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E-cig Rubber Drip Tips

Rubber Drip Tips

  • Rubber Drip Tips - Accessory
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V2 Drip Tips are the perfect accessory for your V2 Platinum E-Liquid. They make filling and refilling your cartridges a snap. Simply attach a V2 Drip Tip to the mouth-end of your cartridge (without battery attached) and drip 15-20 drops of e-liquid into the Drip Tip hole to fully fill an empty cartridge. Screw on your battery and enjoy!

You can leave the Drip Tip on your cartridge or remove it.

V2 Drip Tips are available in durable aluminum or soft rubber materials. All Drip Tips are sold in 3-packs Quantities.

Which one is best for you?

Aluminum Drip Tips are sleek and attractive, with smooth and durable aluminum construction. Rubber Drip tips are affordable and long lasting, but soft and easy on the teeth. The soft rubber mimics the feeling of a cigarette filter in the mouth, preferred by those who enjoy leaving their Drip Tip on for frequent refilling.

Visit the V2 E-liquid Guide for step-by-step instructions and FAQ about V2 Platinum E-liquid and Drip Tip usage.

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  1. No more aluminum taste

    Posted by passersby on 4th Apr 2012

    Just received my order of the rubber drip tips.I'm not really sure why they're used other than for someone who doesn't like the taste of the cart on their lips.I would not use these to refill my carts because they would obviously send the liquid right thru the center post inside the cart.they are however a very nice additive to keep the warmth that is emitted after 6 or so seconds from the power or notebook cigs...They are much easier to.remove wgen I'm ready to top off my cart so in that respect I like them a lot

  2. Lovin' it

    Posted by Cindy on 25th Mar 2012

    Just received these today, and already love them!

  3. its a good product

    Posted by Neil on 8th Mar 2012

    this definitely is an improvement for me. the rubber is much more gentle on the teeth. the only issue is that the tips fall out, not terribly easily but its still annoying. any time i leave the ecig in my pocket the tip will fall out. i also found the tips to be a bit lacking cosmetically but that really wasn't the goal for me anyways. For a 3 dollar product this is very good.

  4. Use a toothpick!

    Posted by Margaret on 1st Mar 2012

    I ordered these tips and really like them--but I insert a half of a toothpick in the center hole in the cartridge and then put on the tip and fill--take the toothpick out and the regular tip back in and I'm ready to go.Sounds like extra trouble, but I do five at a time and almost never have fluid drip through. The toothpick seems to really help prevent the liquid from getting into the center hole.
    I don't like the extra length the "filler" tip provides, so I use the original rubber cap. You do definitely have to remove the toothpick after filling the cartridge.

  5. Great For A Lot of Reasons, BUT...

    Posted by Sam on 30th Jan 2012

    SUGGESTION TO V2 CIGS: Since the main virtue of these rubber tips is that they are easy on the teeth, but they seem to fall out all the time, why not make a composite tip with the best of both worlds? Produce an aluminum tip (seems to stay put better) and cover it on the outside w/ a soft rubber (easy on the teeth). I would buy that product in a second.

    Review: Like other reviewers, I constantly have the problem of the rubber tips falling out (or the e-cig will fall off and drop to the ground). Worse, they're translucent (not easily visible) and easily lost. I have lost 2 in the last week. I really like the fact that I can sink my teeth into them and hold the e-cig in my mouth hands-free. If V2 would act on my suggestion above and produce a tip that wouldn't budge but was still rubbery, I would give 50 stars!

  6. O...M...G!!

    Posted by Sabrina on 19th Jan 2012

    Loving the rubber tips! They feel more like a tobacco cigarette!

  7. Highly Recommended

    Posted by Chris on 3rd Jan 2012

    I use these tips with standard length batteries. I find they allow for a more natural smoking experience. If you like to smoke with no hands, they are great when held with your teeth. They also free up restriction of air that the standards tips cause. Unlike other reviewers, I find the tips never come loose until I take them out. You don't have to stop pushing the tip in when it reaches the lip, just slightly compress it and go farther. Vapor will condense on the inside of the tip, but I don't have a problem with them leaking liquid.

  8. Love 'em

    Posted by C. Wieland on 2nd Jan 2012

    These feel great, and wash up nicely.

  9. Great drip tips

    Posted by ken.m on 30th Dec 2011

    These drip tips work great on the V2 blank cartomizers I got. They fit snug and make for a more pleasant vaping experience.

  10. Good and then not so goodr

    Posted by Karen on 28th Nov 2011

    I do love how these tips feel rather than sucking on the cartridges. This is the good part.

    And they do make filling the cartridges much easier - but the liquid does tend to drip through the middle hole and come out the other side. This gets messy.

    The biggest problem I'm having with them is, as someone else said, they do not stay put. The tip continually comes off and gets lost. I'm down to my last one out of the pack - have no idea where the others got lost to.

    Additionally, there is no place for the tip when you put the battery into the charging case - unless you leave room for it by only carrying around one extra cartride and use the other slot for the tip.

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Filling your electronic cigarette Flavor Cartridges with E-liquid becomes really easy when you use e-cig Rubber Drip Tips.