V2 Cigs Releases the Disposable Electronic Cigarette


MIAMI, FLORIDA – JANUARY 23TH, 2012- V2 Cigs, an industry leader in the quality, taste and performance of their electronic cigarettes announced the release of their latest product, the disposable electronic cigarette. The new V2 Disposable is a single-use e-cigarette designed to deliver the great taste and thick vapor V2 Cigs is known for, now available for purchase on the V2 Cigs website. To introduce this new product, from January 18th until January 31st, 2012, all Standard kits, Traveler kits, Couples kits, Ultimate kits or cartridge 80-packs purchased on the V2 website will ship with a free disposable.--readmore--


Previously only available at select locations, the V2 Disposables can now be purchased directly from the V2 Cigs website.  They are available in two newly developed V2 flavors: full-flavored tobacco and refreshing menthol, in full (18) and light (6) strength. Each one is equal to approximately 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes and ships fully charged.  The battery never needs to be recharged and the flavor cartridge does not need to be replaced. Once the flavor cartridge runs out, the unit can be discarded. V2 Disposables are sold online, in packs priced as follows: 3pack/$24.95, 5-pack/$39.95, 10-pack/$74.95 and 20-pack/$139.95.


V2 Cigs disposables are ideal for first time users who wish to try the product for the first time or as a backup to rechargeable e-cigs. Less expensive than Starter Kits, the new V2 Disposables are the perfect introductory product without the price tag. Designed to deliver thick vapor in addition to a great, fresh taste, they are the ultimate hassle-free product. Simply purchase and start vaping. No charging or refilling needed.


“We think V2 Disposables are the best disposable electronic cigarettes available on the market today. They have been thoroughly tested in convenience stores nationwide with great response. There is no doubt customers will absolutely love the taste and performance of this new product.” said Jay Meistrell, CTO of the company.


About V2 Cigs:

V2 Cigs is the #1 ranked electronic cigarette website in the US and Internationally by Alexa.com, providing quality products and consistent innovation to their customers. V2 Cigs has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production and great taste.   V2 Cigs provides a smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.