V2 Cigs Celebrates Summer With Cool New Electronic Cigarette Flavors

affiliatecategory-page.jpgV2 Cigs is announcing the introduction of two brand-new limited edition e-cig flavors! Cool, refreshing Mint Tea and sweet, juicy Grape are available for a limited time. Fans of the electronic cigarette company
are thrilled and eager to place their orders. Both flavors are available in four different nicotine strengths: full (18), medium (12), light (6) and zero (0). These tasty options are refreshing and a perfect fit for summer.

The whole V2 Cigs team had a hand in deciding what electronic cigarette flavor should be launched next. A dedicated crew of taste engineers presented the V2 team with a rainbow of options and everyone weighed in on their favorites. After much debate (and a good-natured argument or two), the V2 Cigs team settled on the two they liked best. Both were so popular with everyone at V2 Cigs, it was unanimously decided the flavors would be launched, together.

Mint Tea has the soothing properties of green tea paired with invigorating mint for a fresh, herbal taste. V2 Grape is sweet and juicy; just like a real grape! Both cartridge flavors come in chic, new V2 colors: light, spring green for Mint Tea and a beautiful, rich purple for Grape. These limited edition flavors will only be available while supplies last, so V2 Cigs customers are encouraged to get their orders in early and stock up!