 2013

    Great product and warranty, love it. The small size and appearance are fantastic. Get the mini white and it blends right in for those apprehensive about vaping in public situations.

  10. Best in the biz!

    Posted by Bil on 6th Mar 2013

    Wow! What a great battery! I have tried several different e cigs, and the 4.2 volt battery makes all the difference in the v2. I have stopped shopping around. Love at first hit. I will reccomend v2 to anybody who will listen... Also loved the fast shipping! I got the free shipping and it arrived in 5 days. I was prepared for 9-14 days, as that was the stated estimate and was pleasantly surprised.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 33 | Next

The V2 Shorty Cig with a V2 Flavor Cartridge attached is just a tad longer than a regular cigarette. This e-cigarette battery makes a very handy e-cig . Because of its size it gives lesser puffs on full charge than V2 Standard Cig and V2 Long Cig.