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  • V2 Ecigs Red EX Flavor Cartridges 40-Pack
  • V2 Ecigs Red EX Flavor Cartridges 40-Pack
  • V2 Sahara EX Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack)
  • V2 Congress EX Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack)
  • V2 Menthol EX Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack)
  • V2 Peppermint EX Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack)
  • V2 Green Tea Menthol EX Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack)
  • V2 Ecigs Red EX Flavor Cartridges 40-Pack

V2 Flavor Cartridges (40-Pack) - EX Series

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The next generation of prefilled flavor cartridge has arrived. V2 EX Cartridges are the result of groundbreaking innovation and are more advanced than any other prefilled cartridge on the market. The redesigned internal structure of the EX Cartridge produces approximately 400+ puffs, roughly double that of our classic prefilled model, without adding any volume to the cartridge size. This revolutionary internal construction provides a “tank” experience and ensures a consistent flavor profile, from the very first puff to the last. A small window on the side of the cartridge allows you to gauge your remaining e-liquid level at a glance. EX Cartridges have an airtight seal that makes the cartridge totally leak-proof. This seal optimizes air flow, allowing for thicker vapor production without the need for priming.

You may select up to four flavors for your 40-pack. Choose from the rich tobacco flavors of V2 Red, Sahara and Congress, or the icy chill of V2 Menthol, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol.

EX Cartridges are available in five nicotine strengths: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%.

See the Flavor Descriptions Page for more information.

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  1. EX cartridges are amazing!

    Posted by Kirsten on 19th Apr 2015

    While I'm extremely happy with the standard cartridges, the EX series cartridges are a great step up for me because they not only have more puffs in them but also have a clear window, so I can see how much is left. The clear window allows me to track how much I'm using, and it helps me to stop before any "burnt" taste.

  2. The Favourites

    Posted by Anonymous on 12th Mar 2015

    Personal favourites lies with the green tea menthol and menthol. No questions asked, the first is the closest you can get to enjoying a shisha flavoured smoke without setting up a charcoal pot and staining your fingers in the tobacco mix. one star short of perfect cos i wished V2 introduced my next favourite into the EX range: Grape! all a favourite for shisha lovers.

  3. Save when you buy more

    Posted by Brad on 9th Jan 2015

    Awesome flavors, and you save if you buy more at a time. Sadly limited editions aren't included, but they're still fantastic.

  4. Convenient

    Posted by Anonymous on 25th Dec 2014

    This is a great cartridge. I used liquid with ex blanks previously because I hate not knowing how much liquid I have left. It is so nice and convenient to be able to buy the pre-filled cartridges and still have that security of knowing the liquid level.

  5. Superior V2 EX cartridges A+!

    Posted by Anonymous on 19th Dec 2014

    The V2 EX cartridges provide a great hit!
    Also, they contain a bit more juice than the standard disposables, and it is great being able to see how much fluid is left via the view-ports on the cartridge sides.

  6. Closest flavor to a real thing

    Posted by Bradley on 24th Sep 2014

    Love this flavor. My favorite so far! And the EX cartridges are the best also. Well worth the extra $. Last longer and you can see the liquid and tell how much is left.

  7. The cartridge selection is delicious!

    Posted by Relax on 23rd Sep 2014

    This is an outstanding product. I highly recommend it!

  8. Best flavor I've ever had

    Posted by Charlie on 15th Sep 2014

    Sahara is my trusty go to flavor. It is def my favorite out of all. When I first started out I usually just stuck with Red , but then I ventured out and started trying other flavors and out of all the ones I've tried Sahara is the best.

  9. Best carts out there!

    Posted by pc_rallo on 10th Sep 2014

    I've been using E-cigs for about a year, and i can easily say the V2 EX carts are my favorite. They give me the smoothest flavor and most consistent vapor of any "pen" type e-cig. They are also probably the best value on the market. I love the Menthol flavor.

  10. Didn't nortice any difference.

    Posted by Lisa Dulaney on 7th Aug 2014

    I honestly didn't notice anything different with these filters. They tasted the same and lasted as long as the regular filters. Not worth the money in my opinion.

    I did like the window that let you see how much liquid you have left. That was nice.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 19 | Next