V.I.P Guests and Celebrities to be Gifted V2 Electronic Cigarettes at Upcoming Competition for Top Salon of Las Vegas 2011

Las Vegas, NV – (October 18, 2011) – Las Vegas will be lighting up on October 23, 2011 at the Battle of the Strands event.  Electronic cigarette company V2 Cigs will be featured in the gift bags at the first annual salon competition and masquerade ball. This smoke-free, odor-free and tar-free cigarette alternative will help clear the air at Battle of the Strands, a competition among Las Vegas’ top salons that will test their creativity in hair, make-up and costume. The event is being held to bring awareness to the salon industry and the multifaceted hair and make-up talent that calls Vegas home.--readmore--

“I am excited to introduce our electronic cigarettes to the salon industry,” said Dan Recio, C.E.O. of V2 Cigs. “Stylists work in close proximity with their clients and if they smell like smoke it can bother their client. V2 Cigs are different than regular cigarettes because rather than producing smoke, they emit and odorless vapor that allows the user to get the sensation of smoking a cigarette, without compromising the comfort of their clients.”

V2 Cigs will be the premier sponsor of the V.I.P gift bags and will be distributed to salon owners, competitors, competition judges, and V.I.P celebrity guest.

The “Battle of the Strands,” hosted by Best Beauty Essentials,  will be held at the Spanish Mansion, a two and a half acre venue about a mile and a half from the strip. From eight in the evening until midnight, participants in this event will compete in a hair, make-up, costume, props, and executive impact competition. The five salons competing are given a theme and asked to portray it onto their three models. Four judges will pick a winner based of a variety of categories and the winner will receive the award for Top Salon of Las Vegas 2011.