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V2 Battery - EX Series

  • V2 Brushed Steel Battery - Ex Series
  • V2 Carbon Fiber Battery - Ex Series
  • V2 Scarlet Metallic Battery - Ex Series
  • V2 Royale Pattern Battery - Ex Series
  • V2 Bloom Pattern Battery - Ex Series
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EX Battery

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Get to know the latest in battery innovation from V2 Cigs.

Introducing the EX Battery!

Our most powerful battery to date, the EX Battery combines sleek design with robust vapor production. Break-through technology provides a much higher puff count than comparatively sized batteries. We replaced the plastic tip with a solid finish and added charge indicator lights to the body. These tiny LED lights glow when you puff, showing how much power remains before your battery needs to be recharged.

Our innovation didn’t stop at performance. By popular demand, we’re thrilled to offer the EX Battery in five, unique design choices: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Royale and Bloom. Each battery arrives with a cartridge sleeve that fits neatly over both V2 Classic and EX Cartridges*. A rubber ring at the base of your EX Battery catches the sleeve and holds it firmly in place. We included three spare rings in your EX Battery package so that you’ll have a replacement on hand should the original get lost.

The V2 EX Battery operates at 4.2 volts, 280 mAh. Length: 100 mm /3.94". 135 mm /5.31” with Flavor Cartridge attached. Diameter: 9.5 mm /0.38"

*EX Cartridge Sleeves do not fit over the EX Blank Cartridges.


Choose the dynamic design that’s right for you:

ex-brushed-steel.png Brushed Steel
This battery picks up where Stainless Steel left off. Futuristic metal casing creates a streamlined look that pairs well with any wardrobe. Battery comes with white LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in black.




ex-carbon-fiber.png Carbon Fiber
A modern design featuring a subtle black pattern that gives this battery a textured appearance. Battery comes with white LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in grey.




ex-scarlett-metallic.png Scarlet Metallic
A bold red with an iridescent finish, this battery has universal appeal. Battery comes with white LED lights and the V2 logo in white.




ex-royale.png Royale
A white battery with a pattern of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, this battery is one no card player should be without. The battery features a Jack at the tip and a large spade on the cartridge sleeve. Battery comes with red LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in black.



ex-bloom.png Bloom
Delicate and feminine, this white battery blooms with wisps of pink and purple. The included cartridge sleeve is also white with a smaller wisp in the same shades as the battery. Battery comes with pink LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in purple.




It’s the V2 you know – multiplied by WOW!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Would be 5 stars if

    Posted by Michael L. on 14th Apr 2014

    The sleeve for the end should be able to fit over an ex blank in my honest opinion hint hint ;)

  2. Love it!!

    Posted by Brianna on 14th Apr 2014

    This is my go to battery. I just love the light sleek way the V2 Ex battery feels. It's powerful enough to give great flavor and good vapor production.
    I have the bloom pattern and it's SUPER cute! .I LOVE IT!!!! I just ordered the essential starter package from the sister brand to V2 called Vapor Couture, I can't wait to get them!

  3. Longer battery! Unique!

    Posted by John D. on 11th Apr 2014

    I ordered two of these batteries when they first came out and at first I didn't like them. I called customer support and they kindly sent replacement batteries to me and fixed the issue. I can now use my blanks with these batteries and I LOVE them.
    Also.. these are the only batteries out there (that I have seen) that has the different designs. Very cool. Will recommend to friends!

  4. Great Update

    Posted by Andrew W. on 9th Apr 2014

    The EX battery is a huge improvement on the old one. From the battery indicator to the new cargo cap and stronger power it is all around better. not to mention how much longer the charge lasts.

  5. Definite Improvement

    Posted by Beth A on 4th Apr 2014

    I love the EX batteries. I love the size, the look, the pull and the light strip at the bottom. I don't particularly like the "glowing tips" of most micro cigs - not really fan of the glow imitating an analog cigarette. Plus, I really appreciate how you can see how much battery power remains as you're using it. Not only that, but you can also see the progess of it's charge status while you have it plugged in.

    These batteries seem to work much, much better with the refillable EX blanks. That shouldn't be a surprise, because they're from the same line. What surprised me was that the part where the battery connected to the cart didn't get all gunky with extended use. When I used the regular line of batteries, they got gross, no matter how much I tried to clean them, and eventually stopped working. This problem was thank fully alleviated with the EX battery.

    The battery power seems to last about 3/4 of my day. I'm happy with that. They also charge quickly, and it kind of seems like they charge faster than the original cigs.

    I don't use the cart sleeve that it comes with, partly because they wont fit over the EX blanks, which I exclusively use, and partly because I really don't want to. I probably wouldn't use the sleeve even if I could.

    I'm extremely happy with these, and will only buy these batteries in the future.

  6. Great Battery - Love the Carbon Fiber Look!

    Posted by Cody on 4th Apr 2014

    This battery sure is a big step up from the batteries I received from the starter kit. I love how I have an indicator letting me know how long I have left on my battery (5 small lights at the tip). The dark black color of the battery helps me keep it discreet and not too flashy! The LEDs on the tip also cycle up and down when charging, letting you know how close or long it is away from a full charge. All in all, awesome battery!!

  7. Best cig-a-like battery on the market

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2014

    Love the design and great long battery life! This is the only cig-sized battery that has a battery indicator. It lasts me about 6 hours, and works well with my EX blanks .

  8. The new EX Battery works great with EX Blanks

    Posted by jovinus on 3rd Apr 2014

    I purchased the original version of the EX Battery when it first came out and it was great as long as you were using a cartridge. Unfortunately I prefer to use the EX Blanks. There were work-arounds for this but it wasn't really worth the effort. The new version of the EX Battery has solved this problem.

    I happily use the new version of the EX Battery for both my EX Blanks and the cartridges. I can usually get a couple days of medium use (lunch & evenings at home) on a single charge or one day with heavier use. As always, it's a good idea to keep a spare around in the charger. The next time I buy another battery it will definitely be an EX Battery since they are so versatile.

  9. I love the power indicator lights

    Posted by Alex on 3rd Apr 2014

    I ordered two of these batteries, and I found them to be a huge improvement over the standard batteries I started with. The LED indicator lights work wonderfully to keep track of charge level, and I can get away with only taking one battery with me when I'm on the go most of the time. Great Buy!

  10. Almost Perfect!

    Posted by Headhunter J on 12th Mar 2014

    I purchased this when it first came out and it did have some room for improvement (i.e. couldn't use EX Blanks without a work-around). V2 being an awesome customer-centric company, acknowledged those "defects" and sent us replacement ones so that I don't have to cover the holes when using my EX Blanks.

    Here's where the 4 stars come it. On the new improved battery, when I am using a regular cartridge, the rubber ring that holds the cover in place is not tight enough. If I shake my head the wrong direction while holding it between my lips, it will cause the battery and cartridge to slip out. I tried doubling on the rubber ring but it doesn't fit. I still love the stainless steel version and just try to be extra careful it doesn't slip off the cover.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 98 | Next