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April 12, 2012 — I was a long term smoker, 2 or more packs of full flavor menthol a day for 35 years. I smoked when I met my high school sweetheart. Back in those days it was easy if you were underage. You just needed 75 cents in a vending machine, and I think the smoking was one of the things that broke us up—she really disliked it. After three decades of not talking or seeing each other we managed to find one another again. Mary actually searched me out on Facebook and over the next 6 months we fell in love once again, and this time she was will to accept me as a smoker.

Well ... I thought long and hard about it and decided if she was willing to make the sacrifice then I should be able to man-up and quit. I had tried quitting in the past but the patches and pills were a joke. I tried another brand e-cig … but it wasn’t very good. I did see it as promising, though, so after doing a lot of research I decided to try V2 Cigs. It had one of the best reputations online and despite being a bit more money, V2 seemed to have a very loyal following. I ordered the Travelers Starter Kit and three days later I smoked my last analog. The last time I saw Mary (we are still living 6 hours away from each other), I hadn't smoked for a couple days and she was absolutely thrilled. I think it was the last barrier to us really being together again.
Last night talking on the phone she even commented she couldn't hear me wheezing and said I had lost much of the gravel in my voice. I am also more welcome in my brother's house. He had a stroke last year and 5 bypasses last month and I know I smelled of cigarettes badly. His father in law lives with him and his wife as well and is on oxygen. I never smoked in their house but my visits were always short.
V2 Cigs really has changed my life, both with family and with my sweetheart ... thank you.

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