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Robert Spivey

April 12, 2012 — “If I can’t smoke, than what am I supposed to do for enjoyment!?!” That is what I told my wife when she asked me to quit smoking for the ump-teenth time. I had been a smoker for 21 of my 41 years. I smoked between one to two packs a day for all but 3 of those years in which I quit and “borrowed” smokes from friends to hide my habit from my wife. Lying about my habit was the last thing I wanted to do to my wife so I decided that something had to change. I tried cold turkey and realized that that was a mistake. I tried the patch and my skin broke out in water blisters under the adhesive. There had to be an alternative! I purchased my V2 in December 2010 and have not had a real cigarette since my first puff. I could not believe this was possible. As the weeks went on I had realized that one Cartridge was lasted me 4 days or MORE! I concluded that when you light a Real cig you puff till it’s gone. When you vape with a V2, you puff till you are satisfied. I also began to realize what I had been missing out on….LIFE!! Now I was able to join in things with my friends without having to excuse myself to go smoke. I was able to stay WARM in the house and enjoy myself with a satisfying vape. Even my supervisor at work noticed that I was more productive because I wasn’t having to leave the floor to smoke. I am a Pediatric Nurse and have had a wonderful experience with my patient families since my switch to V2. So far I can count at least 4 families that are now SMOKE FREE thanks to my success with V2. I will end with this note. For all of the good that V2 has brought into my life, one thing still has to be said…..V2 tastes great, satisfies my need and lets me proud of myself for once. Thanks V2! You’re the BEST!!!

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