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V2 Cigs Raises the Bar for the E-Cig Industry With Revolutionary New Website, Features and Products

pinterest.jpgTensions ran high in the electronic cigarette community as consumers guessed what the mysterious countdown clock on the V2 Cigs Home page could mean. After two weeks of rampant speculation (and some very good guessing), the much anticipated date is finally here; V2 Cigs has revealed the big secret and is inviting customers to meet the new V2 Cigs with a ten percent off, ten day sale. V2 Cigs is launching a slew of new products and services; not to mention a more user-friendly, updated interface for their Website.--readmore--

Customers are now able to see their Starter Kit assembled before their eyes; as they customize the size, strength, color and style of their kit. Corresponding inventory status is displayed underneath their selection; providing customers with estimated shipping times. Visitors to the new V2 Cigs site are able to take advantage of additional savings when placing their orders. A customer adding a kit to their cart is presented with complementary products at a one-time discount; saving them even more on each purchase.

Apart from these new services, V2 Cigs is launching nine new or improved products, adding to their already stellar line of devices and accessories. Each one created with ideas and suggestions taken from their active online community. They've added a sleek new Portable Charging Case which has increased space and charging power over the former version; a Metal Case with greater storage capacity; an easy and affordable Express Kit; chargers with almost double the charging power and several other desirable accessories. Moreover, they've upgraded their cartridge packaging with foil safe seals to maintain hygiene and freshness.

V2 Cigs is taking transparency even further with the addition of e-liquid batch reports to their menu of services. In conjunction with the list of ingredients already available, customers will now be able to submit the batch number of every Express Kit, V2 Disposable, Platinum E-Liquid and Flavor Cartridge onto the V2 Cigs website and the corresponding batch report will be sent to them via email. Not only does this feature provide piece of mind, it's a big step forward for the e-cigarette industry.

V2 Cigs Co-Founder, Jay Meistrell states, "We are proud of the new products and features that were released this week, and it's only the start. We are continuing to develop V2 Cigs based on the feedback we receive from our amazing community of customers and plan to introduce even more products and features in the coming months."

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