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  • Special Edition V2 Cinnamon Flavor Cartridges (5-Pack)

V2 Cinnamon (5-Pack)

$9.95or 100 V4F pts
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Heat up the night with this winter favorite! V2 Cinnamon sizzles with the familiar sweetness of seasonal cinnamon treats. Cartridges are wrapped in a dark cranberry shade that adds a spot of color to the coldest holiday evening. V2 Cinnamon is available in 1.8% nicotine.

NOTE: Limited Edition V2 Flavor Cartridges (Cartomizers) are not available with V2 Starter Kits

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  1. I love cinnamon

    Posted by Gloria on 27th Mar 2014

    Cinnamon has always been my favorite flavor. I also wish that this came in liquid form

  2. Great Taste

    Posted by Paul on 18th Feb 2014

    This is one of my favorites. I wish they sold this in the e-liquid form. Anyway great product.

  3. Love it!

    Posted by Sarah K on 30th Jan 2014

    Cinnamon has been my favorite flavor thus far and I've tried most of them, other than the zig zag or chocolate. I just ordered 20 more!

  4. Cinammon - My favorite thus far

    Posted by zzz on 11th Jan 2014

    I've been vaporing for about 2 weeks. Got the sample pack, menthol, and 20 supplies of cinnamon and grape. I've liked most of the flavors, but the cinnamon! Had it for first time with my coffee! Best combo with coffee of all the V2 flavors! Try it!

  5. Cannot taste cinnamon

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2013

    Maybe it's because I still have that tobacco taste in my mouth from smoking cigarettes, but I received the holiday kit today and took a few puffs to see what it was like. I got the 1.2% but I can barely even taste any flavor and I was anticipating that nice hit of cinnamon. Maybe once I get the tobacco taste out of my mouth I will be able to taste the cinnamon better? This is the only reason I gave this review 3 stars.

  6. Just like real cinnamon

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2013

    it has a nice cinnamon tingling sensation on my tongue and is a nice sweet flavor. I think the only way you can dislike this flavor is if you really dislike cinnamon. I am not even a fan of cinnamon but this is really good. tried it in the 1.8% strength so far.

  7. My new favorite flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2013

    Just got my order of cinnamon carts, and wow!! I'm in love with this flavor.

    Please keep this one around, and in eliquid too!!!

  8. very impressed

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2013

    The flavor is amazing. It reminds me of chewing cinnamon flavored gum, or cinnamon flavored candy! Will definitely order more. Please keep these and make this flavor available in E-liquid also!

  9. cinnamon alright

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2013

    To over bearing with cinnamon it's harsh to puff at first but has good after taste .

  10. This should become a regular!!

    Posted by helyz on 27th Nov 2013

    I had super high hopes for the Pumpkin Spice, as I, like most people, love anything pumpkin. Somehow it kind of tasted like cheese to me, especially the aftertaste, which was totally weird. And unfortunately I bought the 20-pack, so I'm stuck. When Cinnamon rolled out I decided to play it safe and just get a 5-pack since in general I'm not as gaga for cinnamon as I am for pumpkin. But whoa.

    I don't know what it is, the cinnamon flavor is not extremely strong or spicy, but it just has a nice mellow warm taste to it that I'd be happy to have year-round! Somehow you can kind of feel it on your tongue when you inhale, which sounds weird but it's not, haha.

    I just ordered 20 more and am hoping I can milk them as long as possible, I'll be really sad to see this one go, it's a winner! And hey, if they have minty ones year-round why not have its complementary cinnamon friend as well?

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