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Chris Federico

May 02, 2012 — I started smoking twenty years ago, after all of my friends and bandmates had quit. It definitely wasn't the "cool" thing among my peers anymore. I just thought I'd like it. I'd always enjoyed the smell of tobacco. I bought a pack and took a few drags. My body took to nicotine like lightning that had first tasted water.

I didn't know if I was immediately addicted or not, but I intended to continue smoking, either way. I've enjoyed cigarettes immensely since then. Yes, anti-smoking propagandists: Believe it or not, smoking is not the awful, dark enslavement that it's often portrayed as. To millions, it's a wonderful pleasure.

Along with the pleasure of smoking is the half-buried fear that if I were to give up nicotine, I'd become the cranky and tempermental Italian who I was before cigarettes. Add to this the fact that nicotine helps to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, two things I'm certainly frightened of, and you have someone who's a life-long smoker, and happy about it! It's amazing to me that the benefits of nicotine are so under-exposed.

I recently bought a Starter Kit of V2 Cigs, based on a friend's very strong recommendation. I charged the batteries and puffed a few times, not expecting much. I couldn't believe how well it worked, in terms of effective nicotine delivery, as well as consistent operation -- and how close it felt to the actual experience of smoking. In that moment, MY LIFE CHANGED. Never before had I considered quitting smoke-and-tar cigarettes; now, I'll never go back to them.

V2, please stick around, because you have a partner for life! No more brown layer of gunk on all of my things...no more smelling rotten when I'm around others' sensitive noses...no more having to excuse myself in the middle of a meal or movie...and no more blackening my lungs. And yet, I can still smoke (or "vape," as the current V2 parlance has it), and get my beloved nicotine! It's a dream come true. It still seems surreal to me.

All of you at V2 should be extremely proud of what you're doing for the world, and for people's lives. This is simply the single most astonishing and liberating health-related product I've ever bought. Only a fellow smoker would appreciate that such a statement is no exaggeration.

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