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Savings Calculator

Find out just how much you can save with V2 Cigs! Compare our prices to those of our competitors or see how much you’ll save when you make the switch from tobacco. It’s easy!

  • Enter your current cost per pack of tobacco cigarettes
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The first two rows outline your monthly and yearly spending on traditional tobacco cigarettes and what you might pay for our competitor's products. The next two rows predict what your monthly and yearly spending would be after making the switch to V2 Cigs; based on your current tobacco consumption. We know you'll be impressed!

What you're spending with other companies:
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V2 Cigs
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V2 Cigs
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*The prices reflected above were taken directly from the Websites of each respective company and were current as of August 2012.

**Individual cartridge prices are calculated according to discounted 80-pack quantities at non sale pricing.