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V2 EX Blanks (3-Pack)

  • V2 EX Blank Cartridges (3-Pack) - Cartridges
$14.95or 150 V4F pts
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We're thrilled to announce that EX Blanks BETA have graduated to EX Blanks, a permanent part of the V2 Cigs lineup!

We based our final product on your amazing feedback and are thrilled to present the new and improved EX Blank. Features of this powerful little clearomizer include:

  • Screw-on cap that eliminates leaks and allows easier refill
  • Streamlined design
  • Improved liquid efficiency
  • Refillable up to 20 times
  • Drip gauge labeled in milliliters
  • Clear design shows you e-liquid levels

Pair your EX Blank with any of our mouth-watering Platinum E-Liquid flavors! Indulge in the rich, tobacco flavors of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress. Cool off with V2 Menthol, Peppermint or Green Tea Menthol. Need to satisfy that sweet tooth? Indulge in Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, V2 Cola or Vanilla. All e-liquids are available in your choice of 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% or zero nicotine strength.

Click here for guidelines to help you maximize the performance of your EX Blanks.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Pushing V2 Perfection with Ex Blanks

    Posted by Thinkalot on 21st Aug 2014

    Non leaking, graded clear cartridge, sleak, just the right size for a Wow!! Tasting! Long lasting Vapor Experience ;) Its lean, its mean, so why the 4 star rating? Options V2, mouth piece color options, tortoise, white, clear, blue, or black and this is your 5 star V2 EX Blank! Superb vapor, functionality, feels good, and looks awesome on either white, metallic blue, stainless steel, or black V2-Cigs ;) Staying @ the top V2!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Kevin on 21st Aug 2014

    V2 EX Blanks are by far the best cartridges I have ever tried. Wonderful flavor start to finish. Just wish I had tried them sooner.

  3. Best vaping experience

    Posted by gabe on 20th Aug 2014

    Umm well its never leaked on me. It looks pretty neat attached to my ex battery. Its easy not to overfill or get any in the center hole like when trying to refill the prefilled cartridges...just when you are filling it make sure your looking over and down into the tank not at the the side of it to make sure you dont overfill it because you could be getting liquid into the center hole without even knowing it if you aren't looking at the top while filling it.
    Also it burns through the liquid pretty fast and you get nice vapor so you don't have to puff on it much to get satisfied.

  4. Best Blank I use

    Posted by Bob W on 20th Aug 2014

    This blank is the best blank I have used I have plenty of E-liquid and I am now mixing away with my new EX blanks and liquid. So many options.

  5. upgrade your vap

    Posted by Anonymous on 16th Aug 2014

    Improved flavor vapor production and last longer between fills. You can't go wrong.

  6. EX Blanks The Awesome to V2 Vaping !!!

    Posted by Fstop on 16th Aug 2014

    Exploring my favorite V2 Flavor Combos has never been such a tasty experience! V2 Ex Blanks are a magnificent vaping experience that will leave you wishing you had discovered them sooner!!! Vape on and save while you're at it...

  7. See the liquid

    Posted by ThePotatoe on 16th Aug 2014

    Seeing the liquid amount is a definite bonus and something I've wanted for a long time. It's easy to fill, convenient , and worth the money.

  8. Unique Flavor & Taste Excellence ...

    Posted by Maria on 15th Aug 2014

    V2-Cigs you did it again! EX Blanks is a superior product that delivers quality vapor tastes I've come to expect only from V2.
    Great functionality design, easy to refill, love the elegant clear fluid graduated level design. No more e-liquid spilling, no more guessing V2 EX Blanks are anything but a blank & reflect the V2Cig Standard! 5 Star well earned.

  9. Sorry I'd waited so long.

    Posted by Janie on 15th Aug 2014

    I have been using the V2 blank cartridges, and although they are excellent in their own right, these little tanks are absolutely fabulous.

    So easy to fill and the the taste of the e-liquid just comes alive.

  10. Works great

    Posted by Anonymous on 14th Aug 2014

    Just got these for the first time and I'm very happy. Easy to fill and they hit harder then the carts. Only downside is they make the e-cig pretty long but its well worth it. Flavor and hit is superior.

Previous | Showing reviews 11-20 of 100 (Showing most recent 100 reviews) | Next