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V2 Economy Kit

  • V2 Economy Kit - Pictured w/White Battery
  • V2 Economy Kit - Pictured w/Black Battery
  • V2 Economy Kit - Pictured w/Stainless Steel Battery
  • V2 Economy Kit - Pictured w/Deep Metallic Blue Battery
  • V2 White Battery
  • V2 White Battery
  • V2 Black Battery
  • V2 Black Battery
  • V2 Stainless Steel Battery
  • V2 Stainless Steel Battery
  • V2 Deep Metallic Blue Battery
  • V2 Deep Metallic Blue Battery
  • V2 Charger Combo w/Cord (USA Edition Pictured)
  • EU Power Adapter - Automatically Shipped w/European Orders
  • UK Power Adapter - Automatically Shipped w/UK Orders
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If you are looking for one of the most affordable ways to get started with V2 electronic cigarette kits, the V2 Economy Kit is for you. This kit is designed for people who want to try an e-cigarette starter kit for the first time or for the occasional smoker who plans to use their e-cig while traveling or in public settings. It is the best electronic cigarette starter kit for social smokers. Because this kit contains only 1 battery, you will not have a spare to use while your battery is charging. If you prefer to always have spare battery available, please take a look at our other affordable e-cig starter kit options.

The Economy Kit has been updated with the V2 Smart Charger. With a sophisticated internal chip, the Smart Charger has a built-in feature to prevent overcharging and charges your battery twice as fast! 

The V2 Economy Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 V2 Standard Automatic Battery
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges 
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual

See how much you save buying a V2 Starter Kit in our Savings Chart.

Customize your V2 Economy Kit by selecting up to 2 flavors and/or strengths to include in your kit. V2 flavors and strengths are designed to simulate your favorite traditional cigarette brands. Our popular flavors include V2 Red (American tobacco), Congress (refined tobacco), Sahara (Turkish tobacco), Menthol (refreshing mint), Peppermint (sweet mint), Mint Tea, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry. See Flavor Descriptions Page for more information.

V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges come in 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine, or 0% nicotine strengths. You can step down your nicotine level or stay with your favorite. It’s your choice!

V2 Economy Electronic Cigarette Kit: General Usage Information

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are made of two primary components, the Flavor Cartridge and the battery. V2 Flavor Cartridges are filled with our proprietary e-liquid; a solution of propylene glycol, water, flavorings and nicotine or non-nicotine, in your selected flavor and strength. Our cartridges contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required. Want more information on V2 E-Liquid? We are the only e-cigarette company who tests and publishes the results of each batch online to ensure you receive the best quality product. Click here to view V2 Cigs batch results.

V2 Starter Kits are shipped with our standard automatic batteries (79 mm), which are designed to offer a perfect balance between physical weight and smoking time between recharge. To use your V2 electronic cigarette, simply screw a flavor cartridge on to the end of the battery and puff on it like you would a normal cigarette. When you draw air through the cartridge, the heating element will automatically activate and produce inhalable vapor.

Every V2 Flavor Cartridge is filled with enough of our proprietary e-liquid to produce between 150 - 220 puffs (dependent upon deepness of puffs). Each cartridge provides roughly the same number of puffs as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. You'll know when to throw away a cartridge when the vapor becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Cartridges are disposable and can be discarded at this time. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one—it's that simple! When the battery requires charging it will begin to blink. Standard V2 Automatic Batteries can last from 1 day to a week before they require recharging (this is dependent on your smoking frequency and puffing style). The battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours with included Smart Charger.

Tip: How to get the most vapor from your automatic battery:

Using a V2 Cigs electronic cigarette is a little different than using an old fashioned ignitable cigarette. To get the thickest vapor, you may want to prime your e-cigarette. To do this, take a few strong puffs in rapid succession before taking a long, slow puff. This action will heat the e- liquid to the right temperature and create thicker vapor in subsequent puffs.

Tip: What flavors and strengths should you choose?

It’s important to find the right combination of flavors and strengths when you first begin using electronic cigarettes. We suggest starting with a low strength or a mix of strengths, depending on your cigarette usage. Many people find the highest strength cartridges to be too strong. The best way to try multiple flavors is with a V2 Sampler Kit.

Tip: Manual Batteries:

A great accessory you may want to consider with this kit is one of our V2 Cigs Manual Batteries. Unlike the automatic batteries which activate by puffing, the manual batteries have a small rubber button installed on the body of the e-cigarette. Like driving a stick shift car, many prefer these batteries because they offer a greater level of control and precision when it comes to vapor thickness. The most important thing is finding the right battery to fit your needs. As a general rule, the automatic batteries are a little easier to use, and better for hands-free multi-tasking. The manual battery can produce the thickest vapor and offers the most control.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Ecig

    Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2013

    I don't smoke often so I can't say it helped me quit, and I haven't tried other brands to compare this to so I can't say it is the best. But I can say it is an awesome e cig and I am glad I chose V2. The vapor is thick and the flavor is good great. I would recommend it and I plan on ordering more products from this website. Shipping was very fast, no need to upgrade shipping time. I got mine 2 days after ordering (3 including sunday) and it came partly charged ready to use although it works better once you charge it more.

  2. Fell In Love!!!

    Posted by Liz M. on 10th May 2013

    I had began using ecigs a couple days before I ordered my V@. I had 2, 1 being a disposiable and the other a rechargable. The disposiable was no good. Barely any vapor. The recharable, compared to my V2, battery life was crap. I had ordered my starter kit Sunday evening with the free shipping. I had recieved it via the free shipping that Saturday. I've been VERY happy since and it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow. I have yet to go back to a Newport. Thank you V2!!! You will have a faithful customer here!

  3. one word.......awesome!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2013

    I ordered this kit with skepticism due to having a bad experience with another e-cig brand and......wow!!! The kit is awesome comes nicely packaged and works great!! You will not regret this purchase!! V2 has awesome customer service an their product is top of the line!

  4. Great e-cig

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2013

    Even with the free delivery the shipping arrived in less then a week. The E-cig itself is really great and better then I expected. The coffee flavor I ordered with it tasted exactly like roasted coffee at a grocery store. The only complaint I have is the peppermint flavor which I don't like. I feel like it tastes like chlorine and has no peppermint flavor whatsoever. Although that is just my opinion.

  5. incredible!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2013

    Try v2 once... Thats all it will take! Reviews say it all! I've seen a few complaints about shipping, but I must tell you I have zero complaints about it. Shipping has been fast. Customer service is 5 star. I had a problem with one of my batteries....poof... it was replaced!!! There is no better product, or company on the market today. Don't wait... Just do...

  6. Could very well get me to quit! And save money! Thank you!

    Posted by Chris on 27th Feb 2013

    I'm not a huge smoker, maybe half a pack a day and mostly at night and at home. I've been smoking for 25 years. I also live in NYC where a pack of smokes is now $13!!! Now a rational person would just quit. But we all know addiction does not make for rational decisions.

    I've been using V2 for a week now, and no, it's not as satisfying as an American Spirit Yellow, my brand of smokes, but it's close. And instead of spending $7 a day on something that is killing me, I'm spending $1 to $2 a day (after the cost of the initial hardware) on something that's not nearly as harmful to health. I also just tried the liquid refill, and it's a small hassle but brings costs down significantly and V2 is great for offering this option even though I'm sure it hurts their profits. I've gotten a few coupons so far that bring the price of addiction down even more.

    I came home from work today looking forward to sucking on vapor as opposed to sucking on more harmful smoke. I passed the corner store with only mild hesitation to buy a pack of smokes. That's a huge step for me. That's why I'm writing this review.

    CONS: the batteries do not last as long as I'd like and recharging takes a little longer than is convenient. It's not a real smoke, but it's darn close. It's heavier and wider than a real cigarette which detracts slightly from the cig "replacement" experience.

    ADVICE: if you smoke in front of the computer as I do, get the USB powered e-cig and keep the cordless variety on your person for vaporizing while out and about.

  7. So affordable!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2013

    I first came across E-cigs at my local mall and was instantly interested in it but it was pretty pricey so I was hesitant to give it a try. A friend of mine told me about how good V2 was and how V2 is a lot cheaper. I checked it out and decided to make the purchase. After about a month of not smoking actual cigarettes, I am extremely glad I made the purchase. Definitely one of the better choices I have made, I breath much easier now, while playing sports now. Thanks to the help of V2 I was able to kick the nasty habit of smoking after 10+ years.

  8. Changed my life!

    Posted by Mal on 23rd Feb 2013

    I had quit smoking but started again after the stress of my sister's death. I got really sick with the flu and other respiratory stuff and decided I needed to quit again. I had been researching e-cigs and had tried on from the store. It was terrible and I was disappointed. I came across V2 and read the reviews and decided it was worth a shot. Wow! What a difference! Everything from the battery to the cartridges are excellent. I can feel the nicotine without the smell and weird "burn" of the cigs. I can smoke in my place without any problem, and can get in 1 or 2 puffs in between walking to appointments. And, I have not had a real cig in 4-5 weeks. I feel great and everybody is congratulating me on not smoking. I use the Full strength and will try out the e-fluid to see what it is like. I am very happy with the decision and will be staying with V2 products.

  9. Smoke free for good thanks to V2

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Feb 2013

    I was hesitant to try V2 at first. My husband purchased an electronic cigarette from a gas station, and it was not at all pleasurable. In fact, we threw it away shortly after purchase. I kept hearing so many positive stories about electronic cigarettes, but I'd tried one, and it was terrible. =

    A few months later, I decided to take a second chance on e-cigs. After reading many positive reviews on the website, I ordered my starter kit. I'm happy to say that it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I have tried to quit smoking countless times, but I've always relapsed due to stress or the fact that I simply enjoy the act of smoking. Before I ordered my V2 starter kit, I didn't think I would ever be able to kick the habit for good. I've been tobacco free for over a month, and I don't ever see myself ever buying another pack of cigarettes. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd actually prefer any habit to smoking.

    Thanks to V2, I'm able to enjoy nicotine in the comfort of my home without the dreaded stink of cigarette smoke. It's great not smelling like an ashtray anymore. I love the fact that lighters and ashtrays are no longer essential accessories in my life. My husband tried V2 cigs and loves them just as much as I do.

    Shipping was decent (ordered on a Monday, received package by Friday, package came to Virginia from Florida). My only complaint is that I ordered a black battery and received white instead, but that's relatively negligible detail. Nevertheless, I hope I receive the correct color next time.

  10. Much better product than SafeCig-VERY HAPPY

    Posted by JUDY QUINN on 9th Feb 2013

    I was a Safe Sig customer and they went out of business which is turning out to be a good thing because V2 is better and cheaper and since they have the adapters for the batteries I don't have to buy batteries and can switch much easier. I smoke menthol and it is very good. Also I am going to try refilling to save even more money.

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Designed for new users of electronic cigarettes, the V2 Economy Kit is a great affordable e-cigarette kit. This e-cig kit is ideal for the social smoker for use in public spaces. It contains a Standard V2 Automatic battery, 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges, 1 Wall Adapter and 1 new Smart Charger.