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  • V2 EX Blank Cartridges for E-Liquid (3-Pack)
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  • V2 EX Blank Cartridges for E-Liquid (3-Pack)
  • V2 EX Blank Cartridges for E-Liquid (3-Pack)

V2 EX Blanks for E-Liquid (3-Pack)

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We're thrilled to announce that EX Blanks BETA have graduated to EX Blanks, a permanent part of the V2 Cigs lineup!

We based our final product on your amazing feedback and are thrilled to present the new and improved EX Blank. Features of this powerful little clearomizer include:

  • Screw-on cap that eliminates leaks and allows easier refill
  • Streamlined design
  • Improved liquid efficiency
  • Refillable up to 8-10 times
  • Drip gauge labeled in milliliters
  • Clear design shows you e-liquid levels

Pair your EX Blank with any of our mouth-watering Platinum E-Liquid flavors! Indulge in the rich, tobacco flavors of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress. Cool off with V2 Menthol, Peppermint or Green Tea Menthol. Need to satisfy that sweet tooth? Indulge in Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape, V2 Cola or Vanilla. All e-liquids are available in your choice of 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% or 0% nicotine strength.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Quality.

    Posted by Anonymous on 14th Feb 2015

    Been using for two years now. Good product, occasional dud but most work just fine.

  2. More stars than 5

    Posted by Nae on 12th Feb 2015

    THESE are the best product I've found for my needs!!!! With the combination of the right liquid, they LAST forever (going on a month with one now). I still get the crisp, strong pull every time! I love V2 brand! It's my go to forever more.

  3. new wicks!!

    Posted by Brian on 12th Feb 2015

    Just got my ex blanks in mail! From what was an already great cartridge to my surprise has gotten better! Longer wicks is super sweet! Now they're perfect! Good job V2! Keep on vapin'!!!!

  4. Best Cartridges Ever!

    Posted by Anonymous on 4th Feb 2015

    These are amazing!!! They are the best cartridge I have ever had! They don't leak, plus I can use them up to 2 weeks each!! It all depends on how picky you are about the flavor. Promise you will NOT regret trying these.

  5. Way better then the carts

    Posted by JABBER_JAW on 1st Feb 2015

    I love these , I started vaping in Sept. 2014 and I diffintly like these over the carts . Thank you

  6. Flawless

    Posted by David on 30th Jan 2015

    I never imagined an ecig could operate so smoothly and satisfyingly.
    Little did I know that I would save ~ 500 percent and stumble upon such a perfect system with V2. Get the word out and rescue those still shopping with companies!

  7. Love them!!!!

    Posted by Anonymous on 23rd Jan 2015

    These are a god send! Much better than the standard blanks. Better vapor, less mess, less time consuming. Just fill and go. I did find filling them to be a little difficult, as the liquid took a while to drip down. Solved that by using a blunt needle tip and sliding it down the inside. Worked perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more.

  8. Great product, each tweak seems to improve it

    Posted by Nate Jacobsen on 21st Jan 2015

    I've been ordering these for a long time, and I've noticed that every few months there are minor changes to the design, and they keep getting better and better. The newest design, which has longer wicks, definitely makes the cartridge less likely to take a dry hit.

    1) The throat hit is much better than the regular cartridges
    2) Cartridges can handle more refills
    3) I've found that they can be cleaned (I use a straightened out paperclip followed by canned air to blow out any accumulated crud) and this increases their life even more

    1) Since they produce a harder hit, they go through smoke juice faster
    2) If you're not careful, the o-ring that seals the cartridge between the central column and the cap can come off with the cap occassionally, and it can be a pain to get it back on. Also, if you don't notice the ring is missing and fail to put the ring back on, then the cartridge may leak.
    3) For as much vapor is produced, the cartridge tank is somewhat small; though it seems the tank volume has increased since the original version by shrinking the atomizer
    4) Some of the liquid in the cartridge is "stuck" and thus not usable (about 1 - 2 drops' worth) - liquid often gets stuck in the area near the bottom of the cartridge and is too viscous to get out.

  9. Great cart. Great money saver!!

    Posted by Noah on 21st Jan 2015

    All I can say about these is that they're the way to go if you want to save money. I just started using them and I love them!!

  10. Glad its out of beta

    Posted by Anonymous on 19th Jan 2015

    Glad this is out of beta stages. Works awesome, lasts at least 3 weeks for me. Highly recommend!

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