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Metal Carry Case XL

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Designed to perfection to fit all lengths of V2 batteries, the Carry Case XL is sleek, light and easy to carry. Slide open the cover to reveal space for 2 batteries and 3 Flavor Cartridges or 3 batteries. Slide it closed and your favorite V2 gear is protected. When you slip this case out and open it, people will notice. Why? Because it’s the coolest Carry Case in existence and you can only get it from V2 Cigs.

Length: 5.24”/133 mm Width: 2.52”/64 mm Depth: 0.70”/18 mm

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Product Reviews

  1. Great battery life

    Posted by Sarah on 17th Apr 2014

    Long lasting battery, fast charging ability, and hard case to protect the batteries makes this an outstanding purchase.

  2. Great Accessory & Charges Fast

    Posted by D. Paige on 30th Mar 2014

    Love the charging case (stainless steel case is elegant looking yet discreet) and once the case is fully charged it can be used multiple times before the case needs to be recharged. I love that it has room for extra cartridges so I have everything I need in one convenient location! The only disappointment I have with the case I received is that the thin stainless steel metal piece of the sliding cover "popped" off the day I received it with my starter kit & won't stay on. It is attached with small "notches of metal" that are meant to "fold over" the other portion of the sliding cover. The top of the case has to be able to slide so there is very little "fold over" room for this piece to attach to the other portion of the cover. I've tried to re-attach it/pop it back on numerous times...

  3. This case is really sleek and sexy!

    Posted by Bonita, Atlanta on 25th Oct 2013

    I have to say this ecig case caught my eye right away! It is sleek and beautiful and I like pretty things. It fits easily in my back pocket or my purse and is super classy. It's got space for extra batteries and even the longer batteries. I personally like to keep my favorite flavor cartridges in it so I'm always stocked and ready to go. This case comes in white too, but the Stainless was a no-brainer for me. Gorgreous - must have case.

  4. V2 Comes To The Rescue!

    Posted by Joshua Freiwald on 20th Sep 2013

    I was out and about, and had no more of the electronic cigs I usually smoked, so I stopped into the nearest store I can find to fulfill my vapor-smoke needs. I was going to get my normal brand, but decided I wanted to try something new. I saw a display of V2 disposables, and purchased one. Upon taking the first drag, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of vapor and nicotine I got from this e-cig I've never had before. Once I got home, I immediately went online to order a starter kit of V2 cigs! Three days later, after my order arrived, I ordered even more cartridges of different V2 flavors. I've since forgotten about that "other brand" I used, I have a NEW favorite! Thanks V2!


    Posted by Cindy Richardson on 26th Mar 2013

    I LOVE my White V2 Metal Carry Case XL!! Besides being a Protective place to keep my charged V2 batteries and a few extra carts together, This Case IS Definitely Beautiful and Very Elegant looking! I can slip it into my formal evening purse and it's also slim enough I can carry it in my jeans pocket. Whatever the situation, I'm always prepared, I know right where my V2 e-cigs are and they're always ready to go when I am.