V2 Cigs Announces Springtime Clearance Savings

v2-spring-clearance.pngV2 Cigs, the world’s No. 1 electronic cigarette, has announced fresh deals just in time for spring in its newly expanded clearance section. The new items are discounted only while supplies last so customers are urged to visit v2cigs.com today.

“Springtime is all about renewal,” said V2 Cigs Co-Founder and President Dan Recio. “That makes it a great time for our customers to upgrade or replenish their V2 supplies. It’s also an ideal opportunity for smokers to make the switch up to electronic cigarettes.”

Batteries are the foundation of any e-cig supply closet, and V2 Cigs is adding three batteries to its clearance section. The original Standard White Manual Battery is being discounted nearly 20%. This best-seller is the only 4.2 volt battery on the market, and is renowned for its ability to generate rich, thick vapor.

V2 Cig’s “Shorty” batteries in Blue and Stainless Steel are also being offered at a discount. The V2 Shorty is lightweight and slightly longer than a traditional cigarette. 

The fan-favorite Classic Menthol Flavor Cartridges are on sale in the 5-, 20- and 40-pack sizes. The 25 ml., bottle of Menthol e-liquid has also been added to the clearance section. In addition, Sahara, a rich middle-Eastern tobacco blend, is on clearance in the 5-pack sizes.

These and many other V2 Cigs products are being offered at discounted prices in the Clearance Section at v2cigs.com. All clearance products are available only while supplies last.

About V2 Cigs
V2 Cigs is America’s No. 1 brand of electronic cigarette. With more than 1 million sold, V2 Cigs is also the world’s largest online retailer of e-cigs, according to leading web-metrics provider Alexa.com. V2 Cigs has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production and great taste. V2 Cigs provides a smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost. For more information, please visit v2cigs.com.